Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Christy Clark's "Open Information" is just more gobbly-gook bookkeeping

Under Reconstruction on a daily basis

Open Information is here:  DataBC (www.data.gov.bc.ca)

But if you want to check out how Premier Christy Clark is tabulating her Expenses per month?

She does it two ways.

Once against her name, per month, then once a second time by having her name included as part of the Premier's Office and others who work within HER office, too.  Exactly the same file(s) are used.  Then for good measure you could go looking for the names of those who work in HER office but there's no cascading link between the Premier and those who work for her in HER office.   Got it?   You have to know who they are.

For the public to check up on how much Expenses a Minister, a Deputy Minister, a Ministry is racking up on the public's dime, one has to open up one file per month per person.  Like this for the premier and don't blame me for the shoddy scanning, the Premier's Office has included a blue screen over every number, I suppose its to prevent fraudulent use of the information:

If this is the way the BC Liberal Government keeps their books, I'm surprised that the Province even has, an AAA rating.

Why not provide spreadsheet like I've provided up top.  That's ONE file, with each month being rolled in as a Column  Entry for EVERYONE who is on the payroll in Victoria?   As it is there's a report being generated in the PAB for everyone who's on the list that's required to provide their Expenses.

If I find the time tonight I'll try and do an update, then of course I would have to do an update when the September information is posted for the Christy Bunch!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gooooooooood Morning Ian Hanomansing (CBC Vancouver) September 9th, 2011

I greeted Ian Hanomansing this morning as he was leaving his downtown office building.   I was on my way into the building because I wanted to know the size of the Plaza where the 2011 Vancouver Riot was born.  I had this great presequel to go along with the riot that he covered.

For those of us who hung around to see the fireworks, at home, we got it all, in living colour.  There they were, up on the battlements atop the CBC castle, the CBC crews were recording everything, probably in high definition too.   That was then.

Today there wasn't a whiff of tear gas, or black smoke from burning tires, nor was there an unruly mob to contend with, but as I took a walk around the CBC Plaza, the outdoor Stage in fact, something caught my attention, a sign, a big blue sign way off in the far corner.   Blue background, White foreground. Sign.

  Maximum weight of  100 pounds per square foot!

Lucky for me there were two workers  resetting some of the concrete slabs (approx. weight 7 lbs each), nothing to do with the riot, just normal wear and tear, especially where the concrete tiles meet the solid concrete border.  After seeing the above sign I was trying to determine how much the concrete tiles weighed, overall.  The Answer:  3,400 pounds per 100 square feet, in other words 34 pounds per square foot of paving stones.  That's Five tiles per square foot.   (Total area of plaza, close to 11,000 square feet.)

Mix in one rioter,  average build, weighing in at 180 pounds, strong enough, apparently, to take the Vancouver City Police barricades apart and use them for smashing the windows of the surrounding stores.  A rioter able enough to repeatedly bounce off the roofs of Vancouver Police Cruisers.  A rioter, Crammed into his space on the CBC Plaza of one square foot (normal is 1.5 square feet in an elevator) and the weight becomes a whopping 214 pounds, well over twice as much as the allowable amount permitted, on one square foot of real estate space ........according to the sign.

Then there is all the material that supports the paving stones to be accounted for, but I'm quite sure the Engineers who Redeveloped the CBC for $65 million, took that all into account, but did they allow for a riot, complete with police officers on horseback?

When CBC agreed to hold this event, and surely they were involved in the process, it was their private property, their liability issues to contend with, their television monitors (hauled up from California), and their insurance, did anyone at City Hall check their records of just how many people are permitted to be on the Plaza, which is over top of an underground CBC parking lot?

Did CBC in fact, get an Engineer to sign on the dotted line that everything was copacetic?

You see, if the plaza "underpinning" had failed, it wouldn't be CBC being held financially accountable, nor would it be the Insurance company, that responsibility, lies solely with the Engineer...... but if there wasn't an Engineer signature on the dotted line then who would be held accountable........ if Hell opened up, and swallowed every one whole.  There is one answer, regarding the Engineer, he may have stipulated that only 100 lbs could be on a TWO foot square space.


6-acre 'green roof' atop Vancouver Convention Centre in B.C.

by Associated Press / KATIE ZEMTSEFF - The Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce

".......The roof has 400,000 indigenous plants, 120 kilograms of seed and 80,000 planted bulbs. Grass gets cut once a year in the fall.

