Tuesday, July 31, 2012

As the MLA's make up their minds on whether to run or not in 2013, they just don't get it...

BC Speaker of the House, William (Bill) Barisoff, has more than one priority to get straight before he takes the plunge in 2013.

We read an article in the Globe and Mail this morning, written by Ian Bailey, and we're still shaking our collective heads twelve hours later.

“I’m going to be making my announcement before the end of the month. This has been planned for some time. It has no bearing on what’s happened in the last three days or four days,” he said in an interview. “I must tell my executive first and the party what’s happening. I won’t give you any answer either way.”

The MLA for Penticton (BC) says that his task  to run again "has been planned for some time", he goes on to further say that “I must tell my executive first and the party what’s happening."

Tell us again William, how many are on YOUR Executive of the BC Liberal Riding of Penticton?   How many BC Liberals are there still in the Party who reside in the Riding of Penticton?  Oh, but wait, once you've won the election, in 2009, party politics are put aside and you represent all voters in your Riding.

Sure sounds like the MLA for Penticton has totally shunned his responsibilities of being accountable to the Voters of the Riding of Penticton, first.

He could just cut to the chase and make one announcement, instead of cherry picking his way through the waiting crowd back in Penticton.


To quote our illustrious Premier from her Swearing-in on March 14, 2011, Christy Clark promised, and its damned difficult to select just one phrase, one sentence, from this one paragraph quote of many.

Dear Christy, we've been told by your GCPE people that you can't read real fast, so they suggested that we should write to you         real                          ~ S   L   O  W ~  

Remember    when    You     said:

" ......There will be lots more steps coming - steps that will engage citizens and decision-making as never before. We will listen and in exchange I will ask British Columbians to get involved - to make yourselves heard and to give us your best ideas. Our government will be open to the people of British Columbia. We will talk about our problems; we will set our priorities openly; and we will work with citizens to find solutions. And we will explain why we make the decisions that we do. You may not always agree with us and all the decisions that we make, but to the greatest degree possible, you won’t be surprised at the course that we take, and you will know for certain why we’ve chosen it........" -Page 2 of 2
We've got news for you Christy, we are surprised by your sudden sell off of the  Liquor Distribution Branch.

We are even more surprised by your government saying diddly squat on the topic of Enbridge while the Legislature House was in session, when you had a chance to stand up and explain your position on the Environment with all the cameras hanging onto every word of explanation... but Zip, nothing.

For more of the famous Speeches by the BC Liberals Premiers (2) 2011 to 2005

For the years of 2002 to 2004 (1) Premier

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Enbridge's latest oil spill, today, will probably be a result of plump "Pigs" plugging pipe

.......At about 2:45 p.m. Friday, workers in Enbridge Pipeline’s Control Center detected a pressure drop in the pipeline. Control Center operators (in Edmonton, Alberta) shut down and immediately isolated the line, with a capacity of 317,600 barrels per day, and Enbridge emergency crews were promptly deployed to the site, according to a news release from Enbridge.
Officials moved one person from his home for his safety and comfort, said Lorraine Little, Enbridge spokeswoman........ - Winsconsin Rapid Tribune

 As if Enbridge has had enough problems with oil spills, what next, yes, what next..... one would have to say that maybe its the competition to Enbridge who is just waiting in the wings to take over.  But, can they do a better job than Enbridge....

 Google Search Criteria    are Enbridge oil pipelines double walled

Didn't know why we couldn't access this file earlier today, came up with "404 Error: File Not Found" , but.... along the bottom of the first result was    "ALL 2 Versions".....   one of two didn't fly, note Error message above, but..... the second of two versions worked just fine....     What the BBC was not aware of, was the oil spill, as we researched.

Design and contruction of 42-in liquid pipeline batch pig facilities

R Kratsch - 2008 - gs-press.com.au
... Combined with the Canadian portion of the pipeline system operated by Enbridge Pipelines Inc., the system ... the launcher for launching the pig and for increased draining of the crude oil out of ... Pig signals are positioned upstream of the receiver and on the receiver barrel and to ... - All 2 versions
Link to "All 2 versions" results in this......

Design and contruction of 42-in liquid pipeline batch pig facilities

R Kratsch - gs-press.com.au
ENBRIDGE'S CURRENT major expansion called “Southern Access” is a 42-in liquid crude oil pipeline running 321 miles from Superior, WI to Delavan, WI in 2008 and continuing another133 miles to Flanagan, IL in 2009. As part of the goal to achieve and maintain a high ...

Design and Construction of 42” Liquids Pipeline Batch Pig Facilities

RW Kratsch - 2008 - link.aip.org
Enbridge's current major expansion called “Southern Access” is a 42 liquid crude oil pipeline running 321 miles from Superior, WI to Delavan, WI in 2008 and continuing another 133 miles to Flanagan, IL in 2009. As part of the goal to achieve and maintain a high ...
Enbridge's current major expansion called “Southern Access” is a 42 inch liquid crude oil pipeline running 321 miles from Superior, WI to Delavan, WI in 2008 and continuing another 133 miles to Flanagan, IL in 2009. As part of the goal to achieve and maintain a high quality pipeline system, an automated batch pig system was required to remotely launch the batch pigs, operated from the Control Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada...........SNIP

If Enbridge's Control Centre continues to be located in Edmonton, and Kitimat the final destination, most land EAST of the Canadian Rocky Mountains is FLAT, whereas the land WEST of the Canadian Rockies is NOT flat.  Its one thing for the Edmonton Control Centre to note a drop in OIL pressure, with a further "317,600 barrels of oil per day" chomping at the bit, for Eastward bound oil, but what of our position, that is British Columbia, whereby our terrain is far from Flat, and few highways.

Will Enbridge crews gain access to THEIR BC pipeline, if its broken, as easily as it is in the heavily populated, heavily riddled with highways of their eastern laid pipe lines?   eh......

And come to think of it, if its WINTER conditions, well yes, if one waits until daylight Black on White will make it easy to spot, oil spill that is, runs downhill, but just how are Enbridge's response crews suppose to get to the line............

