Thursday, January 31, 2013

Every BC Riding that voted for the abolition of the HST, is a lost Riding for the BC Liberals,

From an earlier Post on the Results of the HST

What appears to have happened, is that voters split the BC Liberals' support, right down the middle!.....on the topic of the HST.

24 BC Liberal Ridings voted FOR the HST

25 BC Liberal Ridings voted Against the HST

34  NDP Ridings out of 34 Ridings voted  Against HST

Every Riding during the HST Initiative, had to have 10%, which in turn generated the Referendum on the Harmonized Sales Tax.

Premier Gordon Campbell, without the advice of the Executive Council, without polling his Caucus MLA's, decided on his own, that "50% +1"would be sufficient to kill the HST.

If the BC Liberals are still thinking that they have a chance of winning the upcoming election, they just might have forgotten about the oft quoted Finance Hansen take on the HST:  "Not On My Radar"

Voters of British Columbia haven't forgotten about the HST, the anger against the BC Liberals is there.   It doesn't take rocket science to realize that Half of the BC Liberal Ridings are up for grabs just by looking at the Voter Turn-out to kill the HST!

Somehow the CC4BC folk think that those who voted to get rid of the HST have now changed their minds.   CC4BC also believe that the majority of the Public has forgiven the BC Liberals for their indiscretions of the past.   The BC Liberals have learned their lesson not to break promises.

CC4BC is the 1%, and they don't have the majority in every Riding because the "other" Ridings are reserved for the 99%.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Auditor General of BC app to CJ Bauman on Client/Solicitor Privilege: BC Rail? No! Bernardo/Murray? Yes

A harsh refresher course is needed for the Public (others too), to understand the ins and outs of Client/Solicitor Privilege, especially on the high profile cases where on the surface, Justice is being seen to be denied to the Auditor General electorate.   Maybe the Public just doesn't understand the nuances (fifty shades of grey) of the Courts.

What better example is there than to look at R. V. Murray   (Murray was found Innocent).

Something to think about:

Christopher D. Clemmer  Article:  Obstructing The Bernardo Investigation:  Kenneth Murray and the Defense Counsel's Conflicting Obligation to Clients and Court


"Conclusion" (snipped) starts on Page 57, but this image is from Page 58

...... It was demonstrated that privilege does not apply to inculpatory physical evidence, as per the judgement of Justice Gravely.  This finding posed a particular problem for Murray.   Since the tapes were not protected, he did not have any legal justification to suppress them for use in the trial.  Ultimately, although Murray was under the impression that he was acting lawfully, his suppression of the tapes was not protected by privilege and thus, was unlawful.  ......

Would laypersons and lawyers alike, see the BC Liberal Government destruction of tapes, documents and other evidence (testimony of a former BC Finance Minister) in the case of BC Rail AND the buyout of the Indemnity deal, as Obstruction of Justice?

Last Page of Document

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Do the Math Christy, because right now your Promises don't add up!

“The goal of a 10-year agreement is simple and ambitious - give Grade 2 students a chance to go their entire school career without a disruption.”
Premier Christy Clark     

“With a ten-year agreement, we can move past the strife and disruption of the past and focus on what matters most - working together for students and families across British Columbia.”
Education Minister Don McRae

After the BC Provincial Election in May (2013), will we be able to take a vacation from the political games of Christy Clark's BC Liberals?   It would be nice to Count on Christy to stop the non press releases, and if she did, it might prevent more Gaffs on her part like the one above ....... a "Ten year Contract" with BCTF??????:

The Gazetter starts off with:  Those Dastardly Teachers And The School Boards?

We read RossK's post and something just didn't ring true with Christy's proposal to the British Columbia Teachers Federation (BCTF) of a "ten year Collective Agreement" that guarantees peace in our time.  No Lockouts, No Strikes.

However..... The Premier, and Mr. Chin (Press Secretary)(NEW), have got it all WRONG.

Christy, you see,  Can't Add, Can't do the Math, and Can't Count.

If she took the time off to remove her Stiletto high heeled shoes she might have figured out that her math was incorrect.     Using Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (Fox and Oxenbury) allows one to count to Twenty.  In this particular instance, (maybe more) the Premier appears to have a predetermined idea of what would sound best to the Public rather than actually doing the Math.

Hey, maybe if the FSA Spring test was modified, and then applied to the BC Liberals' principle Principal Christy Clark, who told "her Class" that it was okay to "skip school" for six months, then the Public would know exactly which School of thought would be best suited of how to mark the Ballot.

FSA, for your info, is:

The Foundation Skills Assessment is an annual province-wide assessment of British Columbia MLA's academic skills, and provides a snapshot of how well BC Liberal Ministers are learning foundation skills in Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Numeracy.
Christy's Math must have went something like this:
From the end of Grade 2 to the End of Grade 12, is Ten,   12-2=10

    If the Premier wants to practice inclusiveness, she would have Included Grade Two and not skipped a Grade.   She's got this great photo down below... down at the Grade Two level and we bet you that their Math is better than hers, and the Finance Minister who probably counting on the BCTF to go for the Whole nine yards.

(Video of Speech)
   From the Beginning of Grade 2 to the End of Grade 12:

Grades-> 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Years---> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

It's not Ten years Christy, it's ELEVEN.

In Premier's Christy Clark's screwball world on spending less money:

To Save Money on education she's going to Legislate:

Privatization of Grade One - TBA  2013/2014

Ignore Grade 2  - Mission Accomplished

Saturday, January 26, 2013

PostMedia-Vancouver Sun's take on Robbie Burns Day and Irish Whiskey

Vancouver Sun:

 ".....a big parade, a lot of green hair and plenty of Irish Whiskey...." for Scotland's Robbie Burns Day on January 25th.


Or.....  a big parade, a lot of red hair, and plenty of Scotch Whiskey for Ireland's St. Patrick's Day on  March 17th.

It's a United Kingdom, a melting pot of ethnic's groups, right....... the Irish and Scots get along just Greaaaaaat, mustn't leave out Merry Old English.

The image below, is it St. Patrick    or....... Robbie Burns?

