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When it comes to water requirements in BC, for Fracking, the Fedrel Politicians, including Environmental Federal Scientists are not in the loop....

Page 41


Predicting potential water demand for gas development in northeast British Columbia is necessary for water management. One of the British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines’ goals is to facilitate industry’s needs for water and to share information on water use with other ministries and stakeholder groups, including the Ministry of Environment; the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations; the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission (OGC); the Canadian Association Petroleum Producers and communities. Access to water is a requirement for sustaining industry growth. Accordingly, anticipation of potential water demand is critical to the Ministry of Energy and Mines’ mandate.

Predictions for water use are based on trends in well development and the specific multistage hydraulic fracturing approach being used. To date, most of the assumptions made on industry-required water volumes and the rate of usage in British Columbia has been based on reports from industry operations in two areas of the province: the Montney Trend and the Horn River Basin (HRB). The volume of water used by the oil and gas industry in northeast British Columbia varies widely from less than 1000 m3 to more than 70 000 m3 per well (Kennedy, 2011). It is important to establish the extent to which estimates for water use in one play are a meaningful proxy for industry-related water use in other areas.

The purpose of this report is to gain an understanding on the aspects of multistage hydraulic fracturing that most affect water consumption and the location and extent to which they are being employed. Specifically, information is sought on the choice of completion method, the number of fracture stages per well, the horizontal length of the wells that is fractured and anticipated water returns for multistage fracture wells in the province. This information is important because it may provide insight into whether or not significant differences in water-use volumes exist between the province’s major gas plays, and guidance on future efforts to predict industry-related water demand. The scope of the project is limited to wells with multiple hydraulic fracturing stages.

Source is for 2012  but, there are four other earlier years of Reports, curious......?

Page 42

In northeast British Columbia, three types of completions (or treatments) are generally used: slickwater, energized and energized slickwater. The treatment style used is a function of economics and geology (King, 2010). Slickwater treatments use high volumes of water with low concentrations of sand and trace amounts of friction reducing chemicals. Snip

Bonus Google Search Words Criteria    friction reducing chemicals and Slickwater

Table 8.  Page 60

Average water consumption and gas production for seven formations in northeast British Columbia .

"......... where did Grandpa move to after the First World War Da?

Genealogy, sort of......

All this researching through the local libraries, started us thinking about the movement of people caused by religious persecution, pandemics, war, ......itchy feet too...... which then had us staring at this and directly to this search: Letters from Dieppe.

Your family name, may be in the link above

Back to Grandpa, and family, in 1913
 Poultry Farm Survey
A Report on Sixty-five Commercial Poultry
Farms in the Lower Fraser Valley and
Vancouver Island

E. A. LLOYD, B.S.A. Associate Professor of Poultry Husbandry
V. S. ASMUNDSON, B.S.A., M.S.A. Assistant Professor of Poultry Husbandry
R. J., SKELTON, B.S..A. Field Enumerator
Department of Poultry Husbandry, College of
Agriculture, University of British Columbia,

NOTE: Readers, who don't favour the current (2012) Conservative Government spending habits, will like this.....found by looking at a result for a link to the Agricultural Instruction Act, 1913, Canada

 (with two sources provided:  Farmer’s Advocate and the Weekly Sun) Page 3 of 30
In April 1919, the Weekly Sun, published in Toronto, was purchased by the Farmers Publishing Company, renamed the Farmers’ Sun, and declared to be the official organ of the United Farmers of Ontario

Page 1  English and French

In 1913, the Canadian government introduced The Agricultural Instruction Act, a measure which granted ten million dollars to the provinces over ten years to aid agriculture. The Conservatives predicted that the Act would help in “aiding and advancing the farming industry by instruction in agriculture” but this paper argues that, ironically, the funding actually served to heighten rural discontent, not assuage it. By examining public documents and the rural press, the paper explores the rationale, rhetoric, and politics of this initiative. The funding designated for women’s groups is closely examined to determine its impact on the growth of groups like the Women’s Institutes.

"...... where did Grandpa move his family to in Canada?  Did they come to British Columbia?  Were they British or Ukranians?  Were they invited by old Clifford Sifton himself, ..... before the Great War, when he said:
'I think a stalwart peasant in sheepskin coat, born on the soil whose forefathers have been farmers for ten generations, with a stout wife and a half a dozen children, is good quality.'


In the Lower Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island districts of British Columbia there is a large number of poultry farms. Nearly all of these farms are highly specialized. Over 90% of the revenue from them being derived from the sale of poultry products. Yet the typical poultry farm in British Columbia combines breeding with production of market eggs. For while market eggs are the chief product sold, very few farms can be classed as strictly commercial egg farms on account of the very considerable revenue produced on them from the sale of baby chicks, hatching eggs, and breeding stock.

