Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Light Plane Noise is in Real Time: YVR Webtrak twenty minutes later

The daily light plane visitor, heading for home, from ... Whistler .... travels over our homes every afternoon at 4:20.   He is one noisy son of a ......

There is no North shore noise monitor device provided by YVR that would permit a Noise complaints to be registered with them over the commercial / light plane flights path .... but if you're the least bit interested in flights over YOUR home and there is a Noise detector nearby, check out  this software provided by YVR:

Image UPDATED: 2018-06-16   includes a box with details of each plane: flight path tracking and complaints to be made

It has historical capabilities   Not real time because of the terrorists in our midst

Will Transport Canada deem that those pesky drones that have invaded our privacy, will they soon be tracked in REAL TIME?

Remember when that plane crashed just short of the runway at YVR ..... in 2011

VANCOUVER -- A Kelowna-bound twin-engined airplane operated by Prince George-based Northern Thunderbird Air crashed late Thursday afternoon just shy of the east end of the south runway at Vancouver International Airport.

Premier Christy Clark landed at her heliport on the shores of Burrard Inlet at precisely ..... , then whisked up the elevator to her Office for Tea with her staff.   More flight time paid for by the public.


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Bill said...

Another really interesting posting!

and in BC politics...

Princess Pirate Air Christy is very flighty. She takes the elevator, we get the shaft.