Sunday, January 15, 2017

What does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former Defense Minister Peter MacKay have in common? The same helicopter for island hopping

Different islands but for the same use .... vacationing

Defense Minister Peter MacKay, helicopter

OTTAWA—The Conservative cost-cutting agenda has spilled more blood as the defence minister was alleged to have used a military aircraft to pick him up from a fancy Newfoundland fishing lodge.

After the Tories abandoned Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Walt Natynczyk earlier this week to explain why he used a Challenger jet to catch up to a family vacation in the Caribbean, Defence Minister Peter MacKay was targeted for retribution.

Citing a military source, CTV News reported Wednesday night that MacKay’s office ordered one of three Cormorant search-and-rescue helicopters to pick him up from a salmon-fishing lodge on Newfoundland’s Gander River in July 2010.

The choppers are on round-the-clock standby at CFB Gander, ready to perform offshore rescues or to respond to distress calls around the province and in northeastern Quebec.

MacKay said in the House of Commons that he was on a four-day fishing trip with friends but had to cut it short to attend a government news conference. The decision was made then to schedule a quick demonstration of the aircraft’s capabilities.
 Natynczyk travels with up to six or seven people, sometimes including a close protection team with automatic weapons. He also needs the secure communication lines provided on government aircraft that allow him to work while he's in the air.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau .... no close protection team with automatic weapons.... or secure communication lines.

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that headline is funny, thanks for the laugh.