HOME | OPINION | Editorials/Columns | STORY

Editorial: Bring on the poetry, whisky and haggis — it’s Robbie Burns Day

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Vancouver Sun editorial

A glass of Scotch whisky is pictured on a portrait of Robbie Burns.
A glass of Scotch whisky is pictured on a portrait of Robbie Burns.
Photographed by:
Pat McGrath, Postmedia News
In less than two months, we’ll be seeing a big parade, a lot of green hair and plenty of Irish whisky. The whole world seems to become just a little Irish as cities across Canada, and around the globe, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


 If you're clear on the Vancouver Sun's (PostMedia) thought process above, just how much are they going to screw up on the topic of Politics?

UPDATE: 1 26 2013 10 15 pm  RossK has added his list:

Will Adrian Dix be the new Leader for the BC Liberals?
1) No

Will Rich Coleman be crossing the floor to sit as an Independent?
2) Mr. Coleman will actually start sitting on the floor

Mike de Jong, joining the BC Conservatives?
3) Mike de Jong will join Sesame Street as 'Son of Cookie Monster'

Christy Clark joining JetFM as a DJ or worse, CBC News Anchor?
4) Christy Clark will join Sun News as anchor of new basic cable susbsidized West Coast division.

Pat Bell, a
5) Pat Bell becomes the Flin Flon Bombers #1 Fan...Found outside local Timmy's at 3:00am with the ghost of Paddy Ginnell.

Martyn Brown recovers his senses and DOES remember?
6) Martyn Brown regains memory, becomes 5th Backstreet Boy after he is suddenly to complete all moves from Weisberger Dancin' days.

Campbell/Clark's HST and/or GST/PST receives Windfall

Wouldn't you know it, PostMedia's interpretation of the Government of Canada's actions to remove the Penny from circulation, clearly shows what happens when numbers that end in a ZERO or a FIVE are then Sub Total with a Percentage that is NOT a Zero or Five.  Chaos!

It's easy to say that we're only talking about a cup of coffee and a sandwich, OR a New Car, but the problem remains the same.... a few pennies over the course of a year(s) does make a difference.  All depends on who is the intended beneficiary.

Under the new system, without a Penny in sight in the till, your Bill will have to include an extra two lines  ...  more trees being cut down .....  to explain the Total and the TAX percentage of the TOTAL and then the Rounding UP or DOWN to the Final Total.

Maybe Christy Clark will come out with a last ditch effort on April 1st to woo British Columbians, just like her former boss tried before he was turfed out in opinion polls.   A promised reduction in personal income Taxes...... and then will turn around and raise the costs of Health Care's MSP and other sundry items.

 Will the government still provide the transition payments or consider reducing the HST rate?
The HST will continue to apply at the full 12 per cent rate until the PST is re-implemented. The policy changes announced pending a “No” result in the referendum will not proceed.

The example that is being given in the Vancouver Sun this morning is based upon Toronto ONTARIO's rate of 13%.

Here in British Columbia we're paying 12%, and by April 1, 2013, we'll soon be back to the GST + PST @ 12% (combined).   

However the Return to 5% GST along with the 7% PST will result in TWO taxes being rounded up or Down.... in favour of which Government's Treasuries, and which Constituents' bottom line.

British Columbia's Public, and Businesses, would be better served if the HST or the GST/PST, were reduced to 10%, not the impending 15% that has been caused by the BC Liberals trying to balance their Budgets using BC Hydro Deferral Accounting methods that are pegged at $5 Billion, in DEBT.

Have no doubts, Finance Minister de Jong has it in place, like Hansen's HST, just waiting in the wings to bump the rate up by June "HST" Time.

The only rounding up or down that is NOT taken to task by Governments is the "Gas Station" fuel suppliers where they count their payment of litres in pennies, cut into 18 numbers beyond the decimal point, eh.    $1.27 has been rounded up from $1.26641313 or rounded down from $1.27261314.   The Company's rounding UP is making them a TON of cash from the Masses.

The same will hold true for the Governments.


The provincial government has said keeping the tax is crucial to the province's economic future and in an effort to make it more palatable for voters, Clark has said the combined federal goods and services tax and former provincial sales tax will drop to 10 per cent from 12 by 2014. -  Read it on Global News: Global BC | 'Plan B' ready if British Columbian's kick HST to curb: Premier Clark 

... If we had voted to KEEP the HST...

Rich Coleman may be remembered for being a Prophet of his own Destruction, as an MLA.

 Quite the fuss, eh, being made by the Public over Rich Coleman's Only KNOWN indiscretion by having gone behind closed doors to seek to advise some Surrey Councillors on the $100,000,000 Casino deal.

He probably does it all the time, but, in this one instance he should have kept far away because the Public Process was going through a Public Hearing where all Parties.... Surrey City Council and the Public get to hear the Pro's and Con's in an Open and Transparent Province.    If at any time the Process stops eg.  the Public Hearing ends; or eg. an Adjournment, the Process stops accepting, stops hearing, stops seeing, stops telegrams, stops phoning, stops flag waving semaphoring, it all comes to a stop so that:

"The general rule is that the Municipal Council cannot consider any information or material after the Public Hearing, since the consideration of new information or receipt by Council could deny other persons the opportunity to be heard in relation to the new information and material.” - page 2 of

"Coleman, has personally intervened with several councillors to pitch the virtues of his project (BC Lottery) and to caution them about the likely fallout if it were turned down.

Now he declared that B.C.’s second city could forget about the Liberals coming back to council with a revised casino proposal. “We don’t have any confidence,” he told the Province newspaper “so we won’t waste time and money.”" - Vaughn Palmer

Here's the Prophet bits, and bobbing:

 "..... B.C.’s second city could forget about the Liberals coming back"

The Liberals won't be coming back to power because of their "deals", the Tables have been turned against them, by their own hands. 

We don't have any confidence

Finally a BC Liberal Minister, speaking for the BC Liberal Party, has come to the realization that the Public doesn't have any confidence in the Government.

Been meaning to do this for a LONG TIME

One last part, when you're happy with the LINK, then Cut and Paste it over top of "Send a Letter".