Since the war there has been a rapid development in poultry farming in certain districts of British  Columbia. Many returned soldiers have taken up poultry farming under the Soldier Settlement Board. More over, many of the older established poultry-men have materially increased their flocks, and a considerable number of other settlers have gone into poultry farming in a specialized way.


 page 19 of 19
 (13) The average selling price per' dozen eggs on twenty-nine farms was $0.394, and the average estimated cost of production, including interest on investment at 7% and operator's wages at $80 per month, was $0.456. Wthout allowing operator's wages the cost of production was $0.32 per dozen.

Where does one draw the line on a Legislature Clerk's take home pay and that of others, eh

the CSV file of Executive Compensation Base Open Data will do the trick for you.  Opens as an Excel file... sort to your hearts content.

Public Sector Employers' Council

2011 - 2012 Executive Compensation Disclosure

Executive Compensation Base Open Data
Executive Compensation Base Open Data Field Definitions [PDF]
Executive Compensation Base Open Data [CSV]
For more information on Open Data see DataBC website.

First 25 lines out of 269, data sorted on Total compensation, most, $976,504.00 to least which is way down below at $3,225.00 and the "Clerks" are not listed... ho hum....   Total for tally $65,889,021.01, let's call it $66 million.

CrownCorporations Bechard $360,180.00 $976,504.00
CrownCorporations Eady $197,351.00 $646,604.00
Universities Toope $378,000.00 $580,978.00
CrownCorporations Buckley $400,000.00 $565,374.00
Universities Turpin $373,700.00 $504,114.00
CrownCorporations Leong $381,780.00 $499,251.00
CrownCorporations Reid $290,148.00 $493,322.00
Universities Petter $328,870.36 $490,162.20
CrownCorporations Schubert $330,000.00 $486,541.00
CrownCorporations Anderson $270,000.00 $465,515.00
CrownCorporations Prior $294,800.00 $464,971.00
CrownCorporations Conway $250,121.00 $464,228.00
CrownCorporations Graydon $299,077.00 $461,419.00
Health Cranston $351,008.00 $441,356.00
CrownCorporations Aitken $325,451.00 $440,773.00
CrownCorporations Norman $4,075.00 $440,340.00
Health Ostrow $352,683.00 $439,433.00
Health Murray $348,660.00 $438,348.00
CrownCorporations O'Riley $231,090.00 $425,268.00
CrownCorporations Horton $274,448.00 $423,955.00
Health Waldner $359,015.00 $418,741.00
CrownCorporations Minogue $252,600.00 $414,388.00
CrownCorporations Eddin $241,279.00 $410,799.00


Has YVR Jet fuel supply project been checked out for environmental damage possibilities?

We've all seen how Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline Project has taken the brunt of the criticism from the public when it comes to the lone environmental review process being done by the Conservatives....and Harper saying that the scientists will decide on the outcome, not politicians, and then the politicians (Harper) fired the scientists.

"equivalency agreement" we've seen already,... its a deal struck between the BC Liberals and the Conservatives (Federal) to cut the costs of doing environmental reviews to ascertain whether or not its safe to run an oil pipeline from north of Edmonton to the shores of Kitimat.

Their job is to ascertain whether our watersheds, our rivers and creeks and brooks and lakes, are at risk.

And, we've seen Enbridge's zeal to make all marine approaches to Kitimat Arm free of any ..... possibilities of a ship being wrecked on the shores of our pristine wilderness.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Here's another agreement, one involving the YVR jet fuel being supplied by yet another pipeline.  First the jet fuel is delivered by sea to a transfer point on the South Arm of the Fraser River, and then piped to YVR terminals.    Don't even think about the current process, delivered from Burrard Inlet via tanker TRUCKS to YVR.

"equivalency agreement" replaced another term that involved the word HARMONIZED, and we all know just how much we don't like the word Harmonized.... so much so.... that it drove Gordon Campbell out of the Office of Premier because he became too much of the public focusing our anger at his bungling ways of introducing the hated Harmonized sales tax..... in conjunction with the Conservatives (Federal) bribe of close to $1.6 billion in 2009.  Got news for you El Gordo, we were focusing on the BC Liberals altogether, not you, alone.  We were hoping you were going to announce a snap election and we could have settle our account with the government on its handling of the HST.

"equivalency agreement" = "federal and provincial harmonized environmental assessment review process"  Page 4 of 4 under the heading of Chapter 25  Conclusion

also known as, and makes it damn difficult to find on the internet

file p346/1298051479655_ce9aa863107471a79fc557ec873981599ff56b902f4aef8a7daeeb5024c53d37.pdf

Key outcomes of the federal and provincial harmonized environmental assessment review process include the promotion of sustainable development and the identification and mitigation, to the extent possible, of the Project’s potential adverse environmental, social, health, heritage and economic effects.

Executive Summary include four photographs/sketches on Pages 83, 84, 85, 86

And we all know that a picture, is worth a thousand words, eh....