Layers of material form the green roof. Above the roof deck is a fluid applied hot rubber membrane, a protection layer, a drain mat layer allowing water to be directed to a drain, followed by four meters of rigid insulation, another drainage layer to keep air moving above preventing insulation degradation, and six to eight inches of growing medium.   (Note:  Not clear if that's really Four meters of rigid insulation or not.....12 feet!!)

The growing medium is made from sand dredged from the Fraser River, garden waste and lava rock. It has an exact weight of 39.6 pounds per square foot when soaking wet, to make sure the team could control the load of the roof. The irrigation system is inside this layer.

In addition to creating habitat and treating stormwater, the roof also helps to insulate the convention center. ....."   (Note: Still looking for the Environmental savings by using so much rigid insulation.)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Murder!" the headlines blared from the filing cabinets. and "Yes Mildred, there are vaccinations to cure radiation!"

I spent the afternoon sifting through filing cabinets upon filing cabinets and finally settled down to five drawers in particular, at the Vancouver Downtown Library.   My domain was the old world of the Fourth Estate, stored on the 5th floor, mixed in amongst the myriad of computers of the Fifth Estate, and a few microfiche machines from the former.   Oh, and books, lots of books too.

If enough of these clippings get read on the internet, like here, the Librarians just might have to scan the lot and drag these clippings into the future, screaming and kicking all the way.  For example: There's two drawer fulls, packed with Murders, written by the same journalists who covered the BC Rail trial.

Murderers They Wrote is their typical fare; covering a BC Government corruption case must have been BORING.

Then there was the tantalizing folder from one drawer that covered RADIATION, the same kind of stuff that's been leaking from Fukushima Nuclear Reactors since March of this year, into the oceans where our local Salmon hail from, and from the air that we breathe and the rain that falls from the clouds to water our plants and......  for us to drink.

Photos are almost good enough all on their own........... to start a riot.  Please, do read on.

A hundred years from 1957, that's 54 years to go, its going to be a tricky problem

Flip side has to do with Radiation, But McCarthy the Senator on this side, caught my attention

Question: Can a person be protected from nuclear bomb radiation in the same way he is immunized against diphtheria, polio, small pox, and many other infectious diseases?  Ans: Parke-Davis experience with the Salk anti-polio vaccine is expected to aid his search since the principle is the same.

Atomic radiation treatment of potatoes - to increase the spud's edible lifetime for a year or more, has been found possible by University of Michigan - 1953

 The above was filed under B.C. Living

Radiation from all the world's nuclear tests only equal to a single medical chest X-ray

I'll repeat that last one:Radiation from all the world's nuclear tests only equal to a single medical chest X-ray

PS    There are only five days left to get your '55 Buick for $2695 Open to Midnight every Night

Monday, September 5, 2011

premier Christy Clark's $50,000 payout for school playgrounds...... Swing Ridings too?

UPDATE Is this why West Vancouver voted so high FOR the HST but has a playground in need of jungle gyms?   down at the bottom

This is absolutely mind boggling. You'd think there would be a cross reference between an MLA and Schools..... that he/she represents.

 Alright Children, what is the name of your MLA?   We'll get to the Members of Parliament later on.

Elections BC Ridings                      School Districts in BC

You'd think that the School District Map would be the brighter one eh Christy?  Coloured to define one district from another, but no, leave that up to Elections BC, they have the money, they have the resources, to sort out the benefits to the Adults, who need to know whom to Vote for, correctly.

BACKGROUNDER from BC Liberal Government
A playground for every school
The Ministry of Education asked school districts to identify public elementary and middle schools that did not have, but wanted, a playground for their school. The following is the list of 44 schools identified that will benefit from $50,000 each in provincial funding for a new playground:
Every once in a while something makes you go Hmmm when searching on the Internet.   Like, is there a cross-over map showing a Provincial Riding compared to a School, and the answer is ..a resounding... NO, but there is something called MLA FINDER.

Once there use:     Find MLA by Postal Code:   But before you enter their postal code, or YOUR'S, you need to look up every school's Postal Code on the government list that they want to give $50,000 to, and surprisingly, the Riding that was MOST FOR the HST, West Vancouver-Capilano, the richest Riding in all of the province of BC, one school needs $50,000 for a playground.   Is it because its a PUBLIC school?..... maybe.

