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To The Gazetteer: Imagine the BC Liberals (BC Socreds) owning the Vancouver Sun: Keith Baldrey 1982 Ubyssey

"There is a club" - RossK's latest Post
Keith Baldrey: Why do idiot bloggers, who have zero established credibility, take personal pot shots at reporters?  Low self-esteem I guess.  
 Just because subscribers and advertisers pay the piper - the press - to represent "our" interests, it doesn't mean that governments will not want to control the press .... and our thoughts.   Or as Keith Baldrey wrote, in 1982:
Someone, almost famous, once said, "Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one."

Next week, students at UBC will be given a chance to own one.  Although students currently fund The Ubyssey, it is by no means a free press.  The paper's budget is controlled by student council.

The situation invites a few comparisons.  Imagine the Social Credit (BC Liberals) government owning the Vancouver Sun.  Or the federal government determining the Toronto Globe and Mail's budget. ....

.... there is no guarantee that something like that could not happen again.  There is no guarantee the student's newspaper on this campus could not turn into a mouthpiece for student council. - Ubyssey March 19 1982  - Page 13 of 16

Looks like the Press was shackled in 1982, too


I told you not to vote Socred - Keith Baldrey

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There was a competitor to the Ubyssey: Then

Wednesday, May 19, 1982


The Conventioner

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oh my god, I laughed so hard.......
How nice to see print is so lasting.
I've just got to send this on. Now if one of the other t.v. stations would simply broadcast this one.
thank you for the best laugh I've had in a long time.