The Source for all of the above is found here.   Item #5 of 138

and for additional reading using the same search Criteria

Check out # 54  and specifically look at pages 23 and 24 of this following document
Stream crossing planning guide (northeastern BC).  From 2004

And then ask yourself: Is the Federal Environment review process including an approved British Columbia guideline for stream crossings?

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Christy is right, the BC Liberals did have pre-election jitters before the 2005 elections

If the BC Liberals lose in 2013, the NDP have already suggested that there will be an investigation, a Royal Commission???, into the sale of BC Rail.   Christy Clark says that its to be expected that there will attrition.... of BC Liberal MLAs leaving well before the Election Writ is signed, sealed and delivered.   10 BC Liberals have indicated that they are leaving the fold.

Could it be that the raid of the Legislature in 2003, prompted a few prominent Ministers to bail out?  First one to announce her intention was none other than Christy Clark (Deputy Premier)(Children and Families), so too for Gary Collins (Finance)(House Leader)(Campaign Co-Chair), and then Judith Reid (Transportation), all involved in the BC Rail deal, where CN Rail was the winner, decided by Gordon Campbell's Cabinet unanimously. 

The BC Liberals won in 2005.

Was there really a need for Christy to go in 2005, because if the answer is YES, then there should be a law that says that candidates who have a child, or a grandchild, under eight years of age, they should be allowed to run to be a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), but only to sit on the back benches, not as a Minister.   We lost Christy, then Gary, and now we're losing Kevin.  All that training to take on the role as a Minister for the Province of British Columbia, squandered, with less than a year to go to the next election.

2009 was another scary election year for the BC Liberals.  There was even talk that officials associated with the BC Liberal government, were shredding documents, intended for use in the BC Rail Trial.  And then the HST was introduced after the election.

 GONE, GONE, GONE: Although government is quick to point out that no elected officials are implicated in the ever-morphing legislature raids saga, it is worth noting that the three ministers with connections to the biggest story of 2004 are now gone from cabinet.

Judith Reid, the former transportation minister whose assistant Bob Virk is facing charges related to the B.C. Rail deal, was dropped from cabinet in January after announcing she wouldn't run for re-election. Christy Clark, the high-profile deputy premier and children and families minister, resigned her cabinet post in September and said she wouldn't seek re-election because she wanted to spend more time with her young son. The home office of her brother, Bruce Clark, was searched as part of the raids and her husband, Mark Marissen, voluntarily turned over documents to police.

Finally, former finance minister, house leader and Liberal election campaign co-chair Gary Collins abruptly resigned from government in mid-December to spend more time with his family and run Harmony Airways. Collins' former ministerial assistant Dave Basi is facing charges of fraud, breach of trust, accepting a bribe and influence peddling, most of them relating to the B.C. Rail bidding process. Basi is also facing marijuana possession and cultivation charges.

It should also be noted that none of the aforementioned cabinet ministers are subjects of police investigation and neither is Bruce Clark or Marissen.

COINCIDENCE? NDP Leader Carole James says the departure of the Liberal power trio raises many questions. Not only about the raids but also about the departees' confidence in the direction of government.

 "When you see the three main ministers who were involved in this deal not running again or having already stepped out, I think it has to bring up questions in the public's mind," James said. "It's a question that everybody is asking. It can't simply be a coincidence is what people are saying to me."
James said the charges raise disturbing questions about this government.

 "If the allegations are true, how could something like this go on in a major minister's office -- in the finance minister's office, in the transportation minister's office -- in a deal that was one of the major deals according to the Liberals themselves," James said. "You'd think they would be watching a deal like that very carefully."  - Times Colonist - Jan 2, 2005

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Its neither 4:00pm on Friday nor a long weekend, and the BC Liberals are making announcements.

Could it be that Falcon is resigning because he can't balance his Budget?

Surprise move on the part of Christy Clark, having appointed Shirley Bond to fill the shoes of the recently departed Attorney General Barry Penner and then also the shoes of the Solicitor General.... who was that now....Kash Heed or Rich Coleman.....and now Bond is taking over the Finance Ministry....

The least Christy Clark could have done was to re-hire "not-on-my-radar" Colin Hansen as Minister of Finance or.... has he already tendered his resignation as far as running in 2013?   Hansen would have at least learned his lesson from the HST debacle where the majority of BC Liberals, Martyn Brown being the exception, still blame the voters for the $1.6 billion that the Conservatives Fed..... to the BC Liberals.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Twenty years before Campbell sold BC Rail, Bill Bennett floated the same deal, but for more money.....

Interesting, isn't it, just how much the public can get so wrapped up about one lousy little election Promise, where Gordon Campbell said he Wouldn't sell BC Rail, and then he did.   He Broke his New Era Promise.    ..... we should have all guessed that HST was another .......just ask Martyn Brown....

