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Land Use Designations in Northern British Columbia and OIL from Enbridge

Maps again, this time its Enbridge's layout of their pipeline without any reference to highways and local roads, no rivers either, nor mountains to tunnel through, and they do, tunnel through two.

Pipeline route

Then there is the Enbridge super-sonic fly-over video from Alberta, to Kitimat, professionally done.

But here we have OUR hand drawn red line edition over top of the "Land Use Designations in Northern British Columbia" version:

1991-05:     Land Use Designations in Northern British Columbia  (updated 2021-02-18)

M.L. Malott, D.V. Lefebure and A. Havard

Open File 1991-05 describes cretaceous and tertiary stratigraphy and industrial minerals in Hat Creek of Southern British Columbia (92I/12, 13, 14). Scale is at 1:800,000.

View Open File 1991-05 (PDF, 615 KB)​

As the Eagle flies

"As the Eagle flies" source Directory.

Watercourse Crossings Page 1 of 3

The proposed Northern Gateway pipeline system route traverses many watercourses, from very small brooks to large rivers. Most of the water crossings are technically straightforward and have minimal environmental impacts. The Project has established a strategic watercourse crossings team to conduct detailed site surveys at difficult crossings to ensure they can be built responsibly and with minimal impacts. The pipelines will cross 773 identified watercourses with defined bed and banks; 669 of the crossings are fish-bearing.  SNIP   Source for more
Douglas Channel, the to and fro (East and West) means by which the Oil Tankers proceed through British Columbia's Coastal waters is a Recreational area for boaters who are heading North and South, and East and West.

Enbridge is expecting to have 250 Tankers going to and fro between Kitimat and the open waters of our Coastline where none existed before.    As to whether we'll find the Coast Guard setting up a permanent Marine station, anchored, to direct traffic, we'll have to wait till Christy and Stephen sit down for "another talk at the Ice Rink" while the children play hockey.

 If you are a resident of Vancouver/North Shore, during the Cruise Ship Season, you'll often hear the toot-toot-toot-toot-toot-toot of the Cruise ships between the hours of 5pm and 6pm, as they leave Burrard Inlet.   The rat-a-tat-tooting is the Cruise ships telling the recreational boaters to get the hell out of the shipping channel.   Fortunately the same doesn't hold true for the Incoming fleet of two Cruise ships in the morning because ...... there's rarely a time when recreational boaters, professional too, are out, and about.   The same holds true for photographers and gawkers.  The best place to be standing is at Stanley Park's Prospect Point where its almost as if you can reach out and touch the passing ship(s).

Fact is, at precisely 6:24 in the morning, you might get a photo like this, and more:

The Island Princess

The Island Princess specifications and its Gross Tonnage: 88,000

Enbridge's Oil Tankers out of Kitimat statistics doesn't mention their Gross Tonnage, but there's a reassuring note from them in one report that says that their  "Vessel speed will be reduced in the marine channels to between 8 and 12 knots".

Then there's the consideration when comparisons are the media on....Tonnage Measurements of Ships.

 As to Enbridge Oil Tankers per se,
The proponent provided a description of the types of oil tankers that could operate to and from the Kitimat marine terminal. The proponent states that up to 250 large oil tankers will call at its Kitimat facility each year.  Snip

Source for the above via Google using this Search Criteria   Enbridge Gross tonnage of Oil tankers
and the link contains a whole raft of other information as well.

From a January 8, 2012 Post from the BBC:

 Snip ........ Douglas Channel has currents of only a couple knots and is quite straight. The hazardous places for tankers coming into Kitimat are getting from the open ocean to Douglas Channel....Snip   From Steve Cooley who left a Comment

 The original info above came from another one of those PAGE NOT FOUND of the Vancouver Sun's, but its all here at the BBC.

To put things in perspective, as it was done in the Vancouver Sun article that is no longer available,  a 320,000 Gross Tonnage Oil Tanker, the kind that will be going through Douglas Channel, is equivalent to the vessel being stood up on its Bow...... it would stand taller, than Vancouver's Shangri-La Hotel!

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