Thursday, August 7, 2014

"CPR shall thereafter operate and maintain the Arbutus Corridor...." Operate and Maintain? No Operation, No Maintenance either

Hmmmm.  We can understand the urgency that CPR has recently shown, weeding, therefore needing  Vancouver's Arbutus Corridor, but, ... what about the OPERATE portion?

When was the last CPR train?  Is there a time limit between trains that voids the Right of Way?

Proposed agreement between the Government of BC and CPR Co. 1885
The only weeding that the Arbutus Corridor needs is removal of the CPR?

P.S.  Page 1:
1. The said Company shall extend the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway to Coal Harbor and English Bay, and shall for ever thereafter maintain and equip such extension as part of the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and operate it accordingly. 
However CPR sold a portion of the Arbutus Corridor Right of Way, therefore its been impossible for CPR to maintain and equip such extension.... eh.
CP sold a chunk of a line at the entrance to Granville Island in 1995 to Starbucks, cutting off the connection between the Arbutus line and the track that ran east to Main Street. - Globe and Mail

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Anonymous said...

Fail. Too bad this agreement isn't for the Arbutus Corridor. Try again.