Campbell continually tried to sell the public that we still OWN the railway lines, Falcon tells the same story, and why shouldn't the Finance Minister preach the same story..... they are both, through and through, BC Liberals.

There is the question of money, the amount of money involved when the BC Liberals finally decided to go ahead and put BC Rail on the Auction Block.  It's almost like the BC Liberals, under Finance Minister Gary Collins, back then, basically picked a number out of thin air, and said..... a Billion Dollars will Do.

Of course there's the 9% Indemnity Clause that was included in the deal , adequately covered by RossK and Norman Farrell, they have that one nailed to a wall..... which is now getting closer to the Billion Dollar mark owed back, if CN Rail doesn't use the tax loophole.

Bill Bennett picked a larger number for the sale of BC Rail, ........  One and a Quarter Billion....... and we're talking in 1984 Dollars!

It was floated as an idea during a time when Bill Bennett, the Premier, said that "BC isn't for Sale!!!!"

This is what old Bill endorsed:
As at December 30, 1983 and giving effect to certain transactions occurring thereafter, the net book value of the fixed and current assets of the Railway would be $1.25 billion as disclosed in the "Pro Forma Balance Sheet of BC Rail Ltd."

Twenty years later, its the BC Liberals turn to put a price tag on the Promise not to sell BC Rail, a Cool $1,000,000,000 with only one hiccup..... a raid on the BC Legislature in regards to the BC Rail sale....... .

Wondering what kind of trinkets that was for sale in 1984 for One point Two Five Billion Dollars  would cost in 2012 dollars       $2.759 Billion!     Eight years earlier.....  2004....  $2 Billion...and El Gordo sold out for half, not even batting an eye at how the rate of inflation would have an effect on the going price twenty years later.

Inflation Calculator
From the pages of this "Offering Memorandum" there's a few facts you should know about.  The miles are now kilometers, and the rail line has more length in 2003/2004 than there was twenty years before.

Railway Assets

The Railway includes 1,775 miles of track of which 1,390 miles are main lines and the remainder are railway yards and sidings . The map on page 3 illustrates the Railway 's main lines. The Railway inter-connects with the North American railway system through interchanges with Canadian National Railway (' 'CNR' ') at Prince George, Dawson Creek and North Vancouver. By means of barge transportation , connection can be made through ocean ports at Squamish and North Vancouver to the Canadian Pacific, Burlington Northern and Union Pacific Railways.

The Railway operates 128 locomotives, of which seven are leased, and approximately 10,000 freight cars, of which 3,000 are leased.

The principal maintenance facilities for the Railway are at Squamish and Prince George. A locomotive repair shop, a car repair shop and stores facilities are at Squamish. A car repair shop, additional stores facilities, a work equipment shop, a yard office and a locomotive servicing facility are at Prince George. Administrative offices are at North Vancouver in a new building opened in 1983. Additional facilities are located at the various communities served by the Railway.

The Railway includes a separate 23-mile rail line connecting transcontinental rail carriers to Roberts Bank, the port facility for coal mines in Alberta and southeastern British Columbia. The Railway also includes a telecommunications system which provides services to BC Rail and others and a trucking fleet operated in conjunction with its piggyback service

Carloads stats for 1983 / 1982 / 1981

Hmmmm... the original sale did include the Spur line to Roberts Bank, is that why the 1984 BC Rail line was worth more than in 2003/2004 with the Roberts Bank line being "sold" off separately......

Is that what El Gordo and Gary Collins did?  They hived off the Roberts Bank portion of the 1983 number AND didn't get either appraised, for the value of the rail in 2003?


And here's a teaser for you.  In 1984 one of the Directors was .....Glenn W. McPherson!

Does the name ring a bell?     We thought it sounded familiar.

We did a search in Google using these keywords:    offering memorandum "BC Rail"  1984

Sixth result down 

Glenn McPherson Fonds
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
board member of the BC Rail Corporation. Working closely ... Biographical Information Series- CVs, handwritten memorandums, newspaper clippings .... 2-1 Scrapbook Series- “1971-1984 Vancouver Port Authority; Canada Port. Corporation ...
 Page 10 of 38

"Snip...... He became a lawyer in 1935 but only practiced for two years before moving into the public sector as legal counsel to the Custodian of Enemy Property. In 1937, this position involved redistributing property confiscated during World War One, but by 1939 he was advising the Custodian on issues related to the Second World War. As war broke out, McPherson was also recruited into William Stephenson’s (the British-Canadian spy code-named Intrepid) “Security Organization.” As part of this dual role, McPherson was responsible for deciding whether Japanese-Canadians should be interned in 1942. For the next 2 years he administered the confiscated property of the internees. As the war ended, McPherson played a central role in organizing the two Quebec Conference meetings between Roosevelt, Churchill and Mackenzie-King.

