Friday, January 13, 2017

Aga Khan's double duty: pall bearer to Pierre's end of life and to Justin's political life: Appalling

Charting Canada's Elites by jjmccullough

Justin Trudeau
Son of Pierre and Margaret
CBC personality
Liberal MP candidate 
Red means political ties, yellow means family ties, green means business ties, and purple means media ties.
Aga Khan
Asper, Israel
Burney, Derek
Ruth, Nancy (and Jackman, Henry)
Sauve, Jeanne
Sauve, Maurice
Sinclair, James
Sinclair, Margaret
St. Laurent, Louis
Thompson, Kenneth
Thomson, David
Tory, John A.
Tory, John A.
Trudeau, Alexandre
Trudeau, Justin (Husband of Gregorie, Sophie)
Trudeau, Pierre (Father of .... )
Valpy, Michael

If you are wondering why Justin Trudeau has such high regard for Fidel Castro .... he was one of Pierre's pall bearers

Foreign dignitaries included Cuban President Fidel Castro, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and the Aga Khan, who were honorary pallbearers together with Leonard Cohen and Trudeau's cabinet colleague Marc Lalonde. Konstantinos Stephanopoulos, President of Greece was also in attendance. 

Pierre Elliott Trudeau (18 October 1919-28 September 2000) 

The photograph shows former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau's family, friends, colleagues, and official guests in attendance to observe his passing. His son, Justin, rests his head on the casket of his father. Margaret Trudeau, in the front pew with son, Alexandre, is flanked by the beloved prime minister's later life partner, Deborah Coyne, and their daughter, Sarah. The former prime minister's sister, Suzette Rouleau, is on the far side of the same first row. Leonard Cohen on the right. In attendance next to Cuban President Fidel Castro are Prince Aga Khan, former Governor-General Romeo Leblanc, and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Other notables present at the ceremony not shown in this photograph include past Canadian Prime Ministers John Turner, Joseph Clark, Brian Mulroney, and Jean Chretien.

Globe and Mail

Requiem brings foes togetherPolitical enemies put differences aside to join family and friends in praise of Trudeau

Wednesday, October 4, 2000 

Mr. Carter and Mr. Castro were both honorary pallbearers for Mr. Trudeau's casket and were spotted inside the cavernous Notre Dame Basilica chatting amicably. Mr. Carter was even captured on camera as he laughed at something Mr. Castro, a political pariah in the United States, said.

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