Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BC Speaker Linda Reid ducking Spouse Business class flight to S.A.,.... there's 8 more delegates from Canada, a Senator.....

Mike de Jong wields the razor-thin Budget bat         Richard Coleman says: SURPRISE baby

Google Search Punch and Judy
The Speaker, Linda Reid, is trying to drag the assistant Deputy Speaker (NDP) into the fray... however there a catch, a double whammy!!!!    The Speaker AND the Finance Minister.

Note 10  Speaker Approved Travel

Certain travel expenses require the approval of the Speaker.  Examples include out-of-country travel in connection with specific duties (e.g. Commonwealth Parliamentary Association functions)  and attendance at conferences and other meetings.  Out-of-province / Out-of-country travel expenses incurred by the Speaker are approved by the Executive Financial Officer.
Did Reid tell the Exec. Financial Officer that She okayed the expense for her Deputy and all he had to do was Rubber Stamp her decision?

Could that be...... Mike de Jong as the Exec.?


 59th commonwealth Parliamentary Conference 2013

Electoral Roll call  Page 4 of 5   Women need only apply......

1 CANADA Alberta Mary Anne Jablonski Ms
2 CANADA British Columbia Linda Reid, MLA Hon
3 CANADA Canada Fed. Raynell Andreychuk Hon   Senator
4 CANADA Canada Fed. Irene Mathyssen Ms   MP
5 CANADA Canada Fed. Judy Foote Mrs     MP
6 CANADA Canada Fed. Myrna Driedger, MLA Ms  CWP Steering Com. Manitoba
7 CANADA Canada Fed. Susan Truppe Mrs  MP
8 CANADA Prince Edward Island Carolyn Bertram, MLA Hon
9 CANADA Yukon Patti McLeod Ms   MLA


59th commonwealth Parliamentary Conference 2013

Linda Reid's Section 7. Spouses/Partners.

Spouses/Partners of delegates and SOCATT are welcome to participate, provided they have registered and paid the fee of US$ 1300 to cover the costs of accommodation, meals, internal transport, tours and social functions. No provision will be made for children of any age. A local sight-seeing programme to various places of interest in Gauteng Province will be arranged for the spouses/partners during the period of the Conference. Please note that those registered as a spouse/partner will be expected to share a double room with the relevant participant.

“South Africa awaits you”

BC Taxpayers too

Funny, when you walk into the Speaker's Office now, no one even looks at the drawn Drapes!


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