After the war, McPherson moved to the private sector as president of a series of firms in the expanding helicopter industry. While president of the BC-based Okanagan Helicopters, McPherson played a significant role in the establishment of both helicopter and lift skiing on Whistler Mountain. In the mid-1960s, he travelled to Moscow as part of a delegation investigating Soviet helicopter technology......Snip

Rich Coleman paid out $30 million to stop uranium production that are viewed as not economically feasible....Hmmmm Press Points earned, Golden, maybe

We were going over our data from SiteMeter this morning and found one visitor had spent close to 30 minutes on the Archived Postings for October 2011.  A lot was going on in that month, and surprise, surprise there was a comment on ...... Blizzard and ....... Enbridge being discussed by Minister(s), three all told, of Mines, in April of 2006.... and Kitimat.... and Douglas Channel.

First Blizzard, or rather Coleman as Minister of Energy, who obviously hadn't read this report, OPEN FILE 1990-32 from October 1990 and presented to Hon. Jack Davis, Minister of Mines:

.........The Blizzard, Cup Lake, Hydraulic Lake, Haynes Lake, Fuki and other stratabound, basal uranium occurrences lie in fossil stream-channel sandstones and conglomerates in the Okanagan Highland and are between 1 and 4 million years of age. Even younger deposits, which are still forming today, include the many surficial uranium-enriched post-glacial organic-rich basins located along the west side of Okanagan Lake. They include the Prairie Flats, Covert Basin, Sinking Pond and North Wow Flat occurrences.

Of the 182 known uranium and thorium occurrences in British Columbia, only a few have the grade and tonnage to have economic potential. These include the Rexspar deposit, some of the stratabound, basal deposits and possibly the placer and surficial deposits. Total in situ uranium in British Columbia is estimated at over 7400 tomes of uranium. However, due to the availability of high-grade large-tonnage deposits elsewhere in the World and Canada, such as those in northern Saskatchewan, uranium production from deposits in British Columbia may not be economically feasible in the foreseeable future.

The main purpose of this report is to document the known uranium and thorium occurrences. The information may be useful to geological researchers and explorers, land use planners and environmental health planners.  - Page 3 of the PDF called OF1990-32 
Makes one wonder why Coleman made all the fuss in the Legislature that HE had to pay the higher of two estimates of the value of Blizzard, $30 million or $2 million.  Coleman, on the steps of the courthouse, chose $30 million.  Seems like the typical past time for the BC Liberals, when it comes to being anywhere near a Court House, is always shoot high with taxpayers monies.   eg.   $6 million for Basi and Virk?

Wheres the report, done By either Coleman or Blizzard, on economically feasibility of mining for Uranium in BC, when there are HIGH-GRADE ... LARGE-TONNAGE deposits elsewhere. Enbridge has been snooping around our resource wonderland for years, and the BC Liberals have been selling our resources willy-nilly without keeping the public up to date.... or rather its because of Enbridge's recent track record on massive oil spills, that has the public starting to ask questions, pertinent questions, as just why they are being permitted to be involved in British Columbia, at all.

From the Archived Posts of October 2011 again, not even a year ago:
Here's the Hansard report from the search criteria above contained within the three pages.   Ministers come, Ministers go, but the topics remain the same.... so.... one needs not look for Rich Coleman (he Wasn't the Minister for Energy), but for LNG.  Searching Hansard for LNG or Douglas Channel, will give this:
Page 75 of 77


I know there are different views, as there are in the non-aboriginal community. There are different views about development of anything. But oil and gas…. I know that the Haisla are actively working with a company to have an LNG port. That's at Kitimat, where LNG tankers, some of the largest in the world, will travel the Douglas Channel also.  There are some things happening that I think are positive in the long run for everyone, but as I said earlier, we'll be ever vigilant in regards to issues regarding tanker traffic. I believe the Ministry of Environment estimates are up in the other House. As far as the cleanup and those kinds of things going from the ferry sinking, I would encourage the member to actually ask those questions of that minister. That's his responsibility, along with the Coast Guard........
Page 75 of 77

But really, the paragraph above is just the start of verbal jousting between Neufeld, Minister of energy and MLA Coon on Enbridge.    Read on.....

Monday, August 27, 2012

BC Crown Corporations for 2011 are Carbon Neutral.... sort of, after paying out $2,420,425!

We've already shown, in an earlier Post, that the Minister of Education is forcing hundreds of schools to be Carbon Neutral.  That's hundred of thousands of Dollars of OUR school property taxes that should have been used to TEACH students and/or PROVIDE a roof over students heads. But, oh no, Christy Clark's government is no different than that of her predecessor, Gordon Campbell.

Its time for the BC Liberals to be turfed out!

