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To reduce traffic through Stanley Park and onto the Lions Gate Bridge ....

.... let's revert back to the first proposal.  Foot Passengers and Cyclists only

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Item : MAP 12 - Plan of proposed dam, locks and wharves. Second Narrows, Burrard Inlet

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Granville Island 1954


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NVG said...

The bridge, just east of the Burrard Street Bridge, is, was, CPR's rail line from Downtown Vancouver via Arbutus to South Vancouver and onward, south to Lulu Island, and east to New Westminster. The interesting feature, unique I'd say, was the material used to build the original railway line's bridge, it was made of Teak.

The ships from the Orient used it as cheap ballast, and on their return trip they took Douglas Fir and other 'rare' North America species.

How do I know this? There was a house on Kingsway and Rupert, south east corner. I was invited there for dinner (1970's) and as I was eating, I looked up at the arched ceiling, and saw what I thought was Teak lathing. Yep. It was teak.

The first railway bridge was being replaced with cheap local material, Douglas Fir, and then coated with tar to prevent termite damage.

Teak kills termites.