Sunday, May 30, 2021

North Shore Mountains ---->>> Helicopter touch down locations

If the local news media coverage of Fissile Peak rescue didn't quench your thirst for all the details of the NSR in action, then check out Knowledge Network's 5 episodes to see how they use helicopters for long line deliveries of material, rescuers and patients out safely.

May 29, 2021

North Shore News   NSR 3 Calls in one day 

 NSR deployed its Talon helicopter for what turned out to be three  incidents in the Seymour Mountain area

10:45 a.m  Pump Peak Trail - Back Injury

11:00 a.m. Mystery Lake Trail  - Knee Injury

11:45 a.m. Elsay Lake Trail - Ankle Injury



Locations of the data:



Point locations representing helicopter landing sites. These locations are either natural clearings or man-made landing pads. Mainly located in the alpine area where emergency access is limited. Used primarily by North Shore Search and Rescue.




 There are 48 Helicopter landing sites

Cleveland Dam's  #45, includes coordinates, so pop all them into your GPS for future reference.  Just in case.

Bird's eye view from the Lions


Red Lines are

Trails for Public Use

Trails that are maintained by the DNV, and are sanctioned for public use. These are known trails on the North Shore, Bowen Island and in Lions Bay. Most trails have been collected through GPS survey.




Pads and  Trails 

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