Are Private and Independent Schools included on the premier's short list?   Again, I hear another one of those resounding NOs.   The monies are only available to Public Schools.  The Private ones are on their own, but what about the schools that are Independent, and receive 50% funding from the Government.

Before you shake your head on the topic of Independent schools, think about this, and I've heard it plenty of times before.   There are those in our communities that say parents who want to have their children in independent schools should go it alone.  There are those in our communities, same people, who say that if the independent schools had their children in Public schools, the Public schools, overall, would be economically healthier.

Problem is the 50% funding shortfall that Independent Schools deal with now, wouldn't suddenly appear.  premier Christy Clark, and finance Minister Kevin Falcon, have already rolled that money into General Revenue.  The government doesn't have ANOTHER 50% of funding to top up the FULL payment that Public schools would demand if the children were accepted into the classrooms, or even if they had room.

Private and Independent schools are doing the taxpayers of British Columbia a favour.... the parents of those Private and Independent school children pay FULL School Taxes via their property taxes (which is 33% of the public education costs) while their children only get 50% funding from the Government.   In essence, Public schools tax monies are being diverted, used for other purposes, than what they are being collected for, by premier Christy Clark and finance Minister Kevin Falcon!

Note: The balance, 67% of education costs, is funded from other provincial revenue sources.  That's plural, and so far its been darn difficult for the BBC to find the sources here: http://www.sbr.gov.bc.ca/individual.html

The news media was out in force when premier Christy Clark made this $8 million announcement last week.


The remaining funds are slated for upgrading and replacing equipment at existing schools.

Forty-four public elementary and middle schools across the province, that do not have a playground, have been given first priority and will receive $50,000 each.
Six Schools in 3 BC Liberal stronghold Okanagan Ridings
Three Schools in 2 BC Liberal Ridings Chilliwack  SWING
Six Schools in another 3 BC Liberal Ridings Abbotsford
Two BC Liberals Riding in Richmond  SWING
School District 8 (Kootenay Lake)  63.83%  Against HST

  Trafalgar Middle School  V1L 1X8 Michelle Mungall  Nelson - Creston  NDP
School District 20 (Kootenay-Columbia)  69.62%  Against HST
  Rossland Secondary School V0G 1Y0  Katrine Conroy   Kootenay West  NDP
School District 23 (Central Okanagan)   53.70% For HST Ben; 55.58%  For HST Steve; 53.10% For HST Norm

1    Constable Neil Bruce Middle School  Ben Stewart     Westside-Kelowna BCL
2    Glenrosa Middle School  V4T 1G8   Ben Stewart     Westside-Kelowna BCL
3    KLO Middle School   V1W 3M4  Hon. Steve Thomson    Kelowna-Mission  BCL
4    Springvalley Middle School   V1X 4H3  Hon.  Steve Thomson  Kelowna-Mission BCL
5    Dr. Knox Middle School      V1V 2X9         Norm Letnick Kelowna-Lake Country   BCL
6    Rutland Middle School   V1X 3B6     Norm Letnick Kelowna-Lake Country   BCL
School District 28 (Quesnel)    58.96% Against HST

    Narcosli Elementary School V2J 6R2   Bob Simpson  Cariboo North  Independent
School District 33 (Chilliwack) 50.35% For HST Barry; 50.97% For HST John  Close, both very close

7   G.W. Graham Middle-Secondary School V2R 0B5   Barry Penner, Q.C.  Chilliwack-Hope  BCL
8   Rosedale Traditional Community School  V2R 0B5  Barry Penner, Q.C.  Chilliwack-Hope  BCL
9   Vedder Middle School                                V2R 4V2  John Les   Chilliwack   BCL

School District 34 (Abbotsford) 56.72% For HST John; 51.46% For HST Michael;  54.63% For HST Randy

10   Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts (ASIA) - V3G 2J3 John van Dongen Abbotsford South BCL
11  Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle School V2T 4N6 Hon. Michael de Jong, Q.C. Abbotsford West BCL
12    Eugene Reimer Middle School V2T 6X6  Hon. Michael de Jong, Q.C. Abbotsford West   BCL
13   WA Fraser Middle School V2S 6M6 John van Dongen Abbotsford South BCL
14   Abbotsford Middle School V2S 0A9 John van Dongen Abbotsford South BCL
15   Clayburn Middle School  V2S 8N3   Randy Hawes  Abbotsford-Mission  BCL

