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Canadians Meet "The Deep State" (Part Three) Robin Mathews

Canadians Meet 'The Deep State'



Sheri Meyerhoffer has been elevated to the position of watchdog on Human Rights abuses by Canadian overseas corporations and has expressed her desire to take a collaborative approach to the activity.

Collaborating on Human Rights abuses as Ombudsman for Responsible Enterprise might leave observers breathless and they might think the activity is a little like shutting down Criminal Charges in a case (SNC-Lavalin) and replacing them with a Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

Which, too, may be thought of as a collaborative approach: both the alleged criminals and the responsible policing authorities deciding to grease the operation in all directions, drop criminal charges, and exact a promise as one Christian prayer has it - never to sin again!

It may well, too, be a sign of the Justin Trudeau forces doing politics in a new way.  The idea would be not to hit vicious corporate wrong-doers between the eyes and make an example of them.  (That has never been done.) But as an initiative, - to sit down with them, collaboratively and try to make reason prevail. (Such a sitting down with, is in fact the declaration of a Deep State at work: the barely visible Outside Operatives making (quietly) policy, practice and law with the visible (apparently independent) government or State.

Certainly, the exposure by people like Yves Engler (and others) of Canadian corporations viciously violating fundamental Human Rights abroad has sharpened the awareness of many Canadians.  And perhaps that awareness (more than the savage violations themselves) is alerting the present government-in-power to the need for something like the application of band-aids across deep, gaping, festering wounds.

The intricate relation Canada has with the U.S. Master Violator of Human Rights (especially, historically, in its back yard) - has grown over decades.  Itself a Colonial Dependent under the U.S. whip, Canada has worked NOT to take the part of the savaged victims and to build an organized force against U.S. inhumanity, but to develop its own mini-backyard violations of human decency, one might say collaborating taking a collaborative approach to U.S. savagery.

On the political level "proving Canada can be a dirty political player/helpmate to the USA", opens the door to U.S. approval of Canadian rape of the unprotected in the economic sphere.  Thus Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Minister for Global Affairs, can speak for, and affirm the 14-country Lima Group (of Canada and South American sell-out countries) in order to savage Venezuela on behalf of the U.S.A. (and, thereby, get a silent OKAY on Canada's own Human Rights violations).

Perhaps there is poetry in the fact that Chrystia Freeland's grandfather is alleged to have collaborated with the Nazi forces in Poland/Ukraine almost eighty years before she took on a similar role for the USA in relation to Venezuela.  More or less spear-heading the fourteen nation Lima Group "parrots of U.S. policy" Freeland even copies U.S. language, saying Venezuela is in our neighbourhood.  (Since the Monroe Doctrine of the 1830s declaring U.S. interest in the whole Western Hemisphere, the U.S. has considered Venezuela and other such countries to be in its backyard (implying ownership of the area) and so wide open to U.S. interference.)

With Colonial delicacy, Freeland doesn't imply possession by the word neighbourhood. Rather, she shapes the language to accommodate Canada's fronting for the U.S. rape of Venezuela.

One face of the Deep State is visible when Canadian authority sits down (privately) with Corporations to make laws that circumvent criminal doings by top Corporation actors.  Another is visible when Canadian authority sits down with Canadian corporations overseas to discuss,
collaboratively, their violations of Human Rights.

Still another face is shown when Canada backs the political/imperial enormities of the USA in its attempts to destroy the government of Venezuela and pretends the operation is undertaken in the defence of Democracy, not in the furtherance of the Corporate Enterprise to ravish Venezuela in
order to increase the riches and influence of (mostly) U.S. Corporations.

The persistent Canadian Mainstream Press and Media reporting of the Venezuelan crisis has been a lie-filled apology for the Imperial attempt to efface a legitimate government and replace it with a system of repression and exploitation: with in short - its occupation by the Deep State  (to be faintly obscured by the mockery of a legitimate government).

Those who say the Deep State is everywhere are not far from truth, and what they are saying, in short, is that so-called democratic governments across the Western World are mostly the hand-maidens of criminal activity. The active criminals agree to a surface freedom for the home population as long as major criminal repression and looting abroad are not interfered with (or are dealt with collaboratively).

Robin Mathews

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e.a.f. said...

It is up to us, the voters, citizens to ensure this new dept works. Having seen more than one documentary regarding Canadian corporate involvement in over sea's countries and their involvement in nasty affairs. There is one documentary and I was shocked to see a Canadian politician at an event, which clearly sent the messge we as Canada were O.K. with the Canadian corporation being involved with the rather nasty government in that country. (don't remember what the name of the country was, but it dealt with mining).

Don't agree with some of what you wrote regarding Freeland, etc. Yes, the American oil companies want into Venezuela, but don't think the current leader is doing much for the country either, but my take on it is, he'd rather starve the people than let them make their own decisions. In my opinion trump and Madero are cut from the same piece of cloth, just opposite end.