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Two Men held to a higher standard, one stayed in Abbotsford the other had to get out of "Dodge".

In the Vancouver Sun this morning, Page A16, there is an article written by Rochelle Baker.  It's about a wayward "Abbotsford police officer who was disciplined for paying for sex".   The Vancouver Sun, news media in general, do NOT give links to their sources, publicly-paid-for-sources. If they did, they would be the FIRST news media to do so...... and garner a market of the ever curious reading public.
(UPDATED LINK for Abbotsford police officer.....)

The officer ----- was not named in the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner's (OPPC) 2011 report released Tuesday  -----  committed the transgression on June 25, 2010.

The officer was also ordered to attend john school, a program that educates those who purchase sex about the effects of exploiting females engaged in prostitution.  The officer also had to take additional ethics training and work under close supervision for a year.


"As soon as we learned of it, we initiated the investigation and contacted the OPCC to oversee it and determine if there was any misconduct," said MacDonald.  The officer can not be named for privacy reasons because no criminal charges was laid, he said.

So there you have it, a law officer, (and teachers), are held to a higher standard, enacted by the Government of BC, but a high flying Premier Office staff member, just walks away.  One set of remedial treatments is required of law enforcers (and teachers), while political Order in Council appointees walk free, less a job, simply because of the damaged optics of how the public would perceive a premier politician with the impending provincial election just around the corner on the Calendar.

There is one common thread, there's no mention of whether the victims were interviewed in either instances, therefore no criminal charges are laid against those who crossed the line.   The information presented to the Public via the OPCC is thorough, the same can't be said about Christy Clark's handling of her Chief of Staff "resignation".  Not a shred of the Incident is recorded!

For the Abbotsford Police Officer:
Substantiated Allegations
(Concluded between January 1stand December 31st, 2011)
Abbotsford Police Department
The officer while off duty attended a common bawdy house and paid money for sex.
Defaults: Discreditable Conduct
Date of Incident: June 25, 2010
Ordered Investigation – Request by Dept
OPCC File 2010-5659
o Attend and successfully complete an approved program designed to expose offenders to the impacts of exploiting females through prostitution;
o Attend and successfully complete approved ethics training;
o Suspended without pay for 2 days (20 hours); and
o Work under close supervision for a period of 1 year
If you're looking for this particular incident in the OPCC Annual Report for 2011  Page 43 of 58

If you're looking for all of the Annual Reports from the OPCC

There is this though, the Statistics pages:

5 of 58,  9 of 58,   31 of 58,  31  To  58

Page 35
2011  Alphabetically and Percentages of incidents to Population:

Abbotsford            92     Pop.  170,191   % of Pop.  .05 
Central Saanich     12     Pop.    15,936   % of Pop.  .08
OCABC                   0
Delta                     80    Pop.   99,863    % of Pop.  .08
Nelson                   16     Pop.  10,230    % of Pop.  .16
New Westminster  60     Pop.   65,976    % of Pop.  .09
Oak Bay                  5     Pop.   18,015    % of Pop.  .02
Port Moody            21     Pop.   32,975    % of Pop.  .06
Saanich                 61     Pop. 109,752     % of Pop.  .06
SCBCTAPS             73
Stl'atl'imx               1      Pop.     4,000    % of Pop.   .03
Vancouver          560      Pop.  603,502    % of Pop.   .09

Victoria              103      Pop.   80,032    % of Pop.   .13
West Vancouver    38      Pop.   44,000    % of Pop.   .08

Nelson and Victoria are the surpises, eh, but Abbotsford, since 2006 has increased by six fold, whereas Vancouver has "only" DOUBLED.

Note as to the ABC acronyms:

Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia (OCABC)

South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service (SCBCTAPS)


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Depending on the circumstances of the complaint, there may be an opportunity to resolve the concerns informally or through the assistance of a  professional mediator.  Mediation, or informal resolution, is an alternative method to resolving a complaint and is often a more effective and efficient way of dealing with the issues.  Mediation is a completely confidential process where, if required, a professional neutral mediator helps citizens and officers talk and listen to each other.  Often informally resolving the complaint can be more satisfying for both parties as the best resolution to most problems is usually one worked out by the people involved.

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Anonymous said...

It does just depend on who you are. Politicians and the elite, only need a special prosecutor to get away with their crimes. There are those who are let off, even from murders. There are those who can thieve and sell an entire railroad. Then a really nice cushy job in another country, as a reward. You may lie, deceive and cheat to win elections, in this country.

I guess. That was then and this is now. Our parents didn't teach us right, that's all. To lie, deceive, thieve and cheat to win is now, all the rage and perfectly fine. We just need to adapt. Or perhaps an attitude adjustment, is all we need.