Yes, yes, yes, looking at a map, A paper map, is flat, so too is our computer monitors, looks easy to cross, but have these Enbridge guys, these politicians, these .....advisers to the politicians and oil companies,..... have they ever left their offices, put on gumboots and hip waders to go looking for oil on the loose?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

PRIME-BC database doesn't have Jaspal Atwal flagged?

The defense lawyers for Bobby Virk and Dave Basi and Aneal Basi often said that the "Fix Was In" when they discovered that it was only their clients being charged with Breach of Trust........ which eventually led  the three being named to the BC Rail Trial proceedings....... when others, more prominent names, elected politicians names, were mentioned in the Press, but were quickly given a green light to proceed to Freedom by the RCMP.

Here's another of those .... the Fix was in moments but Christy Clark's GCPE have done Zero.....

This morning's edition of the Province had this headline on page A8, "PRIME-BC database draws ire" which made those here at the BBC stop, and take a deep breath, to calm ourselves down.

Just how did a convicted Terrorist, a convicted attempted murderer, one Jaspal Atwal make it into Kevin Falcon's Budget Speech, in the BC Legislature, without being stopped by the RCMP's PRIME-BC database?

Or more to the point, has everyone who attended this very much official BC Legislature function, now had their names, entered into PRIME-BC?

Why ask the previous question?

In the Province newspaper, Sam Cooper wrote:

The restaurant staff had apparently called the police after the table guest stopped to talk to a suspected gang member as he left the restaurant.
The officers admitted they had entered all the diners' names into a police database, which would prove to be PRIME-BC.

Are restaurant staff being paid by Police to tip them off as to who has talked to whom?

Are waiters/waitresses worthy of that handsome TIP for services by paying customers, to then have their customers names sent along to the police, secretly?

Just what does Rich Coleman's  BYOB + corkage fee entail....a Larger TIP from the RCMP?

Wouldn't you like to know if there's been a duplication of names, related to the BC Rail Trial's early beginnings, from before the raid on the Legislature in late December of 2003, till now, all nicely tallied up in Attorney General/Solicitor General Bond's lap, and wrapped up in the secrecy of a PRIME-BC database?

Monday, July 23, 2012

I had my first experience of facing a Judge today.....

Often we hear through the writings of an Ian Mulgrew, or a Neal Hall, of those from our local communities who find themselves standing before a Supreme Court of BC Judge.  Its through their stories that the Public pieces together what a Judge does in and for, our towns and cities of British Columbia.

Monday, I had my first experience of facing a Judge, but between him and We, stood the Bride and Groom.  The ceremony was to have taken place at West Vancouver's Whytecliff Park, but what with a cold liquid sunshine pouring down for the past two summer days, and more promised till 8pm, Plan B became Plan A.

St. Francis-In-The-Wood Church, sits huddled high on the shores of Caulfeild Cove (couldn't be closer to the Late Len Norris' Tiddley Cove), was the more than perfect setting for a late afternoon wedding of a young couple, and their guests, keeping all, out of the rain.  Rain came again, but in tears of joy.

In past times, St. Francis-In-The-Wood Church, would hold memorials and weddings in the high 80s per year, but with changing times, changing values?? or is it that the few that are young enough to marry, know not of its existence......, its purpose.   This year, the Church use has dwindled down to the mid 20s.  Maybe we can "blame" it on doctors, maybe medical science has delayed our need to have so many memorials...... or....... admit that the data is right in BC census statistics, which show fewer couples are having fewer children, therefore fewer schools......fewer churches.....etc.

The Judge, We thought he was just another government bean counter, there to tabulate more data for the census forms..... but there he stood, facing the Bride and her Father who were exactly one half hour late, as they started to come down the aisle to join the patiently waiting Groom.

Judges are seen, and heard, when a major case is before the Courts..... Judges are seen, and heard when NEW Canadian citizens are being sworn in on Canada's birthday, with great fanfare....but here stood before us, a Judge, who attends three weddings a year, to PERFORM the ceremony, unheard of......, with humour, patience and grace.

What's that saying  "Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done.

Maybe, what the public needs now, is to have more Judges, like ours this afternoon, in our midst, who are being seen, and heard.

Looks like BC Hydro is in the business of Selling CO2 and not Electricity

Yes, Energy Minister Rich Coleman has reduced the cost of our BC Hydro by 50% this year, in the lead up to the 2013 Provincial Election, but........ this graph tells a different story altogether for successive governments........  and the Public, and businesses.......

Page 8 of 102

Premier Christy Clark answers the call for Enbridges Pipeline spill but dropped the ball on the 49,000 kilograms of zinc oxide tipped into BC's Strohn Lake in Bear Glacier Provincial Park

In the Vancouver Sun this morning, there's a knee jerk reaction from the bad press that has smothered the BC Liberals on their inability to come out AGAINST the Enbridge Northern Pipeline:

 The BC Liberal government is considering a proposal that would see oil companies fund a portion of the province’s spill response teams in exchange for approval to build a massive new pipeline,
Premier Re-announces the beginning of an existing program (2002), that speaks out AGAINST oil spills.

Finally, BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark is coming out from her media bunker to talk about a spill program for Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline.... but wait a minute, there is a Spill program in place already, has been since 2002, and it involves the Pacific States and British Columbia which has a database that covers oil spills and other .... instances.... like this one that happened just before the Premier hopped on her jet to go to China back in November of 2011.

Google Search Criteria    Strohn Lake

Google Search Criteria   Strohn Lake truck

      Two Results for November 4, 2011:
  1. CFTK-TV Terrace :: Emergency Officer Hopes Submerged Ore Truck ...

