Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nestle Quik-Wins: Bottled free water: Will Nestle Battle Kinder-Morgan over Polak's $Zero value if goods are damaged?

According to BC Water Resources Atlas (BCWRA) it's easy to see the proximity between Kinder-Morgan's Compressor Station and that of Nestle Water's bottling plant, both on Othello Road.   In amongst them are the water wells, highlighted with Red Stars.  SEVEN beside Kinder-Morgan Compressor Station.

Note: BCWRA has no record of any Artesians or spring water in the area of Hope or the Coquihalla Valley.

Nestle Water's Bottling Plant is almost on top of their deep well to Free Water

Kinder-Morgan Compressor Station is to the right with water wells towards the Coquihalla River

Kinder-Morgan Chain Link Fence keeps oil "inside" compound if there's a leak
Note Curbing around drain beyond the Chain Link Fence
Kinder-Morgan has a recent history, this past summer, of their pipeline fracturing twice, at differenct locations, between Merritt and Hope, north side of the Coquihalla Summit.

Earlier this month Kinder-Morgan completed a 35 kilometer long Hydrostatic Test of the two-timing fracturing pipeline between Larson Hill and Hope, with the pressure raised 3psi higher than the 780 psi which is used to shunt the dilbits from Edmonton to Burnaby

CBC  - October 22, 2013  Pipeline Safety Incidents  - Interactive Map

Have there been incidents near you, have the leaks been duly reported lately, like the two leaks.... which haven't been reported.
Hope, British Columbia
Company: Westcoast Energy Inc. (as Spectra Energy Transmission)
Facility: Compressor Station 8B
Raw Summary

On Saturday, 12 December 2009, for 5 hours starting at 12:38 MST, the 8B-L1, 30 and the 8B-L2, 36 sweet natural gas lines downstream of Hope, BC Compressor Station 8B, operated at 783 psi; 3 psi over operating Pressure (780 psi) . The company changed the set points and reduced the Pressure to operating limits. Spectra is investigating why the lines operated for 5 hours over Pressure before being corrected. There were no injuries and no danger to the public. 
No danger to the Public, but what about other Corporations, like Nestle Water which is just one kilometer down hill from the Compressor Station.

Downhill to Residential homes.

Downhill to Kawkawa Lake.

Downhill to Hope.

Downhill to the Mighty Fraser.

Downhill to the Salmon.




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Gary E said...

Just watch what happens After they figure out how to soak (pun intended)big business for their water equally. They'll be trying to put a meter on private wells.