Friday, September 9, 2016

Metro Vancouver WaterWorks fixed at Lost Lagoon, meanwhile up at Cleveland Bridge ....... the Damn Bridge

The sign says Dam, and it looks like a Dam .... but

The Damn Dam is a Damn Bridge looking West

The Damn Dam is a Damn Bridge looking to the East

The truck slowly making its way through the DAMN scaffolding was done without a flagperson, not that there was that many people in the area, but it was open to the general public...

The point is, why wasn't there someone helping the driver to maneuver between the opposing 'legs' of the supporting scaffolding when over on the west construction PARKING lot there was someone, assisting.

Low Tide at the Reservoir  September 2016

High Tide at Reservoir January 2017

Cleveland Dam Drum Gate Recoating Project

How does Cleveland Dam's "Best in Class" Park Deroche and WestCan Scaffolding Inc compare to Site C contractors?

And talking about dams, and Construction Safety Management Plan, eg. Site C Dam

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Has anyone seen the inside of the source of the Capilano River, immediately downstream of the Damn Bridge?  Is it a gated community?

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