Monday, September 12, 2016

W.A.C Bennett Dam has its $121 Million SinkHole to contend with. How about BC Hydro's Buntzen Lake Sinkhole?

We were out for a walk today, Buntzen Lake's 10 kilometre loop trail.

We came across a situation that reminded us about an earlier POST regarding BC Hydro:
With a 8.0 tremor, would the Williston Reservoir create a Grand Canyon II in Alberta/Northwest Territories?

BC Hydro, again, at Buntzen Lake:

Would a sinkhole create a landslide which would create a tsunami that would breach BC Hydro's intake and drain Buntzen Lake altogether into Indian Arm, .... and knock out a FREE "supply of electricity for generations"?

Laila Yuile has W.A.C. Bennett Dam covered.  BC Hydro sinkhole #1

DANGER Unstable Slopes    Keep Back ..... from the fence????

Underneath the rock is daylight below, a lake too.  Watch where you step!!!!

49° 21.887'N 122° 51.252'W
Just how unstable is this section of the trail?  Can't we use the BC Hydro 'Power Road' above? Or is it just as dangerous for motor vehicles?


Metro Vancouver in background,   "Say Nuth Khaw Yum Provincial Park" [aka Indian Arm Park] in foreground

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