You could just Copy and Paste, thereby leaving the barn door open to go back and grab it again if at first you don't succeed.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Port Mann Bridge naming rights goes to Mr. Freezee "Ice Bombers"

News1130 suggested that Christy's provincial government consider using public structures, like the Port Mann Bridge, to earn Royalties, which would go towards reducing the Tolls, by a nickel.

News1130 Recommended names:
    "New Taco Bell Bridge" (NTBB)
    "Jim Pattison Group Bridge" (JPGB) 

Concerned Citizens Four BeeCee:
    "Main Island Liquified Freon"  (MILF)

However, We have a better idea, based on the short history of the bridge's encounter with two sessions of frozen slush..... in one Winter....   First Place finisher:

Mr. Freezee Ice Bombs Bridge


If you are believers that the BC Liberals have been past champions of sound financial judgements of our resources, and tax dollars, where on one hand (Campbell's) told us the BC Liberals would weather the 2008 storm of Sub Prime Mortgages, which DID affect all other governments world wide.....  and "it didn't happen here in British Columbia......" LOL!    Then you must be the same ones who are thinking of converting to Christy Clark's Party....BC Liberal is so passe`.

The recent batch of advertising that is saying any downturn in the economy for North America will be stopped dead in it's tracks before it tries to encroach on BC soil.     The symbol being used is a Dominoe where it mysteriously comes to a complete STOP as though it hit a concrete wall.

Is that how you remember playing Dominoes, or did you call your fellow players CHEATS?

The BC Liberals are CHEATS, twice over.  One because they are using Taxpayers money to bankroll the BC Liberal Party.   Two, Dominoe Advertising is nothing more than a subliminal message taking advantage of Seniors.   As children they were "bombarded" with the first tooth paste commercials on tooth decay.  A tall, squeaky clean, WHITE tooth...(as if it were a BC Liberal Dominoe), stops the bad guys from ruining their White Knight pristine teeth.....     The toothpaste company's Secret weapon was Pepsodent's Irium:

 It was advertised for its purported properties fighting tooth decay, attributed in advertisements to the supposed ingredient Irium. Irium is another word for sodium lauryl sulfate, an inexpensive ionic surfactant. However, in a 1994 speech, then-FCC chairman Reed Hundt claimed that the "Irium" mentioned in Pepsodent advertisements "didn't exist".

This Graph source is the handiwork of Three Four BC Liberal Finance Ministers:

Taylor, Hansen, Falcon and de Jong

If you think that the BC Liberal Deficit for this coming Fiscal Year (2013/2014) is about to disappear naturally..... , guess again because (2014/2015) is going to be four times worse, and worse.  If the BC Liberals can't control spending (think bogus partisan advertising) for this coming Fiscal Year, how do they expect to do if for the NEXT four years?

NVG's BBC & Laila 

If public property, buildings, bridges, tunnels, highways, BC Ferries, Legislature is up for grabs, whats next, Mount Robson!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chairman MLA Eric Foster: As to that small matter of Auditor General John Doyle's starting / ending date....

By leave, the Hon. M. de Jong moved--
That the Legislative Assembly appoint Mr. Errol Price as the Acting Auditor General for the Province of British Columbia pursuant to section 7 of the Auditor General Act, effective from June 2, 2007 until the date when Mr. John Doyle is able to commence his official duties as Auditor General.
Motion agreed to.  

Chairman Foster doesn't even remember that fellow BC Liberal MLA, Mike de Jong, made the above motion.....on  Thursday, May 31, 2007
The stupidest of the stupid. A complete dumbass, one whose Intelligence Quotient does not surpass that of the average rock

As Chairman, Eric Foster would be the first to be apprised of Auditor General John Doyle's intention to seek a second term, and as such, the AG would have had to notify the "committee" at least six months before the end of his term.  There appears to be some..... discrepancy .... on that ending date that needs to be clarified.
"....the termination date. The legislature and the committee say it is in May, the anniversary of the appointment, while Doyle holds that it is October, the anniversary of when he started work. ..." - Les Leyne - Times Colonist

MLA Eric Foster won his foot race to be the MLA for his Riding on May 12, 2009, but he had to wait until June 8, 2009, when he swore his Oath.    He didn't go "to work" in the Legislature until August 25, 2009.   Over five months from when the Provincial Election was held, to taking his Seat in the Legislature.

List of all B.C. Auditors General

Auditor GeneralAppointment DateDeparture Date
John Doyle, MAcc, FCAOctober 29, 2007--
Errol Price, FCA, CMCJune 4, 2007October 28, 2007
Arn Van Iersel, FCGAJune 7, 2006June 1, 2007
Wayne Strelioff, FCAMarch 1, 2000May 2, 2006
George L. Morfitt, FCAJanuary 1, 1988January 1, 2000
Robert J. Hayward, CAJanuary 1, 1986January 1, 1988
Erma P. Morrison, FCASeptember 1, 1977,January 1, 1986
William AllisonApril 1, 1913January 1, 1917
John A. AndersonDecember 1, 1900April 1, 1913
James McBride SmithJanuary 1, 1880January 1, 1900
John J. Austin^January 1, 1879January 1, 1880
W.C. Berkely^^March 4, 1973January 1, 1878
Thomas R. Holmes^September 1, 1871February 1, 1873
Robert KerAugust 31, 1861September 1, 187

That's been the part of the BC Liberals' buffoonery that is being circulated by Chairman Eric Foster.

On one hand Chairman Eric Foster, or one of his two outgoing, not standing for re-election, cohorts, wants to terminate AG John Doyle in May, whereas AG John Doyle sees the end of the Six Year Term in October....... with the difference being FIVE Months.  

Did Chairman Eric Foster receive the Application for reconsideration of a second term of six years from AG John Doyle six months before May, or will Chairman Mao Foster be accepting an application six months before October?

Six months prior to May 2013 is November of 2012.

Six months prior to October 2013 is May of 2013.    .... just in time for debating the not-on-my-radar issue during an election.

It would be apparent, to anyone, that the person who presented the Oath of Office to the future Auditor General would know on which particular date that happened, and probably kept track of the mundane part of which day the AG designate would take up permanent residence in the Auditor General's office in British Columbia.

