Monday, March 5, 2018

Are Real Estate Agents (in Metro Vancouver) required to disclose murders on their properties?

Bit on the macabre side here tonight but there must be fairly good odds that sellers in this super hot market may not be disclosing homicides that happened either recently about the history of one or two bodies in the attic, or in the kitchen, or down in the basement or in the garage.

Is there a requirement by the real estate agent to declare that information to a prospective buyer?

Would the knowledge effect the price?

Does the seller have to declare that information to the agent(s)?

UPDATE: March 13, 2018  - Globe and Mail BC Court Rules in favour of buyer who walked away from real estate deal over fatal shooting on property

A woman who failed to disclose to the buyer of her house the shooting death of her son-in-law outside the family’s Vancouver home has lost a lawsuit she filed against the purchaser, who walked away from the $6-million deal when she learned about the crime.  

Has that sort of data been collected by the Real Estate industry?

Metro Vancouver Homicides

Downtown Vancouver looks just as deadly as East Vancouver with Point Grey being the safer of the three, but then  again there is the matter of Shaughnessy and it's infamous unsolved murder at 3851 Osler of one Janet Smith in 1924.

The Vancouver Sun's Homicide Database  has four and four hundred and forty more, not counting Janet Smith from 1924.

The year is marked with similar Coloured Push Pins

The Vancouver Sun's full list of all murders committed in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley in 2018 (red circles), 2017 (black stars), 2016 (brown pointers), 2015 (orange pointers), 2014 (aqua pointers), 2013 (purple pointers), 2012 (blue pointers), 2011 (green pointers), 2010 (yellow pointers) and 2009 (red pointers).

If the homicides happened in a vehicle  ....... the price is .....


e.a.f. said...

purchasing and moving into a home which has had a death is considered "bad luck" for some. On the other hand, if its a good deal, its a good deal. Smudge the house and move on.

Am aware the seller has to disclose is a house has been used as a grow op, but the rest, who knows. Given what is going on in the Lower Mainland these days it might be important to know who once lived there and what went on there. Just in case put a big sign up out front, BAD GUYS MOVED. Don't shoot.

Anonymous said...

SMITH, JANET KENNEDY, servant, diarist, and alleged murder victim; b. 25 June 1902 in Perth, Scotland, daughter of Arthur Mitchell Tooner Smith and Johanna Benzies; d. unmarried 26 July 1924 in Point Grey (Vancouver).

Janet Smith is best remembered for her suspicious death and the firestorm of controversy that surrounded it. She was born into a family of modest etc