    4 Nov 2011 – Emergency Officer Hopes Submerged Ore Truck Can Be Pulled from Strohm Lake Quickly. Contamination should be minimal, if extracted ...
  2. Emergency Officer Hopes Submerged Ore Truck Can Be ... - CJFW

    4 Nov 2011 – Emergency Officer Hopes Submerged Ore Truck Can Be Pulled from Strohm Lake Quickly. Contamination should be minimal, if extracted ...
Third Result not a whisper of a submerged Ore Truck:

Bear Glacier Provincial Park - BC Parks

Ice once filled all of the pass, but in the 1940's, the glacier began to retreat and Strohn Lake formed in the exposed basin. In 1967, Bear Glacier melted away ...

What brought on this Google Search by the BBC on Friday?   A look at a Report for 2012, Page 53, having only to do with BRITISH COLUMBIA,  starts on Page 52.

Pacific States/ British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force Annual Report 


Another notable incident since the last report included the loss a mining truck into Strohn Lake in Northern British Columbia on November 1, 2011. In this incident, the truck lost control and ended up in Strohn Lake, which is part of Bear Glacier Provincial Park, taking with it the three boxes of ore it was hauling. A total of 49,000 kilograms of zinc oxide were contained in the load that is now sitting in approximately 40 feet of water. Due to the risk of avalanches and icing of the lake surface, future recovery work will not be undertaken until spring 2012, when conditions are safer. A monitoring and sampling program has been initiated to assess impacts and ensure the safety of downstream water for the community of Stewart.
Here it is 2012, and another one of those Google Search Criteria is done using the keywords of:

49,000 kilograms of zinc oxide Strohn Lake

And the only whisper of what is happening on remote Strohn Lake is the Report that started this search off in the first place:


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Strohn Lake, which is part of Bear Glacier Provincial. Park, taking with it the three boxes of ore it was hauling. A total of 49000 kilograms of zinc oxide ...
Meanwhile back at Christy's BC Newsroom for the whole month of November 2011   NADA, nothing of a SPILL by the Environment Minister, nor by the Premier.... for November 1 onwards.... maybe, like the Enbridge Control room where HUMAN ERROR was at fault for allowing OIL to continue to spill.... Strohn Lake is still filled with 49,000 Kilograms of zinc oxide ......

If the Premier has managed to pull up her socks along with the zinc oxide out of the lake....now that would be worth smiling about, eh

For more Archived material from the BC NewsRoom  including Letters to the Editors...



BearGlacierMDS _Final_

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
was established as a Class “A” provincial park in accordance with Chapter 3 (Lands) of the final ... Contains Strohn Lake, a glacial outwash lake at the toe of the glacier. ... Ministry of Energy and Mines is interested in facilitating nearby mineral ...
 With the enactment of the Nisga’a Final Agreement on April 13, 2000, Bear Glacier Provincial Park was established as a Class “A” provincial park in accordance with Chapter 3 (Lands) of the final agreement. Bear Glacier Provincial Park was named and described in Schedule C of the Protected Areas of British Columbia Act in June 2000. The designation and the park boundaries are required to be continued according to the terms of the Nisga’a Final Agreement. The Nisga’a Final Agreement is a treaty and a land claims agreement within the meaning of sections 25 and 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. Consequently, the designation of Bear Glacier Provincial Park may not be modified without an amendment to the treaty itself.

Friday, July 20, 2012

This here sale of the Liqour Division in BC by Rich Coleman, does it have anything to do with it being A TIED HOUSE?

In June 2010 the BC Legislature passed legislation that will amend the Liquor Control and Licensing Act (the Act) in respect of tied house and trade practice laws. A tied house is an establishment that has an association, financial or otherwise, with a liquor manufacturer or its agent that is likely to lead to its products being favoured. Trade practice laws place prohibitions and restrictions on the commercial interactions between liquor suppliers and licensed establishments including restrictions on promoting specific manufacturers and their products in exchange for benefits provided by the supplier. These rules help prevent tied houses. -  Page 2 of 11   Snip

Google Search of     Tied House

Google Search of    Tied House in British Columbia

Tied House exempted during Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympics

Page 10 and 11 of the "trade practise" on Tied  House also contains this little gem between MLA V. Huntington and the Minister responsible  .... MLA Rich Coleman:

V. Huntington: I can certainly understand that explanation and appreciate it. It's very helpful.
I'm really concerned about abuse, though, and I'm wondering if you can describe how the
regulations will be developed and who they will be discussed with. And will they prescribe certain types of inducements that are permissible and others that are not?

Hon. R. Coleman: Well, certainly in our work leading up to this, I and the branch have had
extensive discussions with the entire industry, but we didn't know when we would get this to the House. So the next step would then be to go into the next level of consultation with industry particularly, which this has the most effect on with regards to how trade practices will change and how they will be able to do their business a bit differently.

Some will embrace it; others won't. But that describes the entire liquor file. Some embrace it. Some don't, no matter what change or whatever we do on the file. There's always one piece of the industry pushing and pulling against the other. It's just the nature of the beast, I guess you could say.  Having had the liquor file for four years, from 2001 to 2005, and now having it back again for two years, I do believe that we've actually matured to the point where we can handle this properly.  Snip......

Translink vehicles may use the Lions Gate Bridge, but not "Trucks"

 Truck Route Maps and Regulations   UPDATED: December 2, 2013
Truck Route via City of Vancouver 2013
 Vancouver City Police could be raking in a ton of cash, for the Santa Claus Parade on bikes, in 2014.

"Truck" means a motor vehicle designed or used primarily for the transportation of property.  Page 8 of 92  City of Vancouver  BY-LAW NO. 2849
NOTE: In the link which we have highlighted below in BOLD BLUE   "First Narrow Bridge" via Wikipedia they have written this:  "Trucks exceeding 13 tonnes (14.3 tons) are prohibited"    WHICH isn't true.  NO TRUCKS are permitted because........... read on Dear Readers.

UPDATE:  July 25, 2013

Prohibited vehicles, bicycles and tire chains

9 The following apply to and in respect of the First Narrows Bridge only:
(a) a person must not operate, on any part of the structure or its approaches, a vehicle having a gross weight in excess of 13 000 kg unless the vehicle is a bus as defined in the Motor Vehicle Act;
(b) a person must not operate a bicycle on the roadway of the structure or its approaches;
(c) a person must not operate, on any part of the structure or its approaches, a vehicle equipped with a tire chain or chains.

