Monday, November 28, 2022

CBC 1964 "Cariboo Country - The Education of Phyllistine" with Nancy Sandy and Chief Dan George

 If you want to wile a way a bit of time, here is a link to  245 Photos,  with captions: date, who, where

CBC Vancouver Archives

Historic photographs documenting early TV production and Vancouver.


March 1964.  (Cariboo link updated) Production still for "Cariboo Country - The Education of Phyllistine" with Nancy Sandy (2021) and Chief Dan George.  (CBC/Franz Lindner)
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Guess WHO


e.a.f. said...

When I watched that espisode, it was the only one which stayed with me for the rest of my life. It was also my first exposure to knowing Indigenous children had to go to seperate schools from us, white European descent kids.

Later in life I met an Inidgenous person who had to fight to have her children admitted to public school in the Interior, even though she lived in town, off reserve, and worked for the federal government.

I remember some of the cast from other CBC and Art Club Theatre plays. By now most of the cast, crew and CBC staff have long passed because some wheren't that young when they made the t.v. series. Some of the cast also appeared in the CBC radio show, Dr. Bundolo in the 1970s

e.a.f. said...

Thank you for posting all the pictures! It was like running through my life. I knew some of the people in the pictures. Remember when the granville and oak st bridges were all built--Oak St. bridge had a toll on it. The studio used for the radio dramas, there was one in Hotel Vancouver. You went in a side entrance which faced the street which faced the Court House and went up stairs to the second floor.

Granville St. looked great back then. Recall being on the bus at night going home and looking back once the bus was on the Granville St. bridge and seeing all the lights in downtown.

It was fun to see a picture of Latremoule when young and Wasserman. Started reading Wasserman's column when I was a kid. Loved it. Remember Wasserman's columns which advocated for the right to an abortion. Recognized the names of some of the female entertainers... Leo and Me, yes that show I do recall.

The pictures of downtown taken from the top of the B.C. Electric Building, reminded me of when our Mom took us to the top floor so we could see everything in downtown from that height. (If one of your parents worked for B.C. Electric you could go to the top floor and go to the window and look out.

I'll have to save this post for the pictures. Amazing and thank you again.

NVG said...

e.a.f., we must be about the same age...... Was Miss Roy at Lord Tennyson your Grade One Teacher too? The Vancouver School Board has named a new school after her in the False Creek area. About four years ago, on one of my walks, I came across a class outing (from the new school) and couldn't help but brag that I was one her pupils......, my brother, older, too. The look on the teachers' faces was like ...... YOU must be OLD. Well near 80 now, but not OLD

You might want to check out Tom Carter, painter, website

He uses the old photos, and brings them to life.