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The Kootenay Star's Last Post March 31, 1894 Obit. Sun Media's too soon to call?

The final issue of The Kootenay Star, which had been published at Revelstoke since the summer of 1889, appeared on March 31, 1894, and contained the following (Page 4 of 134) poetic obituary:


I am leaving with the snow; I am going “out of sight“;
My twinklings you will never see again;
I am very glad to quit this uncongenial sphere
On which my bright effulgence shone in vain.

‘Twas difficult to please more than one or two each week,
For each reader had an idea of his own
On every topic ‘neath the sun, how a paper should be run,
And scrupled not to let the same be known.

I’ve been criticized and cuss’d; I’ve been victimized and wuss—
I’ve been starved and neglected and unloved.
Without a dollar or a cent, all my debts paid but the rent,
In the journalistic boneyard I am shoved.

This is my last farewell; but I’m not going to h___,
As some of my dear friends have wished of yore,
So I’ll bid you all adieu; I’ll just leave you “in the stew!”
As a Star I’ll never twinkle any more

I am nothing loth to go, to give the Mail a show;
But I wish to make this sole and last request—
Vouchsafe to my successor what you would not give to me—
A living—in this wild and woolly west.

This somewhat graceful bow of retirement announced the commencement  of The Kootenay Mail, which entered the field on April 14, 1894, as a four-page home-print product.

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