More and more times we're seeing "trucks" using the First Narrows Bridge, and probably the cause of this sudden influx/outflux is that the drivers, and/or swampers, have a GPS which is telling them that the shortest route between "A" and "B", "downtown Vancouver" and the "North Shore", or visa versus, is via Stanley Park's Causeway, which is true, it is shorter, but.....

There's one catch though, maybe even two catches....... TransLink buses probably outweigh "Trucks" threefold or more in some instances, but the City of Vancouver has determined that although "trucks" may have a lesser GVW than a Bus and the bridges are strong enough to carry both trucks and buses within the allowed GVW per vehicle, they also have right to write a Bylaw, which they did, to designate that the two bridges are NOT Truck Routes.   Passenger cars and cyclists need only apply.

Coast Mountain GVW:
Gross vehicle weight rating – the maximum recommended weight for a vehicle, including: the weight of the vehicle itself, fuel and other fluids, passengers, and all cargo. The manufacturer determines the GVWR. The Motor Vehicle Act Regulations of British Columbia prohibit vehicle operators from loading their vehicle in excess of its GVWR.   - Page 40

For youngsters, once upon a time our beloved Lions Gate Bridge was given a major face lift with the deck replacement, but before that face lift, the bridge had developed a severe "back" strain to its North supporting column..... because of the heavy loads of "trucks" taking the route as their regular route.

That was stopped once the engineers figured out what was going on, or it should have been stopped.

There's a story from ten or eleven years ago where a trucker arrived in downtown Vancouver a half hour ahead of time after coming over from Vancouver Island, where upon he climbed into his sleeper compartment for a nap.   When queried as to why he arrived so early when he shouldn't have arrived EARLY at all..... they discovered he had used the First Narrows Bridge......the Lions Gate, to cross over Burrard Inlet.   OOOOPS!    The Driver should have used the Second Narrows Bridge which would have taken a half hour longer.....and made him on time for his destination.


For Trucks:

Total width no greater than 2.6m(8’6”).
Total height no greater than 3.81m(12’6”) on any street or 4.3m(14’1”)on any truck route.
Total length (inclusive of load and front and rear bumpers) no greater than:
• 12.5m(41’) for a single vehicle.
• 23m(75’3”) for a vehicle with 1 trailer.
• 25m(82’) for a vehicle with 2 trailers.

If the Vancouver City Hall wants to earn more cash, and create a safer driving experience for motorists, then there should be fines collected.   In the case of the First Narrows... Lions Gate Bridge, there are options by which over size, TRUCKs, could learn from their experience.... of receiving multiple fines.   Stanley Park Causeway, north bound, is not the end of the road for Truckers, they could take the off ramp just before heading for the bridge deck... and take a tour of Stanley Park...and eventually end up on the Second Narrows Bridge.  If they continue to cross the bridge, then a Two Hundred Dollar Ticket should be enough of a carrot to deter them in the future....   South Bound truck traffic, same story.   No officers required.  All that is required is a system similar to the Port Mann Bridge, and only three lanes need monitoring.

The Ticket, is in the Mail.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Minister Rich Coleman is responsible for BC Oil and Gas Commission, now, and in March 2012 he became responsible for Enbridge pipelines too.

Why is Christy Clark so quiet on pipelines running through BC, cutting across streams, rivers and harbours?  There was a shake up back on March 12, 2012 which sent Steve Thomson scurrying for the sidelines on the topic of Enbridge and the Gateway Project.   So too for Don McRae and Terry Lake.   The Conservative Feds had their Omnibus bill, the BC Liberals had theirs via this industry bulletin.

Google Search for:  INDUSTRY BULLETIN - Oil and Gas Commission 

Refined Google Search for:
   INDUSTRY BULLETIN - Oil and Gas Commission Responsibility for processing

The first Result is this:

INDUSTRY BULLETIN - Oil and Gas Commission

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
12 Mar 2012 – The responsibility for processing applications, and the ... Should you have any questions regarding this Industry Bulletin, please contact: ...

On April 15, 2012, Minister Steven Thomson, who is responsible for Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations (FLNRO) had his BC Oil and Gas Commission portfolio removed by Premier Christy Clark to the ably handed Minister of Energy Rich Coleman who is also looking after Liquor and Energy.

What we now have is a Minister who is all for running pipelines from Alberta to the coast of British Columbia.  What we now have is Minister Rich Coleman running rough shod over the Environment eg. Rivers, Lakes, and Coastal Waters and the health and well being of Fisheries.... which is another Minister's domain.

The responsibility for processing applications, and the administration and enforcement of the following authorizations in respect to pipelines regulated under the National Energy Board (NEB) Act were transferred on April 15, 2012 from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) to the BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission). These include:

–       Sections 11, 14, 38, 39, 40 and 96 of the Land Act.

–       Sections 47.4 and 117 of the Forest Act.

–       Sections 8, 9 and 26 of the Water Act. 
The BC Oil and Gas Commissioners are now the bosses of Land, Water and Fisheries in British Columbia who answer to Rich Coleman!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blueberries, Blueberries, Blueberries harvested all summer long.

 UPDATE: August 10, 2012

Yesterday we used the word "Organic" in our Post title........ which was wrong.....

From the BC Blueberry Council website here's a list of Farms covering Langley, Surrey, Richmond, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Lister, Duncan, Pitt Meadows, Prince George, Delta, Port Coquitlam, Powell River, ....

Our destination on Saturday was for Abbotsford's Cedar Berry Farm (Onnink).  We had purchased last years supplies from them as well...not only for ourselves, but for others in the Lower Mainland....two or three other families.   Its close to 130 kilometres round trip from the North Shore, so why not Save Mother Earth......some grief.

