Tuesday, August 18, 2015

If one Drone can keep fleet of firefighting planes at bay, why go for the $45.8 Billion dollars for 65 F-35s?

Have Drones been dropping cigarette butts beside the road to start the massive BC fires this year?

Firebrand Amazon to deliver UPS packages?
CBS News  AND Video

65 F-35 costs

Pete McMartin on Drones

Pete and Derek's example of a Drone

Letter to the Editor    Vancouver Sun
Re: Drone grounds aircraft fighting fire near Oliver, Aug. 17

The incident of a drone prompting the suspension of aerial forest firefighting for five hours is unacceptable. But rather than “the RCMP working to find the drone … or its operator,” why didn’t they use a shotgun to quickly take the illegal drone out of the air? The same shoot-first-ask-questions-later approach should be taken for drones within the Vancouver International Airport no-fly zone.


Port Moody

Then there is the Amazon Drone Flight School near Abbotsford Airport

Below Red Line to within 2,000 feet USA border
                 (Americans refused to allow Amazon Drone test flights)

Only in Canada

It's a win-win situation for Canada's security forces.  Amazon Canada gets to test their Drones on Canadian Soil where they are not subject to USA stringent regulations on the weapons of mass destruction while at the same time technicians at Abbotsford Air Port get to track the devices knowing where they are exactly.

According to Transport Canada, the testing licence given to the Canadian-owned arm of Amazon went into effect on Dec. 17 and is good for a year. It specifies the drones' maximum altitude, minimum distances from people and property, operating areas and requirements for co-ordinating with air traffic services.  CBC

Amazon has acquired a plot of open land lined by oak trees and firs, where it is conducting frequent experimental flights with the full blessing of the Canadian government. As if to underline the significance of the move, the test site is barely 2,000ft from the US border, which was clearly visible from where the Guardian stood on a recent visit.

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