(4) The Legislative Assembly must not appoint a person under subsection (2) who has not previously been appointed Auditor General, unless the committee unanimously recommends the appointment of the person.
(5) The Legislative Assembly must not appoint an Auditor General for a second term under subsection (2) unless
(a) the Auditor General notifies the committee at least 6 months before the end of the first term that he or she wishes to be considered for reappointment, and
(b) the committee unanimously recommends the reappointment within 60 days of being notified by the Auditor General under paragraph (a).

 One dissenting vote, or three dissenting votes from the BC Liberals MLAs and John Doyle ends up being ..... the winner in popularity.  Mr. Doyle isn't doing his job to win Brownie points nor is he doing it to be Popular with the Legislature or the Public.  He's doing exactly what he swore to do, during his Oath, in August of 2007.


The BC Liberal designated Chairman of the Selection Committee to Appoint the Auditor General of British Columbia needs to read Hansard to discover the timing of the proper steps to be taken.

The AG wasn't sworn in until Late August of 2007.

He told the Legislature that he wouldn't be available until October, and the Legislature were looking FORWARD to the moment.


MONDAY, MAY 28, 2007
Afternoon Sitting

Volume 21, Number


           R. Fleming: I move:
[That the Legislative Assembly appoint Mr. John Doyle as the Auditor General for the Province of British Columbia pursuant to the Auditor General Act (SBC 2003 c. 2).]
           Motion approved.


 Oath of office

3  Before assuming office, the Auditor General or acting Auditor General must take an oath before the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly to exercise the powers and perform the duties of the Auditor General faithfully and impartially.

 August 27, 2007
VICTORIA – This morning, John Doyle was sworn in as Auditor General of British Columbia. The oath of office was administered by E. George MacMinn, QC, Clerk of the House.

On May 28, 2007, the Legislative Assembly approved the unanimous choice of the all-party Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts to appoint Mr. Doyle, currently Deputy Auditor General for the State of Western Australia.

Following the brief swearing-in ceremony, Mr. Doyle said: “It is an enormous privilege to be appointed the province's new Auditor General, and I look forward to taking up my duties in October.”  “We are delighted that John will be assuming his duties soon and have every confidence that he will work collaboratively with the public accounts committee,” added committee chair Rob Fleming, who attended the ceremony on behalf of committee members.

The Auditor General is an independent statutory officer of the Legislative Assembly, with the responsibility for ensuring financial accountability within the provincial public sector.

The BluePrint: Partisan Advertising by Incumbent Governments - Schwartz and Buck

On November 24, 2012 we mentioned in a Post the Source for Ontario's ban on Partisan advertising:

The McGuinty Liberal government's Government Advertisement Act, passed in 2004 and in force as of 2006, eliminates public funding for advertisements whose primary objective is "to promote the partisan political interests of the governing party  Page 7 of 14

Obviously the Public isn't getting the message on Christy Clark's improper usage of Taxpayers Dollars.

On November 22, 2012 Vaughn Palmer of the Vancouver wrote about Pat Bell dipping into a contingency fund to bankroll Government's advertising .

Several millions had already been spent on the domestic campaign, Bell went on to disclose, and those dollars would be charged to the budget year ending March 31. The remainder of the $15 million would be rolled out in the coming year, beginning April 1. Notwithstanding Bell’s clarification, the money proved to be hard to track through the detailed ministry spending estimates that were tabled in the legislature.

Today, Vaughn Palmer has come out with a WHOLE column dedicated to BC Liberal Partisan advertising, AND what the BC NDP will do before the provincial election in May.

At the BC Liberal's Miracle Spring 2013 Budget intro, showing a Balanced Budget, NDP leader Adrian "......Dix vows to pull the plug on taxpayer-funded partisan guff"

As to where did this revelation of putting a DAMPER on partisan advertising:

Simply put, the government has a massive advantage over its rivals when it comes to getting the word out.  Why should exclusive use of the public purse for partisan communication be added to the list?  Policy, jurisprudence and basic electoral fairness suggest reform should be undertaken to address the incumbent-challenger communications imbalance........

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

British Columbians should be asking CC4BC: "Were you the brains behind the BC Liberal's HST implementation or everything?"

Over Two years ago (October 22, 2010)  Laila Yuile wrote a Post called:

100 reasons the BC Liberals must go.

While the BC Liberals will often tout their real and alleged successes, they clearly try to spin and deflect their failures into thin air. The extent to which they will do this is quite phenomenal -  Recently, newly unelected premier Christy Jersey Girl Clark has even desperately resorted to re-announcing older press releases, trying to garner more positive feel good press for support, yet only insulting the people of BC even more in the process.
Thankfully, British Columbians have long and solid memories of the Liberal era of cuts.
Here is the comprehensive list of 100 reasons the BC Liberals must go.  Please, feel free to continue to add to the list in the comment section below, and I simply ask that you provide concrete examples with links, if you can, so we can provide an honest and factual record of what I call the Golden Decade- of deceit.

If the BC Liberals are doing such a great job at "governing", since 2009, why did Premier Gordon Campbell resign?

A political party is NOT one person, it's a conglomeration of many, and as such it wasn't one person, such as Premier Campbell or Minister of Finance Hansen (not on my Radar) that steam rolled the HST onto the Public without any consultation.    The Public received the HST because of a UNANIMOUS vote of endorsement by the BC Liberals.    And they held on to that belief, still hang on to that belief, to this day.

Make no mistake about it.  If the BC Liberals win this year, the first thing that they will do is Change the Act surrounding the Public's right to call for a Referendum on shoddily written BC Liberals legislation.
Change the required percentage (simple majority, 50 + 1) by raising the Bar when it comes to a Referendum.
Change the number of words in an application for a Referendum

And then bring back the HST!!!

Every one of the BC Liberals voted for the HST.

Every one of them should have resigned when Campbell broke cover and ran for the White Cliffs of Dover.
Check out Laila's Blog on what the CC4BC have been endorsing for the past 12 years.  Do we want FOUR years of Christy, another FOUR years of the BC Liberals sucking up to Stephen Harper?


We've removed the Links below that Laila has written into her Post.  It's well worth the visit to her Blog to see what she's dug up on the BC Liberals.

