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Half Truth, No Truth, And Sleight-Of-Hand At The Globe and Mail. - Robin Mathews

(The Globe and Mail is representative.)
(by Robin Mathews, May 2019)

 The air fills, this month, with journalistic awards, for doing what journalists, approvingly, do within the acceptable activity of journalists: half-truth, no truth, and sleight-of-hand.  Of course, some of them live hair-raising hours, which lifts them to wide attention and holds off the question: What Evil Are They Serving?  All the journalists, for instance, covering the The Rape of the Middle East (2003 onwards) who did not (do not) condemn the USA, NATO, and every supporting force were (are) frauds, liars, active evil-doers. 

Most upsetting to the (innumerable) spokespeople writing on their behalf is the number of journalists being murdered in our time. (And good people must agree.  Even fools creating propaganda for evil masters of The Deep State do not deserve to be murdered.  Though what they do deserve is hard to say.)

The Globe and Mail even had (Saturday, May 4/19) an eight-page Supplement under the banner: FREE THE PRESS.  (Let us remark that in the last hours before the 2016 federal election "the Harper Conservatives having done all they could to destroy fair elections in Canada" the Globe and Mail editorialists trumpeted the need to return Stephen Harper to power. FREE THE PRESS, indeed!)

Deeply regrettable is the murder of journalists around the world, especially since many of them really believe they are serving a force dedicated to freedom, liberty, justice, and peace for ordinary men and women and children.  Just think of the journalists paid to be and lying about the situation in Venezuela!  Just think of their intense desire to destroy a government targeted by the U.S. Deep State backed by the lackeys in NATO backed with enthusiasm by Canada's collaborating Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, whose grandfather also collaborated [in his case with the Nazis] creating, perhaps, a role model for his granddaughter.

How do Canadians deal with the lying journalists on Venezuela?  By silencing them?  Or, how else ...?  Not by calling upon Trivia specialists Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer.  Not by calling upon collaborator Chrystia Freeland.

Doug Saunders, eager Globe and Mailer, trumpets the falsehood that The silencing of journalists is an attempt to silence us all.  Wholesale Hogwash! !  It might just be that the silencing of all Globe and Mail journalists would provide an opening for some truth to be told in Canada.

The Globe and Mail refuses (obviously) to examine, investigate, and report on the people who faked 31 (thirty-one) criminal charges against MikeDuffy (2016)Why?  The Globe and Mail refuses to examine and report upon the real criminals exposed by two higher Canadian courts in the entrapment of innocents and the created falsehood of an Islamic Terrorist Event at the B.C. Legislature grounds (2013 and after to December 2018). Why?  The Globe and Mail will not even glance at what is thought to be, by some serious people, the hoaxed Islamic terrorist event (Oct. 22, 2014) at the Ottawa Cenotaph and the Parliament Buildings there.  Why?

The Globe and Mail will not follow up on the Saskatchewan Robo-Call scandal of the Conservative Party which paid a fine of $78,000.00 (which most Canadians know 
nothing whatever about.).  Why?

The Globe and Mail will not investigate and report upon the fact (revealed by Bruce Clark) that the Canadian higher courts base indigenous claim judgements on a false reading of the Constitution and, especially, The RoyalProclamation of 1763, creating an on-going and pernicious misuse of the Rule of Law. Why?

Okay, you say, but look how the Globe and Mail supported Jody Wilson-Raybould, former Attorney General of Canada, in her battle against top Liberals, the prime minister, and SNC-Lavalin!!  The answer just might be that the Canadian Deep State wants the corrupt and corrupting Conservatives (Stephen Harper's buddies) back in power.  Supporting Jody Wilson-Raybould was, perhaps, for the Globe and Mail, campaigning for the Party of Corruption to get it back into power as soon as possible.  Scheer madness, perhaps. But.....

The Globe and Mail had a full-page editorial supporting the evil misreading of Venezuela (fomented by U.S. government) urging that the U.S-trained and readied Upstart who declared himself the leader of Venezuela should be recognized and placed into power.  (And, if he is not, it is okay that every punishment that can be dealt to the people of Venezuela should be visited upon them for failing to support the takeover of the country by U.S. Oligarchs wishing to control global fossil fuel deposits.)

Consider that on a different canvas, the Globe and Mail will not touch one of the most engrossing and exciting debates of this generation: the real meaning of the 9/11, 2001, destruction of the Trade Towers in New York City preceding and preparing for the endlessly, murderously destructive, wholly falsely undertaken Rape of the Middle East from 2003, continuing to our own day now, and beyond.  Why won't the Globe and Mail enter that central and on-going discussion and debate?  Because Modern Mainstream Journalism is in the hands of those who operate The Deep State; and their modern journalists follow the credo: half truth, no truth, and sleight-of-hand.

Doug Saunders writes in FREE THE PRESS that the new, angry populist politics targets Elites and the mainstream media as enemies of the people.  Not intending to do so, Doug Saunders stumbles upon the truth.  For a brief second he sees. We may believe in imagination (only) he walks in the Paris streets with The Yellow Vest.  He sits (in imagination only) in the briefing room with Nicolas Maduro's military officers.  He converses (in imagination only) with the two unfortunate Canadians entrapped by the RCMP, accused, charged, jailed, mistreated and then cast into the street when the Victoria fake Islamic Terrorist Event blew up in the face of its RCMP creators!  He converses (in imagination) with Bruce Clark about the on-going, false precedent-finding of higher court judges on questions of justice for indigenous people.

Doug Saunders and the whole team at the Globe and Mail [the Globe and Mail is representative] imagine themselves working for democracy, justice, and the Rule of Law.  They imagine.  In their imaginations they want to FREE THE PRESS.  In their imaginations.

But they don't act to free the Press.  They prefer that some of them will be shot in the back as foreign correspondents in some far-off places than for all of them to be shot, face-on, through the heart, for certain - all of them - in the Publisher's Office, right at home if they try to do something like honest journalism in a country that does not countenance honest journalism from anybody it can control only countenancing the credo of modern Canadian journalists: half truth, no truth, and sleight-of-hand.

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