Thursday, June 22, 2017

British Colmbia's Clerk of the House says the Speaker must remain non-partisan. Is fund raising for one party over two others ... non-partisan?

The former Speaker of the House was MLA Linda Reid

The Speaker is entitled to be addressed as the  Honourable

The Speaker is a non-partisan MLA

So pray tell why the Honourable Speaker Linda Reid was fund raising, for a partisan event and just what did the Speaker say .... to the donors?

Today's BC Liberals

Thursday, Sept 25 - 6pm - 9pm

Dinner With the Hon. Linda Reid

Please join the Hon. Linda Reid and the Richmond East Riding Association for a multi-course Chinese dinner at the Continental Seafood Restaurant (a donor too).

PROCEEDS to benefit the Richmond East Riding Association for the 2017 Provincial Campaign.

The member who is elected Speaker does not become a non-party member of the Legislative Assembly.  However, the Speaker does not play a politically partisan role and exercises restraint in any comments they make outside the House. The Speaker must be prepared to assert independence from the government to ensure that the rights of all sides of the House are protected in the course of the parliamentary process. This is reinforced by the Speaker not attending caucus meetings nor party conventions.

 Where was that same Clerk of the House when the Speaker was out fund raising for the BC Liberals?

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