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"Nestucca" Take II Sequel would now include Fish Farms areas harmed by an Enbridge Oil Spill

This document is 110 pages in Length.

Plenty of maps, plenty of details of marine life being killed off.

Plenty of data of just how deep, how wide, how long the Bunker C oil was around the West Coast of BC.

Participants in the study was composed of the Federal and Provincial Environment Ministries and the Federal and Provincial Fisheries Ministries.

Back then, there were no Fish Farms like there are today.   The north west corner of Vancouver Island has them aplenty  now just like we wrote back on April 28, 2012  

Oil tankers, and if there is a spill, who will pay these guys "1403300 2403035 193432 1406628"?

 The question remains the same, except now we would like to know who will be cleaning up the mess, and its not going to be done for free.

Or another way to put it...... if there is a spill, and the experts claim that it's only a matter of time, will one spill be enough to stop the flow of tankers between Kitimat and Asia, or will the pubic accept many more, always with the goal being it's more revenue for BC Government's Treasury?   More money for Alberta's Treasury?   More money for Canada's Treasury?

 If that one spill becomes the be all that ends all, what other route will Alberta Oil sands take and then the question has to be asked "Why isn't it being proposed now rather than taking the risk of abusing the pristine shoreline of Beautiful British Columbia first?"

Google Search Criteria    nestucca oil barge report federal   Page 2 of Results

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stricken barge, Nestucca, the B.C. provincial and federal Ministers of Environment, the Hon. Bruce Strachan and the Hon. Lucien Bouchard, asked for a full ...

Was there ever a Final Report for the Nestucca Oil Spill?  Who knows, but there is this gem:


It seems obvious that this emergency is quite complex. One could literally speak of several crises happening conjointly, or at least several problems, as opposed to viewing the Nestucca as one single emergency. These include the environmental pollution covering 130 km of Canadian coast in spots; the death of about 50,000 ocean birds in Canada and the United States; damage to marine plants, wildlife and the marine ecosystem in general; a public uproar, expressed through a mounting riot atmosphere in some communities, death threats issued against CCG officials and the visit of two federal ministers to calm things down; a legitimacy crisis for the CCG triggered from the public and the media's criticisms and an official blame by a government's official, the CCG changing its on-scene commander during the crisis; the fishermens' difficulties after the closing of six large fishing areas for several weeks; the despair and disgust felt by local residents over a gluey and smelly black substance intruding their home and the feeling of having to have been let down by their government; the pressure and financial burden on the tanker's owners, Sause Brothers, and its insurance company; the tarnishing of the oil industry being, one more time, identified as a polluter; or some international tensions between the United States and Canada over the towing of the Nestucca and errors in information. etc Page 3 of 24
Source for the above

On Page 3 of the Google Search Criteria, there's this:  

What Crises Could Teach Us about Complexity and Systemic ...
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by I DESCHAMPS - 1996 - Cited by 11 - Related articles
date of the Nestucca's collision, and ends on March 22,1989, the date when ... communities, death threats issued against CCG officials and the visit of two federal ..... more than 100 reports per month on oil spills of all sizes compared to about ...
Page 19 of 24 has this dire warning from1996:

"..... learning seems quite urgent in Canada as the massive exploitation of North Sea oil and the gigantic oil sands resources lying in Alberta and Saskatchewan are on their way [66, 70]."

You mean Alberta isn't the only province that will be riding 

roughshod over our Province? 

Further selected reading on Nestucca... Google Scholar  nestucca report federal

Effects of an oil spill and freeze event on Intertidal community structure in Washington. Final report

MN Dethier - 1991 -
... the coast of Washington; (2) to document the effects of the Nestucca oil spill ... Resource Type: Technical Report. ... FORECASTING; FREEZING; HABITAT; SEASONAL VARIATIONS; TEMPERATURE EFFECTS; DEVELOPED COUNTRIES; ENERGY SOURCES; FEDERAL REGION ...

Conservation of ecological areas: The economic bottom line

D Stanley, FPP Council - 1997 -
... to the Nestucca Oil Spill. Final Report presented to the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Victoria. 13. NOAA. 1993. Report of the NOAA Panel on Contingent Evaluation. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Department of Commerce. Federal Register ...

Report of the NOAA panel on contingent valuation

K Arrow, R Solow - 1993 -
... passive-use values in litigation arising from state and federal statutes designed to protect natural resources. Since Ohio v. ... capacity or regenerative power could be expected to report a Page 17. 16 ... the Nestucca oil spill limited their sample to households in ...

Stalled offshore

D COOK - 2005 -
... In March of 1989, after the infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill and the Nestucca Barge spill ... Since 2001, BC has taken a number of steps directed at ending the federal moratorium. The first step was the commissioning of the Whitford Report in October 2001, a technology review ...
Google Search Criteria
 Whitford Report in October 2001, a technology review conducted by Jacques Whitford Environment Ltd.

Take our word for it with this next one:
Historical Publications and Maps by the BC Government

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Anonymous said...

Harper will forgo the dirty diseased fish farms, for the lethal Bitumen's transport to Communist China, any day. Harper's greed trumps common sense every time.

Nor do, Harper, Alberta and Saskatchewan have an ocean to kill. Harper and Gordon Campbell, pretty much dismantled BC, before Campbell got the boot. All they left of BC is, the beauty of BC, the abundant woodland wildlife. Our Great Bear Rain Forest, with the Spirit Bears we love, and our beautiful marine creatures. People from all over the world, come to Bear watch and Whale watch.

BC is a province of, avalanches, mudslides with loss of life, there are rockslides, earthquakes, devastating forest fires, and swift running flooded rivers, that carry away homes and highways. In BC's vast wilderness, there is fifteen feet of snow to get through, to get to a pipeline burst. However, Enbridge hasn't cleaned up their last 804 spills.

The seas to get to Kitimat Port, are one of the most treacherous in the world. The map of the channel Enbridge published, for some reason, they forgot to include all of the islands. The behemoth tankers have to do hairpin turns, to get around all of those islands. It takes three miles, to stop those massive tankers.

Harper, Enbridge, Alberta, big oil and Communist China, can all go to hell. We will fight them, right to the last ditch.

No-one has the right to force those atrocities, onto us and our beautiful province.