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BC Liberal Chiefs of Staff Paul Taylor, Mike McDonald, Ken Boessenkool and Dan Doyle are designated as "EXCLUDED employees"

 Oct. 25, 2010


 Chief of Staff Martyn Brown is gone too
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Ten days later........

Ian Reid's  "The Real Story"   Ding, Dong etc. .......    says it best!

      November 3, 2010
Gordon Campbell is gone.
"Praise the lord”.  That’s what they are saying around BC Liberal Headquarters.  “Is it too late?” is the next sentence.

Probably.  The two untainted contenders have ruled themselves out.  The party is in a shambles and nothing will get done over the next six months as the government focuses on which one of the lesser lights in Cabinet will come to the rescue.

But lets get back to basics.  Why now? What’s really going on over there in the Premier’s office, because you can bet your bottom dollar this was not planned.

Look at the evidence.  Last week he recruited a new Chief of Staff and Press Secretary.  Do you think he got either of them to leave their well-paid jobs with the offer of a week’s employment in the Premier’s office.  I don’t think so......................

If one doesn't leave comments on other people's blogs, one will lose track of how many times Christy Clark's GCPE aka PAB have changed history.  A click on any link that is from the Campbell NEW ERA has you looking straight at Christy Clark.  At Ian Reid blog above, we left a comment which lays out the terms of engagement that a Chief of Staff  eg. Paul Taylor was to adhere to.   Included with that comment was a LINK to the original document like this:


Unfortunately the link is no longer in existence.  That "slate" has been wiped as clean as though it were a missing disclosure document intended to bear close scrutiny by a Judge(s) running the BC Rail trial.

Here's what the document contained, with a few revisions, just to keep the public up to date. With two Premiers being involved since October 25, 2010, a change of "guards" took place that were made necessary because Christy Clark doesn't know whom to hire as a Chief of Staff.


October 25, 2010,  , 
Paul Taylor        

March 14, 2011
Mike McDonald

February 26, 2012,
Ken Boessenkool

 September 24, 2012
 Dan Doyle

 Dear Paul, Mike, Ken, Dan:

This letter will confirm your appointment as Chief of Staff, Office of the Premier, effective October 26, 2010, etc. as specified in your appointing Order in Council.

Your status as Chief of Staff will be that of a Deputy Minister and your salary will be $195,000.00 per annum. The other terms and conditions of your employment are those established for Deputy Ministers as Category A appointments, set out in the Terms and Conditions for Excluded Employees.

Relocation assistance will be provided (from Alberta for Ken) and an official at the BC Public Service Agency will contact you ALL to develop a mutually acceptable relocation reimbursement agreement.

As a public service employee you must conduct yourself in a manner that maintains and enhances the public’s trust and confidence in the public service. Please re-familiarize yourself with the Standards of Conduct for Public Service Employees. Further, as you know, as an Order in Council appointee your order may be rescinded at any time resulting in the termination of your appointment. Attached are the Employment Termination Standards and the Post-Employment Restrictions for your reference.
Should you have any questions about these policies or your entitlements, please contact Mark McLeod, Director of Executive Recruitment Executive Advisor Recruitment at the BC Public Service Agency. Mark can be reached at (250) 387-0913  250 952-0913.   Once you have reviewed the attached information and signed this letter indicating your acceptance, please return the original letter to my office.

I would like to thank you for accepting this appointment and I look forward to working with you.

Yours truly,
Gordon Campbell  Christy Clark
Just to give you an idea of how much a BC Liberal Chief of Staff receives, if Dan Doyle hasn't been told in his written contract from Premier Christy Clark, the Chief of Staff to Gordon Campbell.... Paul Taylor, according to Note 5 in the image above, received payments and benefits PLUS severance equal to 6 months salary and benefits = $201,950.   He only lasted four and half months from October 26, 2010 to March 12, 2011.   A quick calculation, converting it to monthly amounts, spread over four and half months, is:


Workplace Behavior

".......the conduct of BC Public Service employees in the workplace must meet acceptable social standards and must contribute to a positive work environment. An employee’s conduct must not compromise the integrity of the BC Public Service.

All employees may expect and have the responsibility to contribute to a safe workplace. Violence in the workplace is unacceptable. Violence is any use of physical force on an individual that causes or could cause injury and includes an attempt or threatened use of force.

Employees must report any incident of violence. Any employee who becomes aware of a threat must report that threat if there is reasonable cause to believe that the threat poses a risk of injury. Any incident or threat of violence in the workplace must be addressed immediately.  ........"

