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MLA Kootenay Bill Bennett, favoured electricity generated from Coal, and then LNG, but the BCUC said...

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British Columbia Utilities Commission
Duke Point Power       News Release, February 17, 2005

British Columbia Utilities Commission
In The Matter of British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority Call for Tenders for Capacity on Vancouver Island and Review of Electricity Purchase Agreement: Reasons for Decision to Order No. E-1-05

Meanwhile back on Kootenay Bill's Ranch, two Years Earlier, ......  Coal fired .... IPP

November 18, 2003 Bennett Backs Legislation Preventing the Sale of BC Hydro

Liberal Party of British Columbia. Caucus. Kootenay Caucus Committee Press Release

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November 19, 2003 Santori Announces Funding to Study Waneta Corridor Upgrade
November 18, 2003 Bennett Backs Legislation Preventing the Sale of BC Hydro
November 14, 2003 McMahon Opens Kicking Horse Canyon Office, Tours Construction
November 14, 2003 Letter to the Editor: Wendy McMahon on Bill79
November 8, 2003 Suffredine Outraged Over Groups Boycotting BC Wood in China
October 9, 2003 Road Improvements Ongoing in Kootenays, says Suffredine
October 7, 2003 McMahon Recognizes Canadian Mountain Guides in Legislature
October 6, 2003 Bennett Makes RecommendationsTo Reduce Fire Fuels
September 30, 2003 Police Funding Model Gives Communities Three Years to Prepare
September 15, 2003 Kootenay Caucus, Communities Set Priorities
September 11, 2003 Kootenay Caucus Holds Regional Meeting in Trail Saturday
May 2y, 2003 Kootenays Already Seeing Olympic Benefits, says Suffredine
May 2, 2003 McMahon Applauds Focus on Rural Schools
April 17, 2003 Sturgeon Restoration Supported Wth Grant, says Suffredine
April 17, 2003 McMahon Name Kootenay Caucus Chair
February 26, 2003 Bennett Leads Olympic Opportunities Conference
February 13, 2003 Transportation Strategy Announced

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