Friday, March 18, 2016

BC Liberal Party rehires Laura Miller for one reason: reported record of wiping hard drives

Its an asset, much like the one that was implemented when the BC Liberals thought they were going to lose in 2005, mid BC Rail crisis.  The powers to be decided to delete every file in the Government's control .... and then when they won .... they couldn't provide the files, the documents, the emails to those seeking further information by way of Freedom of Information requests.

Laura Miller is back!!!

With the keys to the offices firmly in the hands of a Party flunky, will there be a repeat of Ontario wipe-out of hard drives, not the simple cherry picking of the BC Liberals selective triple deleting?

CBC backgrounder

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e.a.f. said...

good question.

now given the B.C. Lieberals will pay for the legal fees of those who sue those who say nasty things about government employees, do we want to express an opinion?

You bet I do. they didn't hire her back because of her ability to take short hand. They need her and a set of "special skills". we can all come to our own conclusions.

It really is too bad we can't do enquires and investigations like Quebec. So we could have a contest as to which is the more corrupt province, B.C. or Quebec?