The Chief of Staff is deemed to hold the position of a Deputy Minister
"...Deputy Minister to the Premier will assume the function of the Deputy Minister..."

Which means of course, that Rich Coleman being the Deputy to the Premier, assumed the role of putting out the fire caused by the former Chief of Staff

Who would have guessed as to why the Chief of Staff just HAD to go to China, or who had put him on that plane?  The Premier or the Deputy Premier?


Complaint Procedures – Excluded Employees

These procedures will also apply if either the complainant or the respondent is a Deputy Minister. In such cases, the Deputy Minister to the Premier will assume the function of the Deputy Minister for the purpose of these procedures.

Informal Process
Employees who believe that they have a complaint of discrimination or sexual harassment may approach their supervisory personnel, association representative, or other contact person to discuss potential means of resolving the complaint and to request assistance in resolving the matter. A matter dealt with to the complainant’s satisfaction is considered to be resolved.

Management Process
If the matter is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, or if the employee chooses not to proceed informally, the employee, within six months of the alleged occurrence, will approach the first level of excluded management not involved in the matter, for assistance in resolving the complaint. The manager will investigate the allegation and take steps to resolve the concern as appropriate within 30 days of the issue being raised by the employee. Employees may wish to have a representative present.

Formal Process
If the resolution proposed as a result of the management review is not acceptable, the complainant may refer the matter, in writing, to the Deputy Minister within 30 days of receiving the manager’s written response or when the response was due. The complainant may seek assistance through their human resources personnel or association representative. The written complaint will specify the details of the allegation including:
  • name, title and ministry of the respondent;
  • a description of the action, conduct, events or circumstances involved in the complaint;
  • the specific remedy sought to satisfy the complaint;
  • dates of incidents;
  • names of witnesses (if any); and
  • prior attempts to resolve (if any).
The Deputy Minister will provide a copy of the complaint to the respondent. The Deputy Minister will acknowledge, in writing, receipt of the written complaint, have the matter investigated and take such steps as may be required to resolve the matter.
The employee and association representative, if applicable, will be advised in writing of the proposed resolution within 30 days from the date the Deputy Minister received the written complaint or a later mutually agreed upon date.

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How many Ecological Reserves can Enbridge, and other like minded Energy corporations, destroy just to make a buck or two?

In some ways, Ecological Reserves are a tad more precious that our Pristine west coast.

Things to Do and See  BC Parks via the oil Tanker Route

Hmmmm Groundwater cover Thermal Springs too....    Click on Groundwater then search for Thermal Spings Chapter 7