We had driven out to Onnink's at 30151 Downes Road, Abbotsford after having called them at 604-856-1465.  It was the first day of replenishing our year supply of beloved blueberries by purchasing them directly from a farm.   So far, we've had to contend with WholeFoods supply of Blueberries, and always seemed to miss the "boat" on the first day of
 B L U E B E R R I E S.....    .   WholeFoods is ORGANIC, or close as you may come to it.....except their Blueberries weren't Organic, and being the only game in town, we purchased them there anyway.

Along came yesterday, the first day of sales, directly from a Farm, and after we had hauled our blueberry-booty home, and to others, to the North Shore, and started the rinsing and freezer bag process, we realized that the boxes that the Blueberries came in were not stamped with "ORGANIC".

An email last night and a phone call early this morning, came back with the results we wanted to hear.

Their blueberries are:

NOT treated with herbicides,
NOT treated with pesticides,
NOT treated  with fungicides

AND they grow them under the same conditions as if they were ORGANIC.

That's good enough for we three at the BBC!

The scanned images from yesterday were not easily readable because ....well just because of the way we were trying to scan a multitude of images.   And we know, Dear Readers, you'd reverse the order of consumption of these Blueberry goodies ...... but each to their own TASTE, eh.

And if you are wondering just how this type of crop, and other berries, started in British Columbia......

"collections of tolls AT the Port Mann Bridge" is about to become $9

We can almost feel the BC Liberal Government squirming under the weight of so many questions being directed at them on the question of TOLLING the new Port Mann Bridge, whereas there hasn't been a TOLL on the old bridge, no sweat, for the politicians of old.

Somewhere during our research of the past two years, we came across a contract that said that the BC Government will in effect be collecting monies from the Port Mann Bridge TOLL.   In other words, if the Christy Clark government settles on a $3.00 charge per passenger vehicle, a part of that money will be kicked back to the government coffers....... which will be collected by a third party.

What the BBC has found in dealing with the BC Government, just like the Defense lawyers for Basi and Virk and Basi discovered, was the documents submitted during the Disclosure portion of the Pre-trial were scanned, in other words, images.  Which means, sure there are plenty of software programs out there that convert the images into a document, but, that doesn't mean that the "converted document" is suitable for presentation to a Court of Law.    It also meant that every document that was originally written in Microsoft Word has been shredded, which only left Hard Copies to be Scanned.

Its like this document here on Page 4/5 of 7 transportation_investment_corp_gle.pdf

The only tolling equipment will be AT the Port Mann Bridge, and we've all seen with our own eyes the scanners on the South side of the Fraser River.

The hue and cry from the public has been that those that are being forced to pay a toll where none existed before, shouldn't be bearing the brunt of the cost of one lousy bridge, over the next 35 years.

Going back to that research of over two years..... somewhere.... the BBC read about the original contract that was being offered by the BC Liberal Government.   It said something like this:   The "contract is for 37 kilometers from the South end of the Second Narrows Bridge to Langley" and it was in relation to an outfit called MacQuarie of Australia...... who participated, and recently sold "their" interest in the Sea to Sky Highway to another third party.  NOTE:  Found it, here   and its inside 2011/2012 on page 6 of 64!

Transportation Investment Corporation
Annual Report


From the document, on page 2 of 7, there is mention of an agreement between the Government and the Concessionaire in regards to the Tolling system and the Toll collections and Future modifications to the Toll........ one has to wonder if once the election is over in 2013, and whomever forms the next government, that British Columbians might find ourselves in DIRE financial consequences, so much so, that the whole of the Port Mann Bridge improvements, from the South end of the Second Narrows Bridge to BEYOND Langley will need TOLLING.

Which means of course, more tolling equipment at every access and egress points on the 37 kilometre stretch of the "port mann bridge".  You use it, you'll be tolled for the section that you drove on.

$3.00 for the Port Mann Bridge, another $3.00 from Langley to the Bridge, and another $3.00 from the Second Narrows Bridge, unless you off ramp at McGill or to access Hastings Street, to the Port Mann Bridge which means the tolling will be gone in ten years.


$1.00 for each one third section.

 Won't the municipalities on either side of that 37 kilometer stretch be happy with the added traffic, eh.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

3 Apr, 2002 Fish Farming Good to Proceed, Says Belsey

Tis Thursday afternoon, the weekend is just one day away, so grab a quiet place to sit, and read, and see for yourself how one of two BC NDP Opposition MLAs tried to put a stop to Fish Farms on the coast of BC.

Liberal Party of British Columbia. Caucus. Northern Caucus Committee
Press Release

2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005

 3 Apr, 2002 Fish Farming Good to Proceed, Says Belsey

 “The fish farm industry has the potential to provide a tremendous boost to the coastal economy, creating new jobs and bringing investment,” says Belsey. “Our government is poised to implement the most comprehensive set of regulations for the salmon farming industry anywhere in the world. We believe that respect for the environment will lead to sustainable job creation.

“The industry was subject to the most expensive and rigorous environmental assessment - the Salmon Aquaculture Review - in the history of our province. There has been four years of research and now is the time to move ahead and begin the process of diversifying our economy.”

McPhail introduced a Private Member’s Bill recently that would ban all open net fish farms in B.C. – imposing unnecessary cost and expense on the industry.

“Joy McPhail should just call this the North Coast Job Destruction Act," says Belsey,”. “If she was so concerned about environmental impact her government had 10 years to do something about. The reality is that there is no scientific or economic argument for her decision – she’s just playing politics with the future of coastal communities. We need jobs, investment and a growing economy and the NDP is trying to prevent that from happening.” Snip
Back in 2002, Belsey said that the Fish Farm industry was subject to the BC Liberal's most expensive and rigorous environmental assessment........ and here we are today, another ten years later, where we can clearly see via 20/20 vision, that the salmon population is being decimated.  Science is pointing their fingers at  those same Fish Farms.

Do we need another threat to the fishery and tourist industries like the creation of short term pipeline jobs just so Oil and Natural gas can be shipped off to Asia?   An Alberta to Kitimat pipeline, cutting across 1,001 streams and rivers and Dear Old Christy Clark and her BC Liberals sit on their hands and say nothing.  They say wait till the environment study is FINISHED, then the BC Liberals will act!

