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The Colonial Broadcasting Corporation: As It Happens In The USA. A Vancouver publication accuses the CBC of lying to Canadians.

The Colonial Broadcasting Corporation:

As It Happens In The USA, Part Two.

A Vancouver publication accuses the CBC of lying to Canadians.

By Robin Mathews Dec. 2018

With charming irresponsibility, prime minister Justin Trudeau not only assisted what many consider the wholly improper call to bