Friday, October 24, 2008

The NDP tried this too.......

2. A new pension opportunity: The Province will create a new private sector pension opportunity for British Columbians who currently have no access to a pension plan.

Back in the good old days of the NDP the Premier Dosjahn promised to become the holder of renters' damage deposits to ensure that the monies would be there for the tenants and not be used by the landlords as a cash cow.

What was really happening behind the scenes was that the NDP had signed a collective agreement with the government employees NEVER to lay them off, so, when the sad day came that they had to be laid off the NDP came up with this idea of using their about to be laid off employees to run the Department of Damage Deposit repository....

Sounds like the BC Liberals are about to do the same thing, but this time, they want to be the vehicle by which does the holding.... for us.

As it turned out, the employees were put on paid leave. T/F

Sunday, October 19, 2008

EnCana Steeprock plant inked by Premier; bombed by acitvists three years later

This morning I received an email asking me to read the contents and make a comment.

A background search of the email led me to the Fort St. John local newspaper called From there I picked the one word of "protest" to look for in the newspaper's index.

Carbon tax came up twice, First Nations People came up once, Encana, Syncrude and BC Hydro took the rest of the ten which included many more headlines all on their own unique word.

However one shouldn't restrict themselves to just one word searches. Looking at the digitized copy of the letter provided by to the public raised the prospect of looking for two word phrases like:

"EnCana Steeprock" and "Gordon Campbell" and combined.

In the Anonymous letter that took responsibility for the two bomb blasts, the Encana Steeprock plant is mentioned almost to the day of the third anniversary on which Premier Gordon Campbell turned the taps on for Encana, in the company of other local dignitaries where together they signed the pipe.

Is it a mere coincidence that the location on which they signed the pipe is the same place that the protestors chose to bomb, or is it merely a fact that the weakest link in the pipeline is where the pipeline was signed?

UPDATE November 1, 2008

CBC News:
3rd pipeline explosion in northeastern B.C. this month
EnCana pipeline targeted again