PS     From that there Salmon Aquaculture Review, which was done under the NDP, there's a list of Submissions from the General Public...... now wouldn't it be interesting to see if those on the list have a comment to make on what is happening NOW......

The Northern Caucus is/was:

Roger Harris, Chair (MLA for Skeena)
     Roger Harris, a former B.C. Liberal MLA, is working for Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines.

Pat Bell (MLA for Prince George North)

Bill Belsey  (former MLA for North Coast)

Hon. Shirley Bond, Minister of Advanced Education (MLA for Prince George-Mount Robson)

Walt Cobb (former MLA for Cariboo South)

Blair Lekstrom (MLA for Peace River South)

Dennis MacKay ( former MLA for Bulkley Valley-Stikine)

Hon. Richard Neufeld, Minister of Energy and Mines (former MLA for Peace River North)

John Wilson (MLA for Cariboo North)

"Bill 85, the Heritage Act, will ensure that BC Hydro’s generation, storage, transmission and distribution assets cannot be sold."

Bennett backs legislation preventing the sale of BC Hydro

Victoria – East Kootenay MLA Bill Bennett backed legislation this week that will prevent the sale of BC Hydro. Bill 85, the Heritage Act, will ensure that BC Hydro’s generation, storage, transmission and distribution assets cannot be sold. Bill 85 passed second reading in the Legislature yesterday.

Bennett said the legislation will help British Columbia maintain some of the lowest electricity costs in North America.

However, what Bill 85 did allow was far worse..... IPP

Bennett said British Columbia’s new energy policies will allow independent power producers to contribute to the province’s energy grid, adding BC has been a net importer of electricity in recent years.

And you're probably wondering where this came from, eh?

 While BC Rail was being sold off, and the Winner (CNR), was about to be announced, good Old Kootenay Bill made up his own Press Release.... (would this one qualify for something that the NOW Finance Minister would frown upon).....  The date is November 18, 2003

Liberal Party of British Columbia. Caucus. Kootenay Caucus Committee
Press Release

2002 | 2003 | 2004 

 Back in 2003 there were four, maybe even Five, if one counts the Lower Mainland, BC Liberal Caucuses, all scrambling to make their Press Releases, to promote just how Good the Sale of BC Rail was to be for the Economics of British Columiba.....

Northern BC Caucus

Kootenay Caucus

........ TBC

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Were there BC Salmon Fish Farms before the BC Liberals came to power in 2001?

To answer the Post Title question, right off the bat:

No Salmon Farms are listed after 2001.....Don't believe us, then just ask Corky Evans who was The Minister of Fisheries for the NDP, way back then.
BC Fisheries Performance Plan

2001/2002 - 2003/2004
     Page 8 of 33  for the graph

     Page 7 of 61 for the graph

The image down below, is the only one that the BBC could find, today.   It appears as though that once Campbell/Clark (Premier/Deputy Premier) came to power in 2001, they proceeded to wipe out the ability for the Public to keep in context, from one year to another, just how the statistics were/are kept.

Like, you'd think from the link above regarding BC Fisheries Performance Plan there would have been Plans being made from 2005/2012 by the BC Liberals........ like being an Open and Transparent Government
The JLS Report... blog has this on Enbridge and Fisheries and Aquaculture..... Farm Salmon.

Actually the title that I borrowed the image from at JLS Report, for down below, is called

Enbridge Information Fact Sheet

A realistic value of British Columbia’s in fishing industry in 2012.
  • Aquaculture ½ a Billion Dollars
  • Sport Fishing 2.8 Billion Dollars
  • Commercial Fishing 2 Billion Dollars
For a combined total of 5.3 Billion Dollars Annually!
Below are visual graphs based on the latest official information, remember that you need to double the numbers to get a more current estimate.


In 1984, the Aquaculture business was pretty well non-existent, and then as soon as the BC Liberals were elected in a Landslide election of May 2001, in walks the possibility for WILD Salmons to become EXTINCT!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Canadian Version of the FBI Operation GhostClick

The BBC dares you to take this Canadian version of the FBI test before Monday morning www.dns-ok.ca

A RED banner at the top and bottom of this page indicates your computer system appears to be using a Domain Name System (DNS) that was part of the criminal infrastructure seized during Operation GhostClick. You are encouraged to consult the following Public Safety Canada document for further information:


This is the result if you have clicked on the above link........

Number: IN11-002
Date: 9 Nov 2011
A court order to extend the deadline has been approved. The Internet Systems Consortium will continue operating the replacement DNS until 9 July 2012.

For more information, please visit the following: http://www.dcwg.org/

Saturday, July 7, 2012

God did it all in Seven Days?

Mountain Pine and other species that have been clear cut in British Columbia do have a few stumbling blocks to climb over, eh.....

May 1995   Page 4 of 27

Check out pages 26 and 27 for REFERENCES from "Adam" and "Eve"

Thursday, July 5, 2012

"The media is the surrogate of the public." - Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie

Here at the BBC we know that the Public reads Court decisions, not all decisions, but we have a tendency to keep a close eye on the high profile ones, like the BC Rail Trial which just doesn't want to die.

After the dust settled with the appearance of a BC Liberal buy-out using $6 million of taxpayers monies to secure guilty pleas that killed the BC Rail Trial, the Press went to bat for the public, or did they?

Has the Press been that Mother/Father to the Public, or have they been more interested in what's in it for them and their corporate or political sponsors?

What are we ranting about here today?  Its this closing statement by Associate Chief Justice Judge MacKenzie on June 2, 2011 as to how she views the Public, perhaps how all Judges view the Public, as being cared for by the News Media.

Ruling on Application for Release of Materials                                          [29] The fact the Materials have already been released strongly supports Mr. Krog’s submission that there will be no harm to the administration of justice if they are also released to him. The media is the surrogate of the public. Mr. Krog is a member of the public with a responsible position or role to fulfill. I cannot assume he brings this application in bad faith, or intends to harm the administration of justice. For these reasons, I grant Mr. Krog’s application in the same terms as the February Media Order.