The first Ecological Reserves as of May 1971

Current batch of Ecological Reserves, 153, all told

1 Aleza Lake Ecological Reserve
2 Ambrose Lake Ecological Reserve
3 Anne Vallee (Triangle Island) Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is closed to the public.
4 Atlatzi River Ecological Reserve has been renamed to Kingcome River/Atlatzi River Ecological Reserve
5 Baeria Rocks Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is closed to the public.
6 Ballingall Islets Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is subject to special restrictions.
7 Baynes Island Ecological Reserve
8 Bednesti Lake Ecological Reserve
9 Beresford Island Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is closed to the public.
10 Big Creek Ecological Reserve
11 Big White Mountain Ecological Reserve
12 Blackwater Creek Ecological Reserve
13 Blue/Dease Rivers Ecological Reserve
14 Bowen Island Ecological Reserve
15 Bowser Ecological Reserve
16 Brackman Island Ecological Reserve
17 Browne Lake Ecological Reserve
18 Buck Hills Road Ecological Reserve
19 Burnt Cabin Bog Ecological Reserve
20 Byers/Conroy/Harvey/Sinnett Islands Ecological Reserve
21 Campbell Brown (Kalamalka Lake) Ecological Reserve
22 Canoe Islets Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is closed to the public.
23 Cardiff Mountain Ecological Reserve
24 Catherine Creek Ecological Reserve
25 Cecil Lake Ecological Reserve
26 Charlie Cole Creek Ecological Reserve
27 Chasm Ecological Reserve
28 Checleset Bay Ecological Reserve
29 Chickens Neck Mountain Ecological Reserve
30 Chilako River Ecological Reserve
31 Chilliwack River Ecological Reserve
32 Chunamon Creek Ecological Reserve
33 Cinema Bog Ecological Reserve
34 Clanninick Creek Ecological Reserve
35 Claud Elliott Creek Ecological Reserve
36 Clayhurst Ecological Reserve
37 Cleland Island Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is closed to the public.
38 Columbia Lake Ecological Reserve
39 Comox Lake Bluffs Ecological Reserve
40 Cougar Canyon Ecological Reserve
41 Det San Ecological Reserve
42 Dewdney and Glide Islands Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is closed to the public.
43 Doc English Bluff Ecological Reserve
44 Drizzle Lake Ecological Reserve
45 Drywilliam Lake Ecological Reserve
46 Duke of Edinburgh (Pine/Storm/Tree Islands) Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is subject to special restrictions.
47 East Redonda Island Ecological Reserve
48 Ellis Island Ecological Reserve
49 Evans Lake Ecological Reserve
50 Field's Lease Ecological Reserve
51 Fort Nelson River Ecological Reserve
52 Francis Point Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is subject to special restrictions.
53 Fraser River Ecological Reserve
54 Galiano Island Ecological Reserve
55 Gamble Creek Ecological Reserve
56 Gilnockie Creek Ecological Reserve
57 Gingietl Creek Ecological Reserve
58 Gladys Lake Ecological Reserve
59 Goosegrass Creek Ecological Reserve
60 Grayling River Hot Springs Ecological Reserve
61 Haley Lake Ecological Reserve
62 Haynes' Lease Ecological Reserve
63 Heather Lake Ecological Reserve
64 Honeymoon Bay Ecological Reserve
65 Hudson Rocks Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is subject to special restrictions.
66 Ilgachuz Range Ecological Reserve
67 Katherine Tye (Vedder Crossing) Ecological Reserve
68 Kingcome River/Atlatzi River Ecological Reserve
69 Kingfisher Creek Ecological Reserve
70 Klanawa River Ecological Reserve
71 Klaskish River Ecological Reserve
72 Kotcho Lake Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is subject to special restrictions.
73 Ladysmith Bog Ecological Reserve has been renamed to Yellowpoint Bog Ecological Reserve
74 Lasqueti Island Ecological Reserve
75 Lepas Bay Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is subject to special restrictions.
76 Lew Creek Ecological Reserve
77 Lily Pad Lake Ecological Reserve
78 Liumchem Ecological Reserve
79 Mackinnon Esker Ecological Reserve
80 Mahoney Lake Ecological Reserve
81 Mara Meadows Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is closed to the public.
82 McQueen Creek Ecological Reserve
83 Megin River Ecological Reserve
84 Meridian Road (Vanderhoof) Ecological Reserve
85 Misty Lake Ecological Reserve
86 Moore/McKenney/Whitmore Islands Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is closed to the public.
87 Morice River Ecological Reserve
88 Mount Derby Ecological Reserve
89 Mount Elliott Ecological Reserve
90 Mount Griffin Ecological Reserve
91 Mount Maxwell Ecological Reserve
92 Mount Sabine Ecological Reserve
93 Mount Tinsdale Ecological Reserve
94 Mount Tuam Ecological Reserve
95 Mount Tzuhalem Ecological Reserve
96 Narcosli Lake Ecological Reserve
97 Nechako River Ecological Reserve
98 Nimpkish River Ecological Reserve
99 Ningunsaw River Ecological Reserve
100 Nitinat Lake Ecological Reserve
101 Oak Bay Islands Ecological Reserve
102 Ospika Cones Ecological Reserve
103 Parker Lake Ecological Reserve
104 Patsuk Creek Ecological Reserve
105 Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve
106 Portage Brule Rapids Ecological Reserve
107 Race Rocks Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is subject to special restrictions.
108 Ram Creek Ecological Reserve
109 Raspberry Harbour Ecological Reserve
110 Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve
111 Rolla Canyon Ecological Reserve
112 Rose Islets Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is closed to the public.
113 Rose Spit Ecological Reserve
114 Ross Lake Ecological Reserve
115 San Juan Ridge Ecological Reserve
116 San Juan River Estuary Ecological Reserve
117 Sartine Island Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is closed to the public.
118 Satellite Channel Ecological Reserve
119 Saturna Island Ecological Reserve
120 Sikanni Chief River Ecological Reserve
121 Skagit River Cottonwoods Ecological Reserve
122 Skagit River Forest Ecological Reserve
123 Skagit River Rhododendrons Ecological Reserve
124 Skeena River Ecological Reserve
125 Skihist Ecological Reserve
126 Skwaha Lake Ecological Reserve
127 Smith River Ecological Reserve
128 Soap Lake Ecological Reserve
129 Solander Island Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is closed to the public.
130 Stoyoma Creek Ecological Reserve
131 Sunbeam Creek Ecological Reserve
132 Sutton Pass Ecological Reserve
133 Tacheeda Lakes Ecological Reserve
134 Tahsish River Ecological Reserve
135 Takla Lake Ecological Reserve
136 Ten Mile Point Ecological Reserve
137 Torkelsen Lake Ecological Reserve
138 Tow Hill Ecological Reserve
139 Tranquille Ecological Reserve
140 Trial Islands Ecological Reserve This ecological reserve is subject to special restrictions.
141 Trout Creek Ecological Reserve
142 Tsitika Mountain Ecological Reserve
143 Tsitika River Ecological Reserve
144 UBC Endowment Lands Ecological Reserve
145 Upper Shuswap River Ecological Reserve
146 Vance Creek Ecological Reserve
147 Vladimir J. Krajina (Port Chanal) Ecological Reserve
148 Westwick Lake Ecological Reserve
149 Whipsaw Creek Ecological Reserve
150 Williams Creek Ecological Reserve
151 Woodley Range Ecological Reserve
152 Yale Garry Oak Ecological Reserve
153 Yellowpoint Bog Ecological Reserve formerly Ladysmith Bog Ecological Reserve

