Friday, March 2, 2018

'Global Map of the Wind' Track the next Simushir destination into Haida Gwaii waters and coastline

 Global Map of the Wind
Centred on North Vancouver BC

Instead of having your wall mounted television turned off, or on and looking for the latest political fallout in Victoria or Ottawa or Washington D.C. ...... why not set it to see how the wind blows with an intensity that might be catastrophic for floundering vessels within our coastal waters that are adrift, or sunk already with their Diluted Bitumen heading for our coastline.   
Say Goodbye to the Simushir
Six years ago there was the Russian cargo vessel,  Simushir, that was adrift due to their total loss of power and nobody knew whether it would clear Haida Gwaii or not and then end up being run aground with its bunker fuel being spewed out to drift north into Alaskan waters.   Availability of a tug large enough to corral the vessel was non existent.  No preparation on the part of the Coast Guards.

October 22, 2014 Post:
Marine Traffic Trending up the BC coast; Environmental protection is where?
Page 34 Source: Environmental Trends in British Columbia 2007

Reminiscence of that fiasco brought back memories of what happened in 1988 when a barge was punctured by its tug off of Washington's coast.  Google Search Criteria Nestucca oil barge leak.

Our post on the Nestucca in 2012 
 Location The collision occurred approximately 3 kilometres off the coast of Washington, near Gray’s Harbor. Oil came ashore in discontinuous patches mainly in Canada on Vancouver Island - from near Victoria in the southeast to near Cape Scott in the north.
Time and Date of Incident
December 23, 1988 in the early morning.
Product/Quantity Spilled 1
An estimated 87,400 litres (5500 barrels) of Bunker C oil.

Earth Wind Map for the curious: Dronists, Hang Gliderists and Sailorists
2018-03-02  14:44

Clicking on EARTH results in more information

Earth Wind Map with a touch of Temperature



The North West Passage looks clear of Wind today compared to other places to the south.  Is that why China is building all those icebreakers to meet their customers demand?

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