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Ten Proposed Projects for Kitimat 2005 - 2015 as of July 2011

There's only so much real estate to go to, for these companies, to set up shop in "Kitimat", but at least they're keeping the illustrators busy, and the Canadian Coast Guard as well.    The source for these ten proposed projects for the District of Kitimat is here.  This series of 10, is under the title of Investment Summary on Page 37, and it's from the year of 2010. 

The two previous years, 2009 and 2008, show their projections as well....steadily increasing in value as time is wasted by talking.

If, all ten Projects go ahead, will there be enough space between passing vessels at Hartley Bay?   Will the swells from the passing vessels destroy their aqua crops?

UPDATE: November 6, 2013    Annual Report 2012  Page 34 of 63

Financial Statements (Kitimat (B.C.))

Annual Report

  $2.5Billion  Rio Tinto Alcan Kitimat Modernization Project
A rendering shows what the $3.3 billion dollar Kitimat Modernization Project could look like when completed.

Aluminum, yummy, great location.
2   $3+ Billion  Kitimat LMLNG Liquefaction and export Terminal at Bish Cove displayed on #4
Apache Canada Ltd., EOG Resources Canada Inc., Encana Corporation
Kitimat LNG is poised to take advantage of Kitimat's many strengths including its strategic location serving the Asia Pacific market. The National Energy Board in Canada has approved KM LNG Operating General Partnership for a license to export liquified natural gase from Kitimat, BC. The company will be allowed to export a total of 200 million tonnes of LNG over 20 years once production at the facility commences.

<-----Sun is setting to the West. Apache/Encana Tank Farm is sitting on shores without any islands running interference.....No Douglas Channel either, looks GREAT!!

 If Northern Gateway #6 below is to the LEFT....how can Apache/Encana be to the RIGHT ????----------------> 

All the tanker traffic, 250 vessels just for Northern Gateway alone, 365 days in a year....

Water doesn't mix with oil.....that's a fact!    

Water and LNG has never been tried!
Therefore, do 320,000 DWT Tankers carrying Enbridge's OIL, mix well with Tankers carrying LNG in close spaces?    Will these tankers only operate in clear weather within our coastline fjords that don't appear to exist in renderings?... with two tugs for each vessel inbound/outbound


3   $1.285 Billion  Pacific Trail Pipeline.  
Where will the pipeline be constructed?
The project consists of an underground pipeline system between the existing Spectra Energy transmission system near Summit Lake and the propose LNG export facility in Kitimat, British Columbia.  The pipeline will be approximately 463 kilometres long.

4  Douglas Channel Gas Service Ltd., on behalf of Douglas Channel Energy Partnership, proposes to construct and operate a small-scale natural gas liquefaction facility on the west side of Douglas Channel, south of Moon Bay.   Note: #2 Bish Cove is on the same chart.

Channel West Partners Ltd ...construction of a Liquified Natural Gas facility at Emsley Cove as seen on the above image.... bottom left hand corner.

Channel West Partners Ltd. is a private Calgary based company engaged in the development of energy related projects in Western Canada. Our initial focus is to target projects which will monetize the abundant natural gas reserves in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.  The management team of Channel West brings a proven track record with expertise in project development, energy trading and marketing, pipeline development, construction and operations, environmental applications and regulatory filings, senior project management of world scale projects financing and financial modelling and First Nation negotiations.

6    $5.5 Billion Enbridge Northern Gateway marine terminal and pipeline.  And then of course there's "Cheap Charts" to more or less set the records straight.

7    $25 to 30 Million Sandhill Materials Inc. Marine Terminal  and Aggregate export operation. This company is probably hoping to develop their property before the Oil and Gas guys get the thumbs up,eh.


9   $150 Million Crab/Europa Hydroelectric Project by Ktamaat Renewable Energy Corp.  A run-of-the-river generating facility in the Gardner Canal area.  It would tie into Rio Tinto Alcan's transmission line at Kildala Arm....... talk to BC Hydro about their involvement of another high priced IPP, eh


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So Kitimat could be royally fucked if something happens in any of this... or hit the jackpot if people know how to keep it quiet like they do in Van harbour... right?

Great work.