Wednesday, August 10, 2022

"Any of my images are available for download in exchange you make a donation to a wildlife charity, ..

  ........ such as International Bird Rescue" (


Interesting concept, one that ensures that the wildlife which are in the greatest need, receive the greatest care.

'Nature as Art' photographer is providing a means for the public to donate to a rehab in exchange for any one of his many images

Other professional photographers might want to follow suit.

As it is, I can't stop looking at these 4 videos:  

A Family of Barred Owls

Baby Sooty Grouse

Pygmy Owl Hooting

Bighorn Sheep and ...

  Nature as Art


 Nature as Art Video

Download Information

Any of my images are available for download.  I only request you make a donation to a wildlife charity, such as International Bird Rescue (

Contact me to discuss the details.

 Mark K. Daly

'About Me'

 I have had a lifelong passion for nature.  I graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1992 with an M.Sc. in genetics, and have built my career in the life sciences.  I currently work for Dovetail Genomics, a start-up based in Northern California specialized in building plant and animal genome assemblies for biologists studying evolution, conservation and other disciplines.  In my off-time, I get out in the field as much as possible, primarily photographing birds and wildlife.

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 Locally, Metro Vancouver's wildlife charity is  

 Wildlife Rescue

Your donation supports our efforts to care for and rehabilitate an annual average of 5,000 wild animals representing 150 species. Together, we are giving injured, orphaned and pollution-damaged wildlife a second chance at life.


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