School District 36 (Surrey)  52.45% For HST 

16   Adams Road Elementary School     V3S 9H5   Hon. Kevin Falcon Surrey-Cloverdale
17   Hazelgrove Elementary School      V4N 1M9     Hon. Kevin Falcon Surrey-Cloverdale


School District 38 (Richmond)     63.77% Against HST John;    65.58% Against HST Linda

    Westwind Elementary School  V7E 4Y6 John Yap  Richmond-Steveston  BCL
    Daniel Woodward Elementary School V7A 4B2 Linda Reid Richmond East  BCL

School District 43 (Coquitlam) 55.61% Against HST54.63% Against HST

    Citadel Middle School  V3C 5X6    Mike Farnworth  Port Coquitlam  NDP
    Como Lake Middle School  V3J 1X8 Diane Thorne  Coquitlam-Maillardville  NDP
    Kwayhquitlum Middle School V3B 4J2   Mike Farnworth  Port Coquitlam  NDP
    Maillard Middle School V3K 2X5   Diane Thorne  Coquitlam-Maillardville  NDP


School District 46 (Sunshine Coast) Powell River-Sunshine Coast   58.24%  Against HST

 Pender Harbour Elementary-Secondary School V0N 2H1 Nicholas Simons Powell River-Sunshine Coast  NDP

School District 49 (Central Coast) 57.97% Against HST

    Oweekeno Elementary School  V0N 2P0   Claire Trevena  North Island  NDP


School District 52 (Prince Rupert)  67.18%  Against HST

    Prince Rupert Middle School   V8J 2S9  Gary Coons North Coast   NDP


School District 60 (Peace River North) 50.02% Against HST     Close, very close

    Wonowon Elementary School   V1J 4S4   Pat Pimm   Peace River North   BCL


School District 63 (Saanich)  51.35%  Against HST

    North Saanich Middle School  V8L 3H9  Murray Coell  Saanich North and the Islands  BCL


School District 64 (Gulf Islands)  51.35%  Against HST

    Phoenix Alternative Elementary School    V8K 2K8  Murray Coell  Saanich North and the Islands  BCL


School District 67 (Okanagan Skaha) 50.49%   Against HST;    Close, very close

    McNicoll Park Middle School      V2A 3Z1   Hon. Bill Barisoff Penticton BCL
    Skaha Lake Middle School       V2A 3T1   Hon. Bill Barisoff Penticton  BCL


School District 71 (Comox Valley)  53.45% Against HST

    Brooklyn Elementary School - Cape Lazo Campus  V9M4G2  Hon. Don McRae Comox Valley  BCL


School District 72 (Campbell River) 57.97% Against HST

    Phoenix Middle School      V9W 3Z9  Claire Trevena  North Island  NDP

    Southgate Middle School      V9W 1W6   Claire Trevena  North Island  NDP


School District 79 (Cowichan Valley) 55.55% Against HST

    Mount Prevost Middle School V9L 4E7  Bill Routley  Cowichan Valley  NDP


School District 82 (Coast Mountains)  66.74% Against HST

    Mount Elizabeth Middle School V8C 1E9   Robin Austin Skeena  NDP
    Skeena Junior Secondary School   V8G 3C1  Robin Austin Skeena  NDP


School District 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap) 50.16% For HST Leadership/Premier material here Hmm

    Silver Creek Elementary  V1E 4M1  Hon. George Abbott   Shuswap  Minister of Education  BC Liberal


School District 91 (Nechako Lakes)     53.32% For HST
45 children    Mapes Elementary School  V0J 1S0  John Rustad  Nechako Lakes    BC Liberal

School District 93 (Conseil scolaire francophone)  64.52% For HST Ralph; 55.19% Against HST John

    École André Piolat (North Vancouver)   V7N 2L9   Ralph Sultan   West Vancouver-Capilano BC Liberal
    École des Navigateurs (Richmond)  V7C 3R1 John Yap  Richmond-Steveston  BC Liberal

 Two thirds of the Riding is in West Vancouver, One third is in North Vancouver.  Did the HST vote split along landlord/tenant lines?

The school in need of the playground, is on the eastern most edge of Ralph Sultans Riding.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Christy commits $8 million for playgrounds to "Elementary and Middle Schools". Middle Schools?

