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The White Noise Project: Having trouble, difficulty, sleeping? ..... heads up Adrian Dix and look to ..

 USA Veteran Affairs.  

With 43,000,000 veterans to assist, and in many different forums, here's a source to help with sleeping:

 Poor sleep and insomnia in hospitalized adults

Dennis Auckley, MD
Section Editor:
Ruth Benca, MD, PhD
Deputy Editor:
April F Eichler, MD, MPH
Literature review current through: Mar 2024.
This topic last updated: May 22, 2023.

The problem
We wanted to increase sleep and decrease anxiety in the hospital setting with a holistic approach. We wanted a solution that could be used in any hospital or patient-adjacent setting, was non-pharmacological, inclusive, and safe for patients of various ages and diagnoses. We were also noticing many veterans reporting they use white noise at home either passively (ceiling fans, A/C units, etc.), or actively via their phones or home devices.

Hospitalized patients experience fragmented and poor quality sleep and are at risk for marked circadian rhythm disturbances. These changes become more pronounced with worsening severity of illness as well as in the immediate postoperative period. In some cases, sleep impairments persist well beyond the acute illness [3-6].

Poor sleep quality — Patients regularly report poor quality sleep during hospitalization across a range of inpatient settings [7-10]. Impaired sleep quality has been cited by patients as one of the main stressors during hospital admission [11,12] ...............................

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