The media has never asked the Associate Chief Justice for the BC Rail Trial, and all things related, just what she meant by  "The media is the surrogate of the public." so they must be in agreement with her thoughts on how the Public is "cared for", lovingly, by  Mother Media and Mother Judges to boot.

Here's a background document for the basis of MacKenzie's "Surrogate Media" people.
 The media is the public’s surrogate, observing and reporting on matters of interest and concern to the public.We’ve all heard it said that justice must not just be done, it must be seen to be done.  -   The Canadian Justice System and the Media

For the Lay Person:

A Google search for surrogate definition


  1. A substitute, esp. a person deputizing for another in a specific role or office.
  2. (in the Christian Church) A bishop's deputy who grants marriage licenses.

surrogate n. 1) a person acting on behalf of another or a substitute, including a woman who gives birth to a baby of a mother who is unable to carry the child. 2) a judge in some states (notably New York) responsible only for probates, estates, and adoptions.

One other minor detail regarding MacKenzie's.... "The media is the surrogate of the public."    The Media turned a blind to .......

"...a Mountie decided to treat Bornmann as a witness after admitting to bribing a public official"

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lady in Red

You were thinking you'd find the lyrics of Chris De Burgh here, right, sorry.

The "Lady in Red" title refers to the colour scheme that the Liberals use......and the scheme concocted by the BC Liberal politicians who dealt away BC Rail  ....... for a song.

After reading through Alex G. Tsakumis'  "Rebel with a Clause" Post, of July 3, 2012, especially the notations highlighted in red in the last Scibd document, that's included, like this.............

........ of the RCMP's BC Rail investigation, where they only focused on Dave Basi and Bobby Virk.

One needs to go back in time, to Bill Tieleman's Post at The Tyee of Feb 24, 2011.

Headline From the Tyee:
"Ex-Finance Minister Gary Collins told police he was surprised at 'blow by blow' description of cabinet meeting in lobbyists' memo to bidder for BC Rail."

If Basi and Virk were not party to Cabinet Meetings intel, who did, and who hasn't been Charged?

Of course, there might be another answer, is the Cabinet room "swept for bugs" on a regular basis... by the RCMP, or whomever its been contracted out to for a hefty price.

More info on BC Rail is at Bill Tieleman's blog

Clark and Harper's "SYMPATHETIC ADMINISTRATION" of "harvesting" of Canada's Natural Resources.

'It may be said that the boom years of the late 2000's turned into a major recession in 2008 due to Subprime mortgages in the USA, the adverse effect of which were still felt as late as 2012.  The decline  in North America construction from 2008 onward had an immediate and dramatic impact on the sale of lumber, which rippled back through the industries which shipped, milled, transported, harvested, and otherwise dealt with the timber resource.  The result for industry and workers was widespread layoffs and downsizing of operations.  The provincial government's response to this situation was to institute a policy which relaxed many of the standards in harvesting practices and cut control levels with with the timber companies would have had to comply.'

So far, so good, but in our recession, it just isn't the "harvesting practices" of lumber, that has Christy Clark's provincial government introducing "sympathetic administration" of regulation, its been extended to include Stephen Harper's Federal Government on the "harvesting of Fish,Oil, Coal, Uranium and Natural Gas".

And where does their sympathy lie, not with British Columbians, not with Canadians, but with tankers and freighters bound for Asia, to create wealth over there.  Very little in the way of long term jobs is being created here, in Canada.

"Tearing" a couple of pages out of a Library document, there's this, with the first paragraph below paraphrased to create the first paragraph of this Post, above.  

 Page 7 of 42

The "boom" years of the late 1970's turned into a major recession in 1981, the adverse effects of which were still felt as late as 1985. The decline in North American construction from 1981 onward had an immediate and dramatic impact on the sale of lumber, which rippled back through the industries which shipped, milled, transported, harvested, and otherwise dealt with the timber resource. The result for industry and workers was widespread layoffs and downsizing of operations.  The provincial government's response to this situation was to institute a policy which relaxed many of the standards in harvesting practices and cut control levels with which the timber companies would have had to comply.

This policy was known as "sympathetic administration".  While this name accurately describes the intent of the policy, it may also have had the effect of reinforcing in-some people's minds the opinion that an inappropriate closeness existed.between government and industry. Such notions of regulatory "capture" - where the regulated entities effectively control the regulators and their policies - have not been investigated in this report.  This office has, however, reviewed the documentation by which sympathetic administration came into being and was later discontinued.   snip.....
Keep reading the original document, because it turns out that it was the Deputy Minister that did it. 

Snip.....Sympathetic administration formally began with a directive on October 1, 1981, from Deputy Minister T.M. Apsey to all Regional Managers and Branch Directors, which included these observations:
A number of companies are experiencing cash flow problems and difficulty in meeting cut control requirements. We are no doubt going to receive a large number of requests for relief on cut control and patience in collecting accounts receivable.  We have some flexibility in our policies and must be prepared to exercise this flexibility on an individual basis. While we have the responsibility to manage and protect Crown interest, we also have a responsibility of maintaining a viable industry.
(Note: check out this from the Apsey link above, second result down) page 14 to 17 of 36

Is the government going to relax cutting regulations on Howe Sound to create a patchwork quilt of barren land, so too for Whistler, so too for the Province's Inside Passage forest.

Page 19 of 42

What is again apparent is the critical importance of silviculture, as reflected in the urgency of memoranda circulated at the District level; this also reflects well on the professionalism of the District staff. What became evident in the course of this investigation is that Doman Industries, with respect to all lands which it has harvested in the Mid-Coast District, including lands which were cut in trespass, remains legally required to carry out its silvicultural obligations as established by the terms of the tenure documents, and more recently by amendments to the Forest Act making mandatory the PHSP. The PHSP represents a significant advance in silvicultural administration; it also provides a more effective vehicle by which silvicultural obligations can be defined and legally enforced.