UPDATE at Bottom: Basically, CTVBC doesn't mention the MIDDLE school but does say that there are ALSO going to be 100 playgrounds included in the $8 million hand-out over the next two years.  Vancouver Sun says MIDDLE school, CTVBC says 100 playgrounds..... does this mean something other than Schools??????

UPDATE to an UPDATE     Chris Olson is on OUR side now, YES that Olson is on OUR side now.

 Chris Olson gives us the complete list of Schools who have needed playground equipment since Education Minister Christy Clark didn't take the time to.  The strange, or maybe I should say Odd thing, is that these are Ridings that need to be swung back to the BC Liberal fold since the results of the HST vote was taken just a week ago.   Hmmmmm    What did the BC Liberal candidate for the Leadership of the Party say on the topic of the HST....something about using tax dollars to bribe the tax payers.....
Christy Clark said: "We aren't going to be talking about trying to reduce it by a point or two before the referendum. I mean, I think people will see that as buying them with their own money."
 Forty-four elementary and middle schools in B.C. that don't have playgrounds will be the beneficiaries of new provincial funding to build jungle gyms, slides and climbing structures for kids, Premier Christy Clark announced Friday in Delta.  Vancouver Sun

Photo Op Christy hasn't mentioned that it was SHE as the Minister of Education that wiped out the antiquated playground equipment without providing funding for new equipment.  Looks like they took the knife too far, again.

The thing is, in her photo op write up in the Vancouver Sun this Saturday morning, there are Forty-four elementary and middle schools that will be the recipients over the next two years.

Just in case you don't remember the pecking order of school levels it goes something like this:

Pre-School........ Before Grade One  (not even mentioned)

Elementary      Grades One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

Middle School  Grades Seven, Eight, Nine

High School     Grades   Ten, Eleven, Twelve

The Photo Op was at an Elementary School in Delta South......... its one of those Ridings where they voted NO to keep the HST.

Christy says she isn't going to call an election this Fall, but she certainly is in an active campaign mode right now....why else would she, the Leader of the BC Liberal Party, the premier of the Province of BC, show up at the playground with  her BC Liberal Party entourage, but not take the time, or common decency, to invite the MLA for the Riding, one Vicki Huntington who sits as an Independent.

It was a close race in 2009, and from the looks of what happened during the HST vote, Wally Oppal should have been a shoe in and still be an MLA and the Attorney General stonewalling inquiries with... no money here for the Pickton Inquiry.

George Abbott, the Education Minister was there, so too was Kevin Falcon, the Finance Minister.

Its been widely reported, now, that Christy sent out a plea to SEND MORE MONEY I NEED A FIX so that her party's depleted war chest will be ready in two years time.   I wonder where the money went to after the last election, after the leadership race where they have a reported 35,000 @ $10 per new member filling their coffers.... did it get spent on fighting the HST radicals?

Forty-four elementary and middle schools will receive provincial funding to build jungle gyms, slides and climbing structures for kids.....  and the MIDDLE SCHOOL  kids in grades 7, 8, and 9 will have to do what with their jungle gyms, slides, and climbing structures.

If possible, with the Finance Minister and Education being present at this wonderful gathering, could either of them give the public a list of these needy 44 schools because its starting to look like the Child Car Seat Caper which Gordon Campbell organized in November of 2008 to Boost his chances of a third term in 2009.

By the way El Gordo was so shook up by that incident on Booster seats, where public funds were spent on BC Liberal Ridings ONLY, that they've yanked the official photographs off of the internet.

And not to beleaguer the point of how the HST went down, its quite clear where the jungle gyms and swing ridings are, and just what lengths that premier Christy Clark will go to win them back, even on the backs of children.

Can't quite believe it still, Delta South, the Vancouver Shaughnessy of the lowlands, not having a PAC strong enough to find the monies from the adults....

Fri Sep 02, 03:11 PM

$8-million playground pledge irks striking teachers


Premier Christy Clark announced the funding for 44 new playgrounds and 100 playground upgrades on Friday, calling the jungle gyms "an extension of the classroom."
The funding will mean all elementary schools in the province will have a playground for their students.

Now here's the thing, the Vancouver Sun included Middle Schools, CTVBC didn't, PLUS CTVBC did mention 100 playgrounds and the Vancouver Sun DIDN'T.

Who's right?  Did the Vancouver Sun reporter misinterpret the BC Liberal hand-out from Pamela Martin, or did CTVBC read it a different way?