The Photo (Black Art) Ops for Christy and Ken who went to China for four days..

 Here's the camera that was used in the photography of the September 2012 Trade Mission to China.

Ken doesn't show up in any photos, so one could guess that he was the Photographer, in each instance.

Or Ken wasn't anywhere near a camera

Or Ken was in the Hotel, for four days

Or  Ken flew back within one day because Christy was finished "having a number of talks" with  him

Or  .....................................................

This BC Government GCPE aka PAB link is for September 9, 2012, definitely in China.... No Ken to be seen.

Calendar of events for September 4th to September 26th
    Photo Ops from around the Globe

Calendar of events of Christy Clark's visit to China after the "incident" in Victoria... for Ken

September 8th

September 9th

September 10th

September 11th

No photos available for September 1st, 2nd and the 3rd     Labour Day Statutory Holiday

Zoweee!   A Flickr map of the locations where all of the BC Government Photo (Black Art) Ops took place for the month of September 2012

Zoweee!   Another Flickr map of the locations in CHINA where all the locations of photos were taken on September 11th 2012

September 10, 2012  Photo MAP only for Metro Vancouver, no Christy, no Ken

September 8th and 9th no Photo Map at all

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Who's in favour of Tasseographying Christy Clark's tea cup contents, for her?

We're asking for Volunteers here because Christy certainly isn't having any luck with her primal human desire .. "primal"  defined as ...

" Relating to an early stage in evolutionary development primeval."
 Tasseography, otherwise known as tasseomancy or tassology, is the art of tea leaf reading. "Tasse" or "tass" is an Arab root, meaning small cup or goblet.

Tea leaf reading is an ancient practice interpreting patterns made by tea leaves in the cup. In addition to the reading of tea leaves, the tradition of tasseography includes the reading of coffee grounds and wine sediments.

Although tasseography is commonly associated with Gypsy fortunetellers, the tradition of tea leaf reading arises independently from Asia, the Middle East and Ancient Greece. Modern tasseography has also been associated with the Scottish, Irish and cultures throughout Eastern Europe.

The significance of the ubiquitous, cross cultural and historical pervasiveness of tea, coffee and sediment reading may be related to the primal human desire for understanding the self...........SNIP

In a Justine Hunter column, in the Globe and Mail, entitled Clark questioned about secrecy in Boessenkool misconduct, there's a few too many inconsistencies that need answering, directly, by Premier Christy Clark.

Since when does "misconduct" by one of her political appointees, involving a female subordinate, deserve special treatment, basically via an In-Camera process that the Premier said she followed as set out by the public service agency?

The Premier says that there was an investigation done by the public service agency which handles interviews with the two parties and witnesses, and then offer advices on the Premier’s options.   What?!

The Premier's options?

May the public see those options, just to determine if she went down the right path, because denial track has failed so far?

Ms. Clark left with Mr. Boessenkool for a trade mission to China the day after the incident and spoke with him about it soon after. “I had a number of conversations with Ken as the details came to light,” she said Tuesday.- Justine Hunter - Globe and Mail link above

What about the reason as to why Mr. Boessenkool felt that there was a need to tender his resignation, but waited two weeks, while he went off on a international trade trip (China) with the Premier one day after the incident?  The Premier says that she had a number of conversations with Ken, we bet she did, but wasn't that the responsibility of the third party public service agency, who would then advise the Premier?

When was this China trade trip planned?   Was Mr. Boessenkool booked for the flight as well, or was it a just a spur of the moment decision?  Has anyone done an FOI?

The Premier said: “I am bound to respect the privacy of the individuals involved in this.” - Christy Clark

Sounds like she only spoke to one person, what about the other person, may we call her, a victim?

We're all for protecting the privacy rights of victims, especially children, but those involved in this incident, were mature adults, both working for the BC Government.  What it sounds like, thus far, is that the victim should have been interviewed by the RCMP, not a public service agency.

Why oh why, do we have the odd feeling that what we are looking at, is another BC Rail look-alike investigation?   The Chief of Staff, who has the status of a Deputy Minister to the Premier, who has all other Deputy Ministers reporting to him, takes flight, instead of standing his ground.

Statutory Authority: Public Service, ss. 14 and 15
Effective February 15, 2012,
a) the Schedule to OIC 71/2011 is amended by adding:
Kenneth Jan Boessenkool, Chief of Staff, Premier, and
Michael McDonald, Principal Secretary, Premier
b) Kenneth Jan Boessenkool, Chief of Staff, Office of the Premier is declared to have the status of a deputy minister.
c) Michael McDonald, Principal Secretary, Office of the Premier is declared to have the status of a deputy minister.

Statutory Authority: Public Service, s. 15
Various appointments to the Office of the Premier are made. Ministerial Assistant and Executive Assistant appointments to the office of the Minister are made.

Appointment by Lieutenant Governor in Council  (Christy)

15  (1) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may appoint persons the Lieutenant Governor in Council considers
(a) will be acting in a confidential capacity to the Lieutenant Governor, Executive Council or a member of the Executive Council, or
(b) will be appointed to a position that requires special professional, technical or administrative qualifications.
(2) A person referred to in subsection (1) (a) or (b) may be appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council on terms and conditions, including remuneration, authorized by the Lieutenant Governor in Council or set out in the regulations.
(3) This Act, other than subsections (1) and (2) and sections 21 and 25 (3), does not apply to a person appointed under this section.
Interpretation Guidelines Manual   Index
 Examples of “just cause” for termination

The degree of employee misconduct which gives an employer just cause for termination depends on the facts of each case. One thing to be considered is whether the employee behaved in a manner that was not consistent with the continuation of employment.
Sometimes a single act of misconduct may constitute just cause. The misconduct must be serious, deliberate and intentional, and fundamentally breach the employment contract.

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Christy Clark's "Humpty Dumpty" Free Enterprise Hiring Hall

There is this earlier BBC version of Christy's Humpty Dumpty, but with all of the updates that were written, and then Re-written, we felt that in light of the latest defection from the BC Liberals MDM Key Contact List, in regards to the Office of the Premier executive branch.... it was time for another.

We'll drink to that.

Not the most noticeably gone from the fold, is the $2 per year man, not $1 per year man as widely reported, Jim Sheppard (11), the former Senior Policy Advisor joined Christy's tin pot navy reserve to see the world, which included China.  Mr. Sheppard has gone off to set sails towards the Public seeing Christy Clark through rose coloured glasses, for he sees she as being a PERFECT administrator of how to run an Office and a Province.

Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool(1) has now tendered his resignation, no severance pay, after an in-house investigation by his inferiors decided, after two weeks of deliberations on the QT, that it was only right that he should fall on his own sword, an on cue, he did.

Dan Doyle, the replacement Chief of Staff for Mr. Boessenkool will have the same phone number as his predecessor, so watch out for sparks flying when those who don't know there's been a change in the handler.

All this goes to prove that Christy Clark is right about ONE thing..... Family is First.

We didn't know whether Mr. Doyle (1) listing should actually be just above the number (10) listing.

Number one would place him in Victoria, whereas the first/last place that Mr. Doyle was seen, was being hired by Premier Christy Clark's in her Vancouver Office.  If you're trying to get your bearings, look just over the back of Mr. Doyle's chair, there's the Premier's Helicopter floating pad near Translink's Sea Bus Terminal.  Sorry, BC Government flights to Victoria's belt-way only happen from February to the end of May.

Don't ask us why CC has a pad for her rolling chair and DD doesn't.....Photo Op
Another "Don't ask" is, haven't the two of them ever heard about BC Hydro Power Smart Program?   Wasting water just so the Premier can explain to the Chair of BC Hydro what his job description is going to be, when the curtains to her Office are wide open and in its the middle of the day and she has her Desk light turned on?

Office of the Premier executive branch (January 2012) September 25, 2012
 MDM Key Contact List  MDM Key Contact List Effective: 2012-09-18

*****The New MDM Key contact list is NOT effective, at all!!!

Victoria Office

1 Mike McDonald (chief of staff) Ken Boessenkool    Dan Doyle
2 Dimitri Pantazopoulos (principal secretary) Mike McDonald
3 Kim Haakstad (deputy chief of staff, operations)

4 Shane Mills (director of communications)Feb 2011 Sara MacIntyre
4A Shane Mills (Director of Issues Management)
Doug Brown (manager, communications and issues management)
Spencer Sproule (Senior Issues Management Coordinator)
5 Dimitri Pantazopoulos (senior advisor)
6 Trevor Halford (senior communications coordinator)
10A Rebecca Scott (communications officer and deputy press secretary)
Barindar Bhullar (Senior Outreach Coordinator)
7 Stacie Diey (communications coordinator)
8 Jessica Hodge (executive assistant to the premier) Gabe Garfunkel
9 Jennifer Chalmers (executive assistant to the chief of staff)
 Vancouver Office
10 Chris Olsen (press secretary)
11 Jim Sheppard (Senior Policy Advisor)
12 Pamela Martin (Director of Outreach)
13 May Lee (Administrative Coordinator)
14 Katherine Bergen (Events Cooridnator)
15 Virginia Bremmer (Exec. Recept. & Admin. Support)
Deputy Minister's Office
16 John Dyble (Deputy Minister to Premier)
17 Neil Sweeney (Deputy Min. Corporate Priorities)

Update to another BBC Post, this time on Fines, including illegal FireArms

In 2010, 184 firearms – including 109 handguns – were seized in the Pacific Region, including Surrey, according to the Canada Border Services Agency. The next-highest tally was in the southern Ontario region, where 171 guns were seized. - Globe and Mail January 22, 2012
In one fell swoop the RCMP have collected 110 weapons, mostly rifles, mostly with Scopes, from downtown Terrace. Turns out there isn't just Oil and Gas Pipelines running near Terrace, there's other kinds of "pipelines", the illegal variety.

 Carry unauthorized firearm ..... 26 (1) ................. $575

 In other words 110 firearms is going to cost someone,   $63,250 in penalties!

Anyone done a tally what the nine months tally so far is for 2012?   Let's see.....171 + 110 = 271  Did someone want to start a war in Northern BC with the latest seized weaponry?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

BC Premiers Bill Bennett and Bill Vander Zalm have similarities but.....siblings??

Bill Bennett was born on August 18, 1932
  In office as Premier on  December 22, 1975 – August 6, 1986

Bill Vander Zalm was born on  May 29, 1934
          In office as Premier on August 6, 1986 – April 2, 1991

Their similarities would end there, except for the merest of coincidences because they were both members of the same political Party.

  • Bill Bennett is older than Bill Vander Zalm by almost two years
  • Bill Bennett joined the BC Social Credit Party before Bill Vander Zalm
  • Bill Bennett was Premier of BC before Bill Vander Zalm
  • Bill Bennett was Premier longer than Bill Vander Zalm
  • Bill Bennett left Office before Bill Vander Zalm assumed Office

While researching down at the Vancouver Public Library, and reading specifically the BC Report magazine (covered earlier in the BBC) we came across something that made us all go Hmmmmmmmm!!!

If some postage stamps can be so rare, because of an error in their printing that they are now worth millions, if not Billions of dollars, why not a magazine?    One Postage stamp is printed in a far greater number for the use of a Country's citizens than one magazine publishing for it's readership in one Province, therefore the value of a printing error in a magazine could be more valuable, depending largely on the topic, of course.

A postage stamp that has an image upside down and the printing right side up, is rare!

Famous Stamps

Once a magazine or book is published, in hard copy, how can they possibly be clawed back from the public domain?    The online version can be removed or "modified" except for the cache version.

In the case of the BC Report magazine, what would be the value of their limited copies, from a once upon a time, robust, four issues per month publication,  now reduced to a state of non-existence?

To the best of our knowledge there are only TWO known copies in existence of this typo:

SNIP                                     Steve MacNaull

Who knows, maybe the typo was what brought about the sudden end to the BC Report magazine.