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The Birthday Of A Giant Colony: What's To Celebrate? July 1, 2019. Robin Mathews

Everywhere. There are symbols of Canada's Colonial Status.  Everywhere.  One on-going symbol, of course, is the life of the wholly dedicated Globe and Mail: half truth, no truth, and sleight-of-hand. Rule No. 1: Never tell the truth about Canada. [The Globe and Mail is representative.]

There is, however, more pressingly at the moment another example to deal with.  It goes by the short name: Meng Wanzou, Chief Financial Officer of China's Huawei Technologies.

Meng Wanzou was arrested in Vancouver on December 1, 2018, at the request of U.S. authorities as a first step undertaken to fulfill the terms of an Extradition Treaty that Canada has with the USA. (China, apparently, has similar treaties with many foreign countries.)

What has followed?  A total Colonial farce and tragedy has followed: Xi Jinping, the (in fact) autocratic leader of China has (like a spoiled child) refused to speak with Canada's Prime Minister. China has imposed ridiculous sanctions on Canadian agricultural products destined for China.  And much worse China has seized and is holding, under torture conditions, Canadian citizens as revenge!

That last tells all anyone needs to know about China. Whatever else may be good about China, it is a Rogue Nation (like Saudi Arabia) where The Rule of Law is a farce and the whim of the powerful can erase the Human Rights of anyone the Powerful choose to target!

Grinding salt into the Canadian wound (and never mentioned by a single commentator in the Canadian Mainstream Press and Media) the Actions inspired by Chinese anger are wholly the responsibility of U.S. actors.

Get it all clear in mind.  Canada [observing The Rule of Law] acted on a U.S. request to detain Meng Wanzou, Chief Financial Officer of China's Huawei Technologies.  Canada acted to fulfill terms it has in a treaty with the U.S.A.  China should, if it believes it has been wronged, be attacking the U.S.A in every way it sees fit for the Meng Wanzou incident.  On its part, U.S. authorities should be demanding of China "in the loudest voices" that it end all sanctions against Canada: loudly, persistently, and at the highest levels of power.

But that, alas, isn't how Colonialism works. Canada accepts the blame for the U.S. action as a good Colonial Servant and takes all the sanctions as if Canada is at fault.  The U.S. pretends that Canada is at fault as a normal Imperial Master should do.  And - in a fit of generosity - the U.S. president hints he might intercede with the Chinese dictator-for-life, Xi Jinping on Canada's behalf and express regret that China is holding Canadian citizens as hostages under torture conditions.

Very, very few Canadians see the picture: a perfect Colonial Picture.  The U.S. creates an International Conflict and dumps the responsibility onto its forelock-tugging Colony Canada.  The injured nation, China, not wanting yet another conflict with the U.S.A., is happy to continue the fakery by taking a number of steps to punish Canada.

Canadians have underscored for them the world they will have to live in as long as they accept a role as Colonial Servants To The USA.  The story is not new.  One of Canada's first major English-language poets, (1860-1943) Charles G. D. Roberts, wrote against Canadian colonialism: How long the ignoble sloth, how long The trust in greatness not thine own?

Every leader of every federal political party in Canada has taken the Colonial Oath: I swear I will never speak or act in any way to change Canada's role as a dependent servant of the U.S.A. and U.S. Imperial Policy. If that means allowing Canadian citizens to be jailed falsely and kept in torture conditions, I will accept all that on behalf of the greater power and privilege of the U.S.A., So Help Me God!  [Notice that not one of them says: this is the doing of the U.S.A. Why are we taking the flak and punishment for the U.S.A.? Why are they not shouting that in the House of Commons and elsewhere? You know the answer.]

Quietly, we may all observe that the Globe and Mail [the Globe and Mail is representative] does nothing, ever, to expose the truths of Canada's colonialism.  That is the long, rich tradition of the Globe and Mail.  In the famous 1891 Election the great, great grandfather of the Globe and Mail, called The Toronto Globe, worked like a beaver to help elect a government dedicated to the integration of Canada into the U.S.A. (and lost, despite all its dedicated, even dishonest - efforts).

Why doesn't the Globe and Mail tell you [the Globe and Mail is representative] what I tell you here?  Because Canada's Mainstream Press and Media is a Colonial Press and Media serving the Imperial Master.  And so it feeds you what a Colonial population is always fed: half truth, no truth, and sleight-of-hand.

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China maintains extradition treaties with 40 nations. Among them are:

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Very well done. Put the blame where it belongs. On our rather dumb government.