100.   In 2001, newly elected Campbell tore up legally signed and binding contracts between the government and the HEU, creating a rush to privatization that continues to this day.
99.  Gave himself a whopping raise of  $ 60,951  in 2007, which works out to a crazy 48.1% hike – and gave all BC MLA’s a pay raise of 29% while he was at it.
98. Drunk driving conviction in 2003 while on vacation in Hawaii ( I feel strongly politicians who are convicted for any crime, should no longer to be able to hold office, based on the notion that they need to provide an example of a standard of integrity that is inherent to the position. )
97.  ”Fabricating” an ‘energy crisis’ in BC to be solved by forcing the public utility BC Hydro to buy power at twice the market value from Liberal-stocked independent power producers and then reselling it at a loss to owners of air-conditioners in California.
96. Closed 24 of 68 courthouses so the Attorney General could meet budget targets, therefore putting excessive strain and overload on the remaining ones, and forcing people to travel further to deal with family and criminal matters.
95.  Reduction in the number of courthouses has  now lengthened the trial wait times  in some areas to years, which often results in the accused being released from all charges  because of the right to a speedy trial.
94.   Since 2001, 10 jails have been closed across the province, creating dangerously overloaded conditions in the remaining facilities,and increasing the likelihood many criminals will serve time in the community or receive suspended sentences because of that overcrowding.
93.  Massive, MASSIVE cutbacks to legal aid services in this province, across the board, for the entire time Campbell has been in power . More people than ever are unable to remedy family law and simple legal matters because of lack of funding and resulting closures to free clinics, help lines and offices. 
92.  85% of  Legal Aid offices in BC closed,
91. Reduction in 75% of staff
90. Cut family law by 60%
89. Closure of Law Line, a free legal assistance number for low income people to access help and advice.
88. Closure of 5 regional Legal Aid offices in Surrey, Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops and Prince George.
87. Legislating the Paramedics working conditions.
86. Campbell supports and champions the Enbridge project,  and refuses to commit to protect the BC coastline from a spill like the Exxon Valdez
85. The B.C. Liberals issued permits to a company that wanted to burn creosote soaked railway ties in the city of Kamloops without any consultation. The project was only stopped when countless community members and more than 100 Interior doctors opposed the project.
84. Massive cuts to the Parks Budget over the years has resulted in a lack of protection for endangered ecosystems, a lack of park rangers, and unsafe and unsanitary conditions in provincial campgrounds across the province.  Many  free campgrounds  and picnic areas have been de-commissioned over the years
83. Committed to NOT introduce internet gaming in 2007, then created and introduced the new BCLC online gambling site this year, again increasing and furthering the incidence of gambling addiction and family strife, since there is no way to police it.
82. Raised gambling limits to $ 9,999.00 – a mere $1 below the reportable level to FINTRAC, the agency that monitors and polices money laundering… lol.
81. Raised MSP premiums, while service and wait times increased – and get ready for another MSP premium increase January 1st, 2011/
80. Campbell lowered tax rates – the wealthy benefit the most from those rate cuts, while instituting user fees for some public services that were formerly paid out of tax revenue. This resulted in proportionally higher tax increases for the working poor struggling the hardest to make ends meet.
79. Charging user fees at publicly funded hospitals in Vancouver , even to people with insurance, for anyone requiring short term residential care to recover from a medical treatment  – coming soon to a hospital near you
78. Closed 176 schools between 2001  and  2009 . ONE FREAKING HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX SCHOOLS!!!!
77. Cut funding to the Success by 6 program, an initiative which gave young children a head start  through more than 400 projects in 240 communities in British Columbia, including early childhood literacy programs, music and social programs for preschoolers, mentorship programs for single mothers,  and pregnancy support .
76. Cuts to seniors services and care
75. Cuts to PAC’s across BC  ( Parents Advisory Councils) resulting in parents struggling to make ends meet having to pay more for school related activities
74. Cuts to Annual Facility Grants
73. Government continually breaks it’s own class size limit legislation
72. Cuts to funding and programs for special needs children in schools as a result of budget cuts.
71. Highest tuition fees  ever on record , for university and colleges in BC
70. Campbell  shows his true feelings about education and the future of our province, and cuts $16 million dollars in student loan funds, with no warning, leaving students unable to attend classes, and wreaking havoc on families already financially strapped
69. In addition to the above loan cuts, the BC liberals also cut non-repayable grants to student, also with no warning as detailed in the above link. Some university students found out the hard way when they called Student Aid BC to find out where their grant was, after enrolling and days prior to classes commencing.
68. BC  has one of the highest BC Student loan rate in the country.
67. BC post secondary students collectively pay more in fees than government collects in corporate income tax, showing where Campbell’s priorities really are.
66. Cuts to surgeries in BC
65. Cuts to diagnostic and rehabilitation services
64. Cuts to community outreach services
63. HORRIFIC cuts to domestic violence programs and violence against women outreach and counseling programs
62. Cuts to many vital medical and health related items previously funded for those on income assistance
61. Closed CHIMO Achievement Centre, a therapeutic day program for adults with disabilities
60. Cuts to income assistance programs
59. Although Campbell has increased the number of Casinos and access to other forms of gambling, continued cuts have been made to the amount of gaming grants given out to  social service agencies, programs, playground and schools
58. Special needs assessment for children eliminated in the Fraser Health Authority, meaning families must travel to Sunnyhill at Children's Hospital for diagnostic services and care ( I know this one first hand! )
57. Autism: BC’s Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention programs were cut
56. There are only enough regulated child care spaces for 15% of children under 12 in BC
55. Elimination of conservation officers mean less enforcement and protection over larger areas, putting people and wildlife at risk
54. Cuts to environment ministry last September saw the Environmental Stewardship division—which includes protection of BC’s 2,000 species at risk, fish and wildlife habitat, and air and water—sliced by almost $4 million
53. Unregulated fish farms on the coast of BC and their impact on wild salmon stocks, as well as the increase in fish farm licenses the Libs handed out during their tenure.
52. The systematic rape of many rivers in BC through Independent Power Projects
51. While Campbell continually has pressed and pushed these projects as safe, clean energy, the truth is that they can, and have extremely horrific impacts on the environment around them, as detailed in this post
