Tuesday, March 8, 2016

BC Red Tape will now be used to open Site C, some day. Coralee Oakes Red Tape Cuttings on the Press Floor

Must be tough to do an Opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun if the only requirement is to be part of the process of reaching out to the BC Liberal Government, offer a comment, to then do a Copy Paste from a BC Liberal press release  dated March 2, 2016 that has your name on it to then do an independent analysis Opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun on March 8, 2016 on page C2.

Less Red Tape all around.

The Report from the Minister is more telling.  Not one person's name is released in it but the Press Release does name names and Jones too. (with or without her permission?)

Why not go the extra mile and just sign off as:

Media Relations
Ministry of Small Business and Red Tape
Reduction and Responsible for the Liquor
Distribution Branch

Can you just imagine if the Public were to find out that the Press Gallery in Victoria and Vancouver were regular participants in massaging the message eg.  Oakes Red Tape Day?.

Why not do an 'Andrew Coyne declaration of knowing Nigel Wright' before the Duffy Affair, ..... why is the VP of CFIM being directly involved in the process of cutting one piece of red tape with a quote.

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Vancouver Sun:  Editorial:
Plenty to celebrate when it comes to less red tape:
Laura Jones:
Executive Vice-President of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

She can be reached laura.jonesatcfib.ca


Anonymous said...

were allowing only 1 bid to reduce red tape?

North Van's Grumps said...

ironic eh, using scissors to cut the red tape report up