Friday, March 11, 2016

TransLink exact Cash only? Why not prorate the travelling time longer?

When I was younger it was easy to find the exact change in my pocket, but now???? as a Senior, poor eyesight, arthritis wracks the body, ....... one zone, Concession fare, is $1.75 for 90 minutes.

I take longer to walk, and browse, between shopping spots, longer than the allotted 90 minutes.  So why is it that the Translink Machines onboard the bus still requires the EXACT amount?   The driver has to input Concession; and Zone; machine stamps the ticket with 90 minutes.  Why not just state 'Senior'; drop the cash in, time allocated on value for money? ... rather than having to pay another $1.75 for a full fare?

One Loonie and three quarters... fumble, fumble.  or   Seven Quarters.....   or  dimes and quarters..... or

I could use One Twoonie in lieu of $1.75  and currently Translink pockets the quarter without providing a benefit.  Twenty-five cents doesn't seem like much, but adding them together, Translink is the one getting the free ride.

Single Cash Fares for Seniors
Twenty-Five cents for me provides an extra 12 minutes of time.

Declaration upon boarding the bus:  'One Zone; Senior; all I have are Twoonies Sir'

'Old timer, its still only 90 minutes.  You're not a still practicing lawyer by chance, charging by the Minute, like Finance Minister Mike de Jong, are you?


Bill said...

NVG - what a great 'quote'...

"Old timer your not by chance an old time lawyer charging by the Minute, like Finance Minister Mike de Jong, are you?

Paying Mikey de by the minute would be a lot cheaper then paying him by the lie - especially during question period. His words are plentiful and oily but his lies more finely crafted.

e.a.f. said...

Bill, that is a nice line about mikey