50. The announcement by Campbell to flood hectares of prime land for yet another dam to generate power the province will sell elsewhere
49. Crown land giveaways  and contracts apparently based political donations
48. Clearing ALR land for development, over and over
47. The Campbell government admitted that during the most recent election they suppressed information showing the number of people in BC forced to apply for welfare had increased by 10,000. The information was released shortly after the election
46. Gordon Campbell claimed he was not aware of how bad the financial outlook of the province was prior to the election, despite the world financial crash that was well underway.
45. The public is kept in the dark as John Les, the province’s top cop, is under police investigation for almost a year
44. The “coincidental” and repeated occurrence of  development and real estate companies who donate large $$ to the Liberal party of BC, getting lucrative land deals and approvals across the province
43. The ” coincidental” and repeated occurrence of other corporations( mining, gas, oil and independent power producers) who donate large $$ to the Liberal party of BC getting lucrative contracts, deal and approvals across the province:
42. In February 2008, the public learned that Campbell’s TransLink board voted themselves a 500 percent pay raise. Only a few weeks later, the premier’s BC Ferries directors received an increase of up to 60 percent — on April 1, 2008 – the same day ferry fares were increased for British Columbians.
41. The very large and expensive  mess that is known as BC ferries
40. The very large and expensive mess that was known as the BC Transmission corporation
39. The very large  and again, expensive mess known as BC Hydro , which is on the path to financial ruin
38. 2010 Olympic debt legacy
37. Despite those ” tough economic times “Campbell decided to appoint a larger, expanded cabinet, costing us all more ( for quite a bit less, in my opinion)
36. The over-inflated, expensive and relatively useless Public Affairs Bureau( otherwise known as internet trolls who monitor,watch and read everything written anywhere about Campbell and his Liberal cohorts)
35. ”Die Entscheidung von Campbell, deutsche Scheißfährschiffe zu kaufen“, or for those of you who do not speak German, ” Campbell’s decision to buy crappy German ferries ”
34. Choosing to contract out the storage, handling and administration of our personal medical records to an American company, which leaves personal information potentially open to dubious uses with American law enforcement
33. Campbell failed to hold regular legislature sessions,- twice –
32. Campbell's decision to sign TILMA – the Trade, Investment, and Labour Mobility Agreement
31. Sold off BC Gas, now known as Terasen
30. Passed Bill 20, which prevents local municipal veto of Run of the River projects
29. Exporting raw logs to China and elsewhere ( a direct contradiction to a campaign promise he made prior to first being elected back in 20o1) all while closing BC mills who could process wood here.
28. Vancouver convention centre completely ridiculous cost overruns , which technically might make it the largest screw-up in the history of BC – that is, until the final and true bill for the new Port Mann bridge comes in
27. Sea to sky highway over-runs – with no toll to cover costs . Campbell told press repeatedly at photo ops that the cost of the highway would be $800 million, yet the final cost was  nearly$2 billion +
26. Failed P3- Port Mann Bridge debacle – ONGOING, and with no true inkling of how much it will cost because it has yet to be completed – not to mention Coquitlam and Burnaby residents get a hell of a lot of road/highway improvements, yet don’t bear the brunt of paying tolls like everyone south of the Fraser does….
25. Failure to enforce what faulty lobbyist legislation there was – and now is
24. Failure to protect renters in BC with appropriate “Renoviction” legislation
23. Bill 29, which was  and still is, a  constant source of tension and stress for seniors and health care workers
22. The  tragically expensive new roof on BC Place stadium,  which Campbell has repeatedly claimed is ” on time and on budget” (  at a cost that some say, could have given us an entire new facility) Originally announced at $365 million BEFORE the election, it went to $458 million after the  election, but then we found out it was actually $ 563 million.. unless you include the cost of Empire Stadiums upgrade of $ 14 million… which gives us a grand total of $ 577 million-  only $208  million over the first announced budget ( gotta love that Liberal accounting, eh? )
21. Lara Dauphinee - ” And’s that is all I have to say about that.”  ~ Forest Gump
20. The horrible fate of Fish Lake – a pristine lake in the Chilcotin that will be killed if Tasko mines gets their way
19. More cuts to seniors beds in residential care, than have been created, leave seniors and their families at risk and great worry
18. Homelessness in BC  has risen over 300% during Campbell's time in power
17. As of March 2008, there were 12,050 people on B.C. Housing’s wait list for subsidized housing. Somehow we don’t have the ability to address these issues, but we seem to have found all that money for the Olympics, a new roof for BC Place, and a host of other expenditures authorized by Campbell and the Liberals.
16. Social housing projects that the Liberals announced would be fast tracked and completed by the Olympics, were not, and no word where they are at now
15. Severe mental health and addiction cuts left many on the streets and without care- this continues through 2010 with no plan to address the challenges of the most vulnerable
14. Ken Dobell. And there are many more just like him among Campbell’s crew
13. ”The Kinsella Connection”
12. Neglecting to protect public assets and interests from foreign takeover.
11. Kevin Falcon…. ugh. Screwed up transportation, and is busy screwing up healthcare.
10. School budgets are so tight as a result of being underfunded, that our children are required to bring boxes of Kleenex as part of their school supply list!
9. He has never answered the 70 questions Krog asked him about the sale of BC Rail.
8. Campbell and his government continue to demonstrate a lack of transparency, and accountability, and seem to specialize in secrecy, as repeatedly shown by their refusal to initiate public inquiries into a number of their activities, including the sale of BC rail.
7. Our minimum wage is the lowest in Canada, our training wage for young and new workers is $6.00 an hour, and Campbell thinks this is just hunky dory, because ” we have other programs to offset any issues related to lower wages”  – uhhh, no we don’t Campbell, you cut them all!
6.  While Campbell has cut student aid and tuition rates here in BC are at an all time high- making it hard for domestic students to obtain a post se secondary decree, it turns out that  BC’s number one export overseas, and the Liberals have been promoting our universities and colleges to overseas students
5. The highly contentious and suspect South Fraser Perimeter Road – yet another project in Campbells infamous Gateway program, that  runs through farmland, skirts the unique and precious Burns Bog, and has taken more than a few peoples home, AND  has already been downgraded before it is even built
4. The corrupt sale of BC Rail, and everything related that has happened before- and since 
3. The pay-off of Basi and Virk to plead guilty to some charges in the trial – but not the ones relating to the sale of BC Rail and the highly suspect relationship between someone who assisted in authorizing the deal- and one of the key witnesses about to appear
2. The HST and all the lies that surrounded the introduction of it to the people of BC –