BC Transportation Investment Corporation (page 15 of 16), the same outfit that is building the $3.2 Billion Port Mann Bridge II.  How did they manage to keep a lid on taxpayers dollars when it came to remaining almost Carbon Neutral..... hmmmmm.   $1,675     Doesn't see right, when taking a look at each school board's contributions like say .... Cowichan (Page 9 of 9)(Total offset investment: $71,400).   Maybe the Education Minister's next plan to curb expenses, is to replace all of the School Boards with Engineers who build bridges and highways, or the three guys who run TIC.

We saw, that as of last week, just how many ICBC managers were being hired, during a time of recession, during a time when Finance Minister Kevin Falcon said he was tightening the belt on everywhere, well almost everywhere, except at ICBC.   Looks like there's plenty of money to be spent at ICBC, to become Carbon Neutral.   It looks like Community Living Managers, somehow, found itself in the same league as ICBC Managers, but the public, those that are supposed to be kept abreast in an Open and Transparent way, were told by Christy Clark and her Minister, that the managers raises were cut..... but turns out, they weren't.

2011 Carbon Neutral Action Reports: Crown Corporations

British Columbia’s Crown corporations vary in size from less than 10 employees to over five thousand; therefore, their actions and plans also vary considerably. A common thread is the recognition that small actions add up and that Crowns have a unique role to play in helping British Columbians understand both the risks and potential impacts of climate change, as well as the actions that individuals can take to reduce energy and fuel use.

2011 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Offset Investment

Crown corporations GHG Emissions by Source - 2011
In 2011, Crown corporations produced a total of 158,361 tonnes CO2e from all sources covered by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act.
In order to become carbon neutral for the 2011 calendar year, Crown corporations invested $2,420,425 in 96,817 tonnes CO2e of carbon offsets from Pacific Carbon Trust.
Please note that B.C. Transit’s public transit bus emissions must be reported but are not required to be offset under section 4(2)(c) of the Carbon Neutral Government Regulation of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act.

Carbon Neutral Action Reports  

          "Total offset investment" per Crown Corporation $$$$$

*All Carbon Neutral Action Reports are available as PDFs.
Many public sector organizations already have existing sustainability reporting mechanisms that provide significant detail on their programs, so the Carbon Neutral Action Reports were designed to meet regulatory requirements without requiring duplicate reporting.
 Index for all of the years of reporting, where only 2011 is noted above......    why not click on the other three years of reporting to see if the numbers, compared to 2011,have been going UP or DOWN.  They should be going down from the first IMPACT year of 2008/2009, when El Gordo thought about dropping the boom on all those in receipt, of British Columbia taxpayers dollars.....


Saturday, August 25, 2012

If Britain's Colonies were Nudist Colonies, would Post Media newspapers report how Prince Harry rocks his rocks in his "castle"?


  1. (of writing, pictures, or talk) Treating sexual matters in an indecent way.
  2. Lustful; lecherous: "his salacious grin faltered".

Not quite sure what the authors, Victoria Ward and Nick Allen, of the Daily Telegraph, are trying to wring out of "Prince Harry bares all" story, re-cycled in the Vancouver Sun.  ..... Weren't they part of Britain's frenzy feeding Press' paparazzi that hunted down his mother, Princess Diana, which contributed to her premature death in a Paris tunnel in France?

Has media mogul Rupert Murdoch really suffered enough, shamed enough, so much so, that his cubs of the dogs, of the hacking scandal, have been let off their leashes?  Is the Press free to roam, to begin again, the daily task of gathering news?

We were taken aback,  when we learned on early Tuesday morning, that the Vancouver Sun Editor was announcing on page A2, no less,  that the Post Media newspapers admitted to feeling the economic pinch, still, which now requires them to announce this on my paid subscription dime:

 "Sun starts metering its online content" and "Print subscribers will have free, unlimited access to the website".

"This new "metered" system will help generate revenue to invest in the insightful, award winning print and digital journalism expected from the biggest and best news team in Western Canada.  We remain committed to investigative reporting and working to ensure transparency from governments and public agencies." 

Just how does plastering a plastered prince in what Prince Harry considered to be a private place of residence, his Castle, his home on the road anywhere in the world, somehow ends up on the Vancouver Sun's Section B pages?

As a daily subscriber to the Vancouver Sun, and The Province, we don't pay for this kind of despicable invasion of privacy rot reporting, we've had quite enough of this bottom of the garbage can reporting!

Its as bad as hacking.  Leaves one wondering if the the Post Media permits hacking?

Two days ago the Vancouver Sun Editor made a PROMISE, to subscribers, that the newspaper would be remaining committed to "investigative reporting and working to ensure transparency ......"   my goodness,  transparency shouldn't be including the word  salacious.

