Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pattullo: Made in BC: Mooo-ve over Heritage Barns of Canada. Make room for Houses too

Buttercup's Lovely Day
By Carolyn Beck and Illustrated by Andrea Beck
I love the barn.  Three-tall walls. 
       Cow-filled stalls. The snorty snuff of hay and dung.
Pails all stacked, harness hung. 
       Sweet warm glows from high-slung lamps.
Bells and lows.  Stomps and stamps.  
       Bull in his pen butting his gate.  A horse, a hen, a cat on a crate.

Green Lake Road, Okanagan
The peak of the roof hay loft doors slide down and sideways!!!!!

BC 'Father' of marketing Barns:

A British Columbia "General Purpose Barn" How To Build 28' X 36' with a lean-to 14' wide

28' X 36'  ...about the size of Vancouver's East Side houses, without the lean-to, with eavestroughs touching, no surrounding drain tiles

The barn-like roof feature is still visible around the city, quick to construct the walls and roof in one day, and lasting 100 years and still going strong in the City of North Vancouver.

The barn was all about knock down Pre-Fab; the forerunner to IKEA marketing of North America's agriculture belt.

An 'Ikea' pre-cut package from Pattullo Page 17

City of North Vancouver Heritage 2013 Registry

Workers, families, fresh off of the Canadian Prairies after having been driven, escaping, from the madness of Europe's World War One.  The Pandemic, that's how my mother's mother, with three children under the age of 12, arrived in Vancouver without a husband....... without a Father,..... without a Grandfather to be.


Barns, all sorts of barn drawings for cattle, horses, Smoke houses and instructions on how to build, manufacture

Items 11 to 18 out of 18 titles


Manufactured Lumber NOT Raw Log Exports

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