1. Child poverty rates the highest in the country – 7 years in a row – Shame, shame, shame. Doesn’t Campbell know the children really are our future ?

Monday, January 21, 2013

TMI: A new Measurement of Volume: Olympic Size swimming pool

You may have missed the write up in the daily newspapers last week, where they were reporting on a knife-wielding thief who was confronted by a Police Officer (handler), and his Police Dog.  The Police Dog almost didn't make it to his own retirement party in six weeks time.  The "Officer" was stabbed so severely that it became a matter of life or death which was only prevented by the intervention of a Veterinarian.   The story turned out just fine, the "Officer" is recovering with Full Honours that he so richly deserves.   But then it goes off track, because the Press, in their infinite wisdom of balanced reporting, decides to include the Veterinarians comments about how it might not have worked out for the BETTER.

'You see here, this would be a much more efficient way to dispatch an animal.......'.



This morning, the Press is reporting on "Canada not ready to dispose of mercury-laden light bulbs" - Vancouver Sun  from   The Canadian Press  Dean Beeby 

Mercury-laden CFL:
Beginning next January, a new regulation will effectively ban the sale of standard incandescent bulbs in favour of energy-efficient versions, most of which contain mercury.

So-called compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs, will also enter the waste stream as they break or burn out, many destined for landfills where their harmful mercury can get into the water.

Environment Canada (Pages 3 and 11) says the MERCURY contained in a typical thermometer can contaminate five Olympic-size swimming pools to toxic levels.                                         Snip

Imagine that, one Typical thermometer can contaminate FIVE OLYMPIC-SIZE SWIMMING POOLS!   There's no mention, however, of how many Compact Fluorescent lamps can fit into a Typical thermometer............

From Christy Clark's Minister of Environment, Terry Lake's (fitting last name) desktop:

Did you know that the average British Columbian uses about 490 litres of water each day? If you include the water that is embedded in the food you eat, the clothes you wear and the products you use every day, your “water footprint” may be over 6,000 litres a day. Over the course of a year, that’s almost a full Olympic-sized swimming pool of water per person!  - Living Water Smart
Maple Ridge uses 4,200 full Olympic sized swimming pools per year, that's 10.5 million cubic meters   .... population 69,000 to 75,000.
Olympic-size swimming pool is the type of swimming pool used in the Olympic Games, where the race course is 50 metres in length and 25 metres in width. - Wikipedia

Success story

Approximately 2.9 million litres of municipal drinking water is conserved annually with a very basic pipe configuration.  This exceeds the volume of water required to fill an Olympic size Swimming Pool.  Page 4 of 4

There are Three watersheds (drainage and catchment areas) in Metro Vancouver Water District, and whereas they are different in land area, the volume of water is essentially the same.  Population: 2,000,000... Two Million......

Capilano Lake held back by Cleveland Dam....... from an earlier Post.

The math should be easy here, based upon Minister Lake's calculations...... of one full Olympic-sized per person...   Maple Ridge's population versus 4,200 pools....

2,000,000 X 1 = 2,000,000 Olympic Size swimming pools

ONE THERMOMETER can contaminate to toxic levels FIVE Olympic Size Swimming Pools.

400,000 thermometers would be needed to contaminate 2 million Olympic swimming pools

One/Third of Four Hundred Thousand ...... approximately 12,000 thermometers per watershed.

2,400 visitors carrying five thermometers each......



Could someone please explain why the Federal and Provincial governments are introducing a product that will ... allow terrorists  to contaminate our drinking water with mercury without the means to dispose of the toxic material (mercury), to stop "them", or us?   This insanity must STOP


 UPDATE  September 26, 2013

The Canadian Press

Published Sunday, April 1, 2012 7:53PM EDT

OTTAWA - Enough nuclear waste to fill more than a hundred Olympic-sized swimming pools could be buried in an underground chamber near the Ottawa River.

The federal government is eyeing the site of the Chalk River nuclear reactor, 160 kilometres northwest of Ottawa, as a radioactive waste site.

Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. says 267,000 cubic metres of low- and medium-level nuclear waste is now stored above-ground in metal containers at the Chalk River site.
The Crown corporation is looking at building an enormous depository 500 to 1,000 metres underground to bury the detritus of six decades of nuclear testing at the Chalk River site.

UPDATE October 4, 2013

Sir Adam Beck Generating Stations downstream at a rate that would fill an Olympic sizedswimming pool every five seconds

UPDATE November 3, 2013

Trans Mountain Pipeline aka Kinder Morgan   "Did you Know":

Approximately three million barrels of crude oil travel through Canada’s crude oil pipeline network every day, enough to fill more than 475 million one-litre milk cartons or almost 200 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

UPDATE  November 13, 2013

 Natural gas industry accused of illegal water use in B.C.
Environmental groups say Encana should have to pay for water used in fracking process

The environmental groups say as Encana proceeded with the fracking process to extract natural gas from underground reserves, it drew 880 Olympic swimming pools worth of water over three years from the Kiskatinaw River, which supplies drinking water to the city of Dawson Creek.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Press Release: "It's a secret." - Liberal Government Caucus office shreds Ben James Directive Memo.

If you haven't read "Long Gone" Vaughn Palmer column today, he's back, reporting on what the NDP plans are for logs (exports).  In the fourth paragraph's last line, there's this nugget:

...trumpeted the Friday morning's press release from the Liberal (government) caucus office: "It's a Secret."

Palmer then leaves that quote lingering in our minds, moves on, without further ado.   We expected that "the Dean" would have jumped all over the source of the Secret press release.   The "Secret" that the Government Caucus is telling Christy Clark to use in her speeches isn't about what the NDP would do with log exports, the "Secret" is why the hell is the Ben James' memo being ignored by the Liberal (Government) Caucus!..... again.   And that's the Secret that the Press should be screaming about, and so should you!

