Saturday, November 15, 2008

Note to Premier Campbell: "Booster" was a downer; "Pumps" may be too

In todays newspaper its being reported that the NDP are ahead of the BC Liberals in the polls by five points, and its all because of the government's own doing, for having introduced the Carbon Tax and pay hikes for their executive.

I have a suggestion for the government (if they want to stay in power), please, Please, don't do another one of those photo shoots where its only the BC Liberal MLA's that get to hand deliver Booster car seats to their constituents.

From a CBC News file still residing on the internet:

"....ministry officials acknowledged that only Liberal MLAs were given the chance to distribute the booster seats and to get their pictures taken for local papers, though they insist it wasn't meant to be political."

Fact is, after checking the website for the BC Government, even after their having been villified by the press, and the public on this issue, they still leave the impression that not everyone has equal access to the Booster car seat program when only 2,000 have been shared out across the province amongst low income families. In Metro Vancouver alone, there must be at least the same number.

On page A11, the Vancouver Sun headline is "B.C. to start paying for kids' insulin pumps", and even before I can say "Give me another shot of a Hawaiian brewed Jack Daniels, bartender, officer" I'm stopped in my tracks because of yet another photo op, which is surely going to be taken the wrong way by the public, again. Sure, its the moment that is being orchestrated ... celebrated.... but it only shows the BC Liberals doing another one of their one minute high five's act without breaking into a sweat with their "'blue-la' hoop challenge as part of World Diabetes Day".

......."Government will fund insulin pumps for eligible children with type 1 diabetes, announced Premier Gordon Campbell and Health Services Minister George Abbott."

Now this promise is far different than the one on the Booster seats which was restricted to only 2,000. How different in actual numbers is not clear.
Are we getting close to a Provincial election?

In a Letter to the Editor in the Vancouver Sun, the writer indicated that as they attended an advanced voting station, an election official a big, booming voice for all to hear .... told the voter to remove her lapel pin which was in support of her candidate (I'm guessing here, since voting is still done by secret ballot).

The point is, as much as the BC Liberals want to show they are the ones who are doing something for the province, on an hourly basis... just look at the Press Releases.... I have to ask, where the heck is that Elections BC official to say Mr. Premier, you are not permitted to shovel our Taxpayer's monies off of the back of our hybrid truck!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pet Vets ripping off owners via medication prescriptions

CBC did it last November with "Cat's got your wallet", so too has David Baines done it now with "Barking up same tree over pet drugs" in the Vancouver Sun, but when is there going to be a change made to the lucrative markup fees that Vetrinarians now enjoy, at the expense of loving (distraught) pet owners?