For example:   A more appropriate use of a teaser headline would be:

Premier Christy Clark "Unveils" in front of her window of Open and Transparent Government

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BC Liberals and the Conservatives have been hiding their "equivalency agreemtment" on Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline

The BC NDP has stated today that if elected in 2013 they will give "the federal government seven days' notice it will quit an "equivalency agreement" the Liberal government signed in 2010 that gave the federal government the right to hold a joint environmental assessment on behalf of the province."  - Vancouver Sun  (No link provided because Post Media has taken the steps to block visitors who haven't paid)   

NOTE: (We, here at the BBC, are subscription payers to the Vancouver Sun.  We're not blocked.)

Update 3:25pm   As it turns out, there has been words written on the "equivalency agreement" long before the Vancouver Sun came along today.

Update 4:31  Let's see March 14, 2011 Christy Clark is sworn in as the Premier of the British Columbia and then she turns around in three month, and a week, on June 21, 2011 and instructs her Executive Director of BC Environment to sign away her Rights, her Responsibilities to the FEDS when it comes to Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project.    

Christy Clark, you're not fit to be Premier, you're not even fit to be the butt of anymore editorial cartoons.  Resign.  Now. This is the End. Just walk on down the the Door.....

For example:

Open Letter Urging Premier Clark to Act for BC - - Mobile
23 Apr 2012 – [Editor's note: Economist Robyn Allan sent this open letter to B.C. Premier Christy ... out for or against the Northern Gateway pipeline proposed by Enbridge Inc., ... Equivalency Agreement signed between the NEB and B.C.'s ..
The link above, from the Tyee, is to the BC Environment Office

Agreement and Project Listing

On June 21, 2010, the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) and the National Energy Board (NEB) entered into an agreement (Agreement) which states the EAO will accept the NEB's environmental assessment of a proposed project (that otherwise would have to be reviewed under BC’s Environmental Assessment Act (Act)) as an equivalent assessment, and that the proposed project may proceed without a provincial environmental assessment certificate.
The following projects are subject to this Agreement. Information about these projects can be found on the NEB's website.
1. Horn River Project, s.52
Nova Gas Transmission Ltd.

2. Enbridge Northern Gateway Project, s.52
Northern Gateway Pipelines Limited Partnership

3. Dawson Project, s.58(1) Hearing
Westcoast Energy Inc.

4. Fort Nelson North Gas Processing Facility
Westcoast Energy Inc.
What lies below, both ways if you want to read them that there way...... is a copy of existing Equivalency Agreements.  Just how is the Public supposed to keep track of these documents if there are more than one official ORGAN.

Well now, when El Gordo skipped town at Harpers bidding, before he left town, did he have to sign a promissory note that gave the Feds the right to conduct an environment review on behalf of British Columbians? 

Is that why Christy Clark has been standing up in the Legislature to say...we are going to wait.... and wait..... and wait... till the Feds have done their full review?

Did Gordon Campbell sign an "equivalency agreement"???????, and where's our copy because according to the Feds own web site on:

Equivalency Agreements

CEPA 1999 Section 10 provides for Equivalency Agreements where provincial or territorial environmental legislation has provisions that are equivalent to the CEPA 1999 provisions. The intent is to eliminate the duplication of environmental regulations. Equivalency is based on the following criteria:

    equivalent regulatory standards (as determined by measurement and testing procedures and penalties and enforcement programs) and     similar provision for citizens to request investigations.

The federal government has the responsibility to report annually to Parliament on the administration of Equivalency Agreements.

Only one province, Alberta, has entered into an Equivalency Agreement with the federal government.

    An Agreement on the Equivalency of Federal and Alberta Regulations for the Control of Toxic Substances in Alberta

    This agreement was signed on June 1, 1994

Monday, August 20, 2012

Even a dollar a day is too keep CNV or anywhere

EI is just about to run out, Christy Clark isn't keeping her promise with Families first in BC, Welfare is next......Christy doesn't want her Welfare numbers to go up while Stephen's EI number go down....that what happens when Employment Insurance runs out ...that's what happened during the May 2009 provincial election....Campbell didn't want to be told by his Deputy Minister that Welfare applications had sky rocketed to 47% in the wake of the 2008 fall recession ... he didn't want to tell voters he had a problem... two actually....then he kicked us while we were down with the second and "gave" us the HST to boot........a year later.....

We need help, just for a short while folks.....and we need to keep in shape, fit for hard work, the children too ..... the NorthVanRec centre in the municipalities of the District of North Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver have the facilities that would help us.... we're willing......all we need is a Fitness membership card, with photo, bar code, date stamped...   Not just the North Shore either, there are municipalities across our Province that .........could help.

You see, there are many among our society that have paid for their membership cards, its good times for them, it will be good times for us again....but the meantime    Here's a suggestion..... its a numbers game that the Commission plays to determine which of the seven RecCentres get more money than others.  That's why the Rec Centre staff does a walk-about doing a blitz on reminding their clients to swipe their membership card, swiped their membership cards past a card reader, that then tells the RecCommissions just how much each Centre is being used which generates reports on how many staff is required, how much equipment is needed, how much maintenance has to be done.....and prepare for future development, if needed, and from where the clients hail from.

