Monday, July 21, 2014

"Dikes" coming to the Metro Vancouver aka Lower Mainland: Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

Once upon a time, while working in the shipbuilding industry of Metro Vancouver, I noticed by chance a secretary filling the morning coffee machine with water.  She was being careful to fill the corners of the tank .....   I couldn't keep myself from suggesting that "Water won't find it's own level ...... eh. "

For those who are considering purchasing property, insurance too to cover your flood plain occupancy in Metro Vancouver, one should keep in mind that not only Richmond and other communities currently protected by dikes will be at risk.  Waterfront property adjacent to Burrard Inlet, Coal Harbour, English Bay, False Creek, Wreck Beach, Spanish Banks, Mud Bay, Howe Sound, Long Beach, ...... are not currently protected by dikes....

Money for BC School Seismic Upgrades playing second fiddle to Dike design guidelines - BBC

Last week the the Press  dished out "their" story without giving "their" source a fair bounce, especially when it was a Publicly funded report.  They could have included a small portion of the Introduction (Page 7 of 202):
.... A re-examination of flood levels on the Lower Fraser River is now necessary because of sea level rise, potential climate change impacts on flood flows, and the need to update flood protection standards.  However, the intent of this project is not to develop a new Fraser River dike design profile, but to provide a series of flood level profiles that can be used as a planning tool.   Based on analyses of the best available scientific information, it is expected that the results of this project will help the province, local governments, diking authorities and others understand the relative significance of climate change impacts on Fraser River flooding and the implications of setting higher design standards.

 Simulating the Effects of Sea Level Rise and Climate Change on Fraser River Flood Scenarios
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e.a.f. said...

to think they are allowing all those buildings on that "flood plain" unprotected by dykes. In Courtenay, the city council is trying to remove 50 trailers where former homeless people live, because it doesn't have enough dyke protection in case it floods. The area is a "once every 100 yrs." area.