With the Pine Beetle devastation, there appears to be a lack of silvicultural regulations being enforced as required by law...... what was it that that Independent MLA said in the Legislature........that caused quite a stir and the loss of 12,000 jobs?

PS    In the Apsey Link on Page 22 there's a bonus:
      "The Great Herbicide Debate ....... but few clear answers"

Bottom of Page 23 there's a background on "Gordon Shrum's preferred drink... 2-4-D... actually its the statistics of how much BC applied to BC.... Astounding!!!!!   The Apsey link is from a magazine published in 1982.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free trips to China and beyond are NOT violations of the Members's Conflict of Interest Act.

This Post, is to clear the air on Christy Clark's Open Information Travel Expenses due tomorrow, July 4, 2012.

The fact that BC Liberal Ministers of the Crown ENJOY their trips, throughout BC, across North America, and overseas, doesn't convert the public duty to be worthy of it being considered to be a violation of the Members' Conflict of Interest Act...... or something like that.

There are conditions though, on who pays for the Members' travel expenses. Basically it's us, the taxpayers, whereas as the Conflict of Interest Commissioner wrote in 1999, the lunches ...... may be picked up by others....like an Ice Rink Meet with the Prime Minister of Canada.   Not saying she let the Prime Minister pick up the tab, but he could have.   Another example that would be acceptable to the Commish would be for a BC Finance Minister to sit down with a contender for the BC Rail spur line during negotiations at a now defunct restaurant (law office now).    Coincidentally, the RCMP undercover officers lunch bills for that same meeting were picked up by the Attorney General of BC.   One would think that the AG would keep a closer tab on those sort of bills...... liquor...... just how much is the AG of BC kept in the dark when it comes to covert operations?    Were the RCMP sober enough when they became star witnesses.....

Back in 1999, an Opposition MLA wanted to nail a BC NDP Minister to a cross for ..... well, its best stated by the Commish (below).  However, if the method by which covered costs were calculated that were allowed in 1999 were now applied to our current Premier's photo op spree, what would H.A.D. Oliver have to say.....????

PRELIMINARY DRAFT - Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
May 31, 1999. Page 2. OPINION OF THE CONFLICT OF INTEREST COMMISSIONER ... Ms. Clark has based her request on recent media reports of statements by Mr. Sihota and in particular: "I've gone to ski resorts in British Columbia where owners have entertained me, taken me out, showed .... H.A.D. Oliver, Q.C.. Conflict ...

Snipped from Page 6 of 7
.......When a minister in the course of his ministerial duties travels, whether down a mine or up a ski hill, the cost of enabling him to do so whether borne out of public funds or by or on behalf of the owner or operator of the facility in question is a necessary expense, incidental to the carrying out by the minister of his official responsibilities. The fact that the minister may find the trip enjoyable does not convert the public duty into a private junket nor the cost necessarily involved into a personal gift or benefit prohibited by or subject to disclosure pursuant to section 7 of the Members' Conflict of Interest Act. The mere fact that from time to time a public duty required of a member may actually be enjoyable does not thereby make it sinful or unlawful.
I find:
1. that the necessary travel, meals and accommodation expenses were paid for by his Ministry and that the ski hill transportation costs and the costs of the working lunches were appropriate items paid for by the ski hill operators, and were not "fees, gifts or personal benefits" within the meaning of section 7 of the Members' Conflict of Interest Act.
2. the helicopter ride was not a fee, gift or personal benefit" within the meaning of section 7 but was necessarily incidental to Mr. Sihota's Ministerial duties.
3. that no conflict or apparent conflict of interest occurred.

Though Mr. Sihota's words, volunteered by him during a media scrum, when read out of context may well, at the time, have given rise to suspicion of a contravention of the Members' Conflict of Interest Act, I am of the opinion that no improper conduct was involved in the ski hill incidents which form the subject matter of this complaint.

Dated this 31st day of May, 1999

In the City of Victoria, Province of British Columbia

H.A.D. Oliver, Q.C.
Conflict of Interest Commissioner
 Note: Victoria Paul Fraser, QC has been recommended to the Legislative Assembly as the province’s third Conflict of Interest Commissioner. The all-party Special Committee to Appoint a Conflict of Interest Commissioner presented its unanimous recommendation in a report to the House this afternoon. It is expected that Mr. Fraser will take up his duties on January 1, 2008. (for a Five year Term)(Ending December 31, 2012)
If you haven't read the Link to the Commish Report from above, then let's put it this way.  Who would raise such an issue as this....a perceived conflict....look no further than the Premier of British Columbia, the current Premier, Christy Clark, when she "listened carefully" to what she wanted to hear, while a BC NDP Minister was in a scrum with reporters ........ which she then took completely out of context just to do some political grandstanding of her own.

The benefit derived from that request of clarification from the Conflict of Interest Commissioner has resulted in having a clear course on how, and when to spend tax payers dollars while traveling, anywhere.

The golden rule is that one must SMILE, to show that although one is doing their duty, they are also permitted to ENJOY what they are doing, and that's not a crime, is it.

There is an exception, in the public's mind.  Its when an Elected person, such as an MP, orders a glass of Orange Juice for $16 and SMILES when asked why.   Or, not liking the hotel, upgrades her residence, and SMILES, when asked why..... Bev Oda tenders her resignation as an MP for Durham! 


BC Gov came by at exactly Jul 3 2012 10:27:13 am having arrived from this  Referring URL

Search Engine

Search Words
"bill bennett" travel
Visit Entry Pagehttp://blogborgcolle...ill-bennett-obc.htm

The B.N.A. Act, Section 109, states in part: "all lands, mines, minerals, and royalties belonging to the several provinces of Canada . . and all the sums then due or payable for such lands, mines, minerals or royalties, shall belong to the several provinces . . . in which the same are situate or arise, subject to any trusts existing in respect thereof, and to any interest other than that of the province of the same.- snippppppitedy doooo dahh.