"I take the situation quite seriously," added Ben James, director for government caucus communications. "We're here to represent the B.C. Liberal MLAs, and this is something I don't practise. And it's not something that's happening while I'm here. This is a very serious situation for me."  -  Cassidy Olivier  -  the Province  November 18, 2012

"Standards of Conduct Policy Statement" ....... "Where Ideas Work" on company time for partisan politics

The Attack Ads that have been going on for the past year, were set up by the Government Caucus Research Team with the assistance of a non-OIC-appointee-@-$10,000-a-Month contractor paid from Taxpayers Treasury.  The groupie has proven once again that they apparently don't have a whole brain between them.

They are NOT permitted to use Taxpayers  time to participate in partisan politics.
They are NOT permitted to use Taxpayers Resources to participate in partisan politics.
They are NOT permitted to use Taxpayers Equipment to participate in PARTISAN politics.

And yet.... they do.

Over to Ben James, or has he left already.... because that's what he promised if this nonsense happened again on his watch.     (LegB4Wicket) on Twitter

Liberal Government Caucus Secret
This sort of "presentation", the image above, by the BC Liberals is typically found on THEIR own Website, not on a Government paid website like

Risky Dix website fallout prompts B.C. government memo

B.C. Liberal caucus workers who are paid to spend their days highlighting the efforts of Liberal members of the legislature are being told to keep their noses out of Liberal Party attack ads while on government time.

Liberal caucus spokesman Ben James says caucus workers were reminded Monday their caucus duties do not include doing party work during their day jobs.

James says a caucus-wide note was issued after emails surfaced indicating some members of the Liberal caucus helped produce a Liberal Party website criticizing New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix. - CBC
A suggestion from a Reader......

Friday, January 18, 2013

The two "Doyle" men in Christy's life: AG John and C of S Dan

John D. an AG to keep her on the straight and narrow, avoiding fiscal cliffs ........ too late!

Dan D. to keep her from falling prey to the AG's wicked sense of justice seen to be done.

Interesting, no.

John D. unanimously Appointed as the Auditor General with impeccable  credentials, no political affiliations, and done so with the full support of the BC Legislature MLAs.

Dan D. unanimously Appointed by ONE MLA along with others.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sometimes we miss the boat, with a POST.....

UPDATE: October 16, 2015
We sort of lost track of a link to the 'boat being cut almost in half by the Russians / BC Pilot' but, since there has been a fair bit of traffic to this Post lately:

WayBackMachine  Sourced

Seven Sisters
Video of Actual Collision

Screen Shots from Video


....... but better late, than never.

It's a balancing act whereby the Vancouver Sun (PostMedia out of Toronto) permitted one of many attentive Readers to set the record straight when an earlier published Letter, written by a Northern Vancouver Island resident, just got it wrong.

The first Letter claimed that Active Pass has allowed the passage of Oil Tankers for the past 100 years. ........  Hmmmmm

It made us go WTF, but only because of our having spent 26 years working in various shipyards in Metro Vancouver, and knowing first hand the consequences of one foolhardy venture, in Active Pass even though there has been many.   The difference between the One and the Many, is in the first instance, there was the loss of Three Lives.

The original Letter to the Editor in the Saturday's Edition of the Vancouver Sun started out by heaping ridicule upon Southerners (Metro Vancouver) by letting us know that it's not only Kitimat's Enbridge (creating long term jobs and local wealth) but so too for KinderMorgan with it's proposal to doubling of it's pipelines to berths in Vancouver's Burrard Inlet.

....... Douglas Channel is at least four times as wide at it’s narrowest point as Active Pass near Victoria and Burrard Inlet in Vancouver where there is at least 100 times more marine traffic than in our northern waters.

Oil tankers have made their way safely through Active Pass        into Burrard Inlet for the past 100 years........
Here's a refresher Course, from an earlier Post, of the size of an Oil Tanker compared to a typical BC Ferry with the latter having permission to use Active Pass on it's run from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay and back again.
An Enbridge Oil tanker going through Active Pass?


If you missed it on Monday morning, there's a report in PostMedia's newspapers of  an upcoming trial dealing with the sinking of the Queen of the North, seven long years ago, with the loss of 2 lives, and the Vessel.

As to that earlier incident, 43 years ago in Active Pass where Oil Tankers have been supposedly using it for 100 years, the BC Ferry "Queen of Victoria" ended up colliding or visa versus, with a Russian Freighter in 1970.

Highlighted below is the route that large vessels take, have been taking, for a long time.   One other detail is to realize that in narrow channels like Active pass, it's far better to have Two Screws (propellers) operable independently if need be and a Bow Thruster.    Vessels, like the Russian freighter in 1970 was propelled by a Single Screw, Right hand twirling.  No Bow Thruster.  Maneuverability best done with the Assistance of a Retard Tug and that luxury only happens in the confines of a Harbour, like Vancouver's Burrard Inlet.

Large vessels were discouraged from using Active Pass as a short cut between Victoria and Vancouver's Burrard Inlet because the "savings" were mere minutes,  the risk just isn't worth it.

Active Pass is downright narrow, the hairpin turn at Helen Point leaves ships blind to oncoming vessels, Enterprise Reef forces vessels to stay clear and there was, in 1970, an extra measure of a deterrent ..... fishing boats, both private and commercial.   With Active Pass being the designated route for BC Ferries to/from Swarzt Bay, year round, there are typically three vessels transiting Active Pass in quick succession.   The Russian freighter's BC Pilot counted two, but he knew there was still one missing.......  Result:

The Russian freighter, Sergey Yesenin (344' long), collided Midships with the Queen of Victoria (426.4' long).

For armchair mariners, and lawyers, there is a comparison to be made here, not between which route is better, Douglas Channel with four times the width of the mouth of Burrard Inlet, but rather the consequences of what happened, happens after the accident.

Formal Investigation into the circumstances surrounding the collision in Active Pass, B.C.
 on August 2, 1970
 "Queen of Victoria"  AND "Sergey Yesenin"
December  3, 1970 
Vancouver, BC.

Read the whole Report, and once done doing that, apply yourself to looking at the Queen of the North Trial with an open and clear mind, or for that matter, any Trial that is before the Courts.