Friday, September 30, 2016

BC ORL: 'Had I been focusing on this particular report alone ......'

Blair Lekstrom

[44]  Had I been focusing on this particular report alone, I would have been inclined to levy the penalty at $3000.  However, since the lobbyist is facing THREE separate administrative penalties which, together, will be the LARGEST penalty issued by the ORL to date, I have exercised my discretion to set the amount in this case at $2,000.


1.   The alleged contravention has been substantiated.  Under s. 7.2(2) of the LRA I find that the lobbyist contravened s. 3(1) of the LRA when he failed to file the return within the legislated timelines.

2.   For failing to comply with s. 3(1) of the LRA, the lobbyist has been assessed an administrative penalty of $2,000.

3   The lobbyist must pay this penalty no later than November 5, 2015.

4   If the lobbyist request reconsideration under s. 7.3 of the LRA, he is to do so within 30 days of receiving this decision by providing a letter in writing directed to the Registrar of Lobbyist at the following address, setting out the grounds on which consideration is requested:


Upon Reconsidering of Penalties


Blair Lekstrom:
Senior Advisor to the chairman of HD Mining Penggui Yan

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