Our cards are used three days out of seven.... that's just the way it is for our family right now.  We pay full price, instead of daily use, because we ENDORSE the fine work that the RecCommission of North Shore does for our communities.   We know that there are those among us who don't have our resources ..... limited that they are ... our resources ... and we know that the REC doors are open early, earlier that when we normally rise from our beds, those same doors are left open long after we've gone to bed.  The REC  doors are open on the weekend, Sunday too (not quite as early as other days), AND we can make multiple visits in the same day, all for a full time fitness membership payment.

If we're not using the four day balance of our Fitness Membership Card, because of other commitments, why can't we share it with others, those less fortunate?

For those on Welfare, they have to come up with a $1 a day....seems like peanuts eh, ......but that's $30 a month...that's $30 that could be used for food, for shoes for the children, a meal for breakfast instead of a child going hungry to school, or for a roof over a family's head.

You might be thinking that the "four days" is already being used by North Van RecCommission to assist those who are less might be right..... but we'd like to participate, ParticipACTION in this giving, as well, not with more monies that are limited for us, but to be able to know, that the FOUR days we aren't using, IS being EXERCISED, by someone else.

Give us a document to sign that allows us to SHARE.

The form below, available out of sight, out of mind, at the 7 North Shore REC Centre counters, is for those who may ONLY be able to pay the $30 per month, all you need to do is ASK the receptionist.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hacking Rupert Murdoch's failed $12 billion British Skies deal.., well the money is now available for David Black

$12 Billion, just floating around the world's investment universe, looking for a place to land, and David Black, billionaire mogul, could use what Rupert Murdoch didn't quite manage to grasp from the streets of London.

Note:    Check out Ian Reid's The Real Story of Bitumen, Bitamen – Let’s call the whole thing off

Rupert Murdoch

Net Worth
$8.3 B As of March 2012
At a Glance
  • CEO, News Corp.
  • Age: 81
  • Source of Wealth: News Corp, Self-made (self destruct)
  • Residence: New York, NY
  • Country of Citizenship: United States
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Oxford University; Master of Arts, Oxford University
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: 6
Forbes Lists
British Columbia's Jim Pattison is holding down Forbes # 248 position


Richard Branson  Forbes # 255

British Columbia's      David Black isn't even mentioned on Forbes List, but he has a chance, if the refinery gets the go ahead.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

You're the LandOwner, and Encana et al have long planned to run their pipelines through your property......

UPDATE:  August 21, 2012    Document
Two measurements:
One: from the centre of the well pad
Two: from the centre line of the pipeline or road
If you're too ill to handle the documents with the BC Oil and Gas Commission, too bad, your land could be lost to the Oil Barons and their pipelines placed within it, based on technicalities.

One man's land was saved, just barely though, on Appeal and an extension, of time.

Kinder Morgan is planning on running a second line through Burnaby, are you Ready?

When you go to the document below do a search for the multiple occurrences of the phrase

 .... special circumstances.....

Encana refuses to see any;  The BC Legislation doesn't include any; but.....the OCG panel saw plenty

BC Government Publications
Index for:
British Columbia. Oil and Gas Appeal Tribunal
Decision - 2011

File Number Appeal Name Date Decision Issued Decision Number

Daniel Kerr v. Oil and Gas Commission(Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Third Party)
Full Text
December 12, 2011



Loiselle Investments Ltd. v. Oil and Gas Commission
(Encana Corporation, Third Party)

Full Text
October 21, 2011



Daniel Kerr v. Oil and Gas Commission(Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Third Party)
Full Text
June 27, 2011


Marilyn Gross v. Oil and Gas Commission(Murphy Oil Company Ltd., Third Party)
Full Text
June 15, 2011


Snip.... Page 6 of 7
[29] Having regard to all of the facts provided by the parties, as well as their submissions on the law, the Panel finds as follows:
• The notice was sent by regular mail;
• There is no evidence before the Panel on when it arrived at the Applicant’s address;
• Mr. Loiselle’s evidence is that he received the notice on or shortly after the appeal period expired, which is consistent with the File Note by Ms. Burke with the OGC;
• Mr. Loiselle contacted the OGC two days in a row after receiving the notice;
• The notice did not advise the applicant of the right to Appeal, contrary to Legislation;
• It appears that the Applicant wasn’t aware of the right of appeal until at least August 22nd;
• It then sought a copy of the permit;
• The permit was received on August 30th; and
• The appeal was filed on August 31st
 NOTE:  Had problems cutting and pasting
 [ 30] These circumstances, in addition to Mr. Loiselle’ ongoing and serious health issues, explain the 12-day delay in filing the Appeal and, in the Panel's View, constitutes  “special circumstances”.