Sunday, November 3, 2013

Myth Buster: Kinder Morgan (CEPA) Facts or Factoids

Kinder Morgan, supposedly, doesn't believe in "Myths" because they have their own way of explaining to the Public the "Facts" on the benefits and movement of their resources.

Fact is, Kinder Morgan and twelve of their brethren Petroleum giants, along with their Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA), believe strictly in "Factoids".  Factoid files are neatly stacked on their Library shelves:


For your reference, one definition of a "Factoid"  is in the Compact Oxford English Dictionary:
"an item of unreliable information that is repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact"  

Fact:               Factoids defined by Wikipedia:
A factoid is a questionable or spurious (unverified, false, or fabricated) statement presented as a fact, but without supporting evidence. The word can also be used to describe a particularly insignificant or novel fact, in the absence of much relevant context.   The word is defined by the Compact Oxford English Dictionary as "an item of unreliable information that is repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact".

Factoid was coined by Norman Mailer in his 1973 biography of Marilyn Monroe. Mailer described a factoid as "facts which have no existence before appearing in a magazine or newspaper", and created the word by combining the word fact and the ending -oid to mean "similar but not the same". The Washington Times described Mailer's new word as referring to "something that looks like a fact, could be a fact, but in fact is not a fact".

Factoids may give rise to, or arise from, common misconceptions and urban legends.

A Kinder Morgan Website asks "Did you know" (without a question mark) and then proceeds to lay the "Facts" out cold,      hard, and fast.

3 million

Approximately three million barrels of crude oil travel through Canada’s crude oil pipeline network every day, enough to fill more than 475 million one-litre milk cartons or almost 200 Olympic-sized swimming pools.   Learn More


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$83.5 billion

Value of Canadian crude oil and natural gas exports in 2012 — most of which was transported by pipeline


Percentage of transportation demand in Canada supplied by petroleum products


The number of rail cars needed to transport the 3 million barrels of crude oil transported each day by pipeline in Canada

More than half

The homes in Canada are heated by natural gas

5.5 litres

The amount of liquid spilled per million litres transported by pipeline in Canada between 2002 and 2011

3 million

Barrels of crude oil transported by transmission pipelines in Canada every day — the equivalent of 200 Olympic sized swimming pools  (other mediums using Olympic Sized Pools)


The percentage of Canadian natural gas and crude oil production transported by transmission pipelines

More than two thirds

Of Canada’s energy demand is met by natural gas or products made from crude oil


Number of times Canada’s natural gas and liquid transmission pipelines would circle the earth if laid end-to-end

30 – 35

Number of days it takes for oil to travel by pipeline from Alberta to southern Ontario

More than 60%

Percentage of Canadian natural gas production transported by pipeline to US markets in 2011

Up to 40 km per hour

Speed natural gas moves through a pipeline


Percentage of liquid product transported safely by pipelines between 2002 and 2011

3 teaspoons

The liquid spilled from pipelines in Canada over the past ten years is equivalent to three teaspoons dripped out of a gasoline nozzle over the course of 50 fill-ups of 50 litres each

75 kilometers

The length of train that would be required to transport the 3 million barrels of crude oil transported by pipeline in Canada every day

18 metres

The size of the permanent right-of-way for a large diameter transmission pipeline

500 BC

The first recorded use of pipelines to transport natural gas — the pipelines were constructed of bamboo

830,000 km

Estimate of Canada’s underground natural gas and liquids pipeline network (gathering, transmission and delivery lines)

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kootcoot said...

Factoid = "an item of unreliable information that is repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact"

Aren't factoids the building blocks of what Stephen Colbert refers to as "Truthiness?"

North Van's Grumps said...

The factoid file "author" is from an outfit called 3BL Media (lion's share of advertising/public relations for CEPA). The boys, and girls, must have been under the impression that factoids are the itsy bitsy building blocks that make their "facts" factual.

Then again, maybe the "author" was a disgruntled employee working for the Public Relations Firm.

Other 3BL Media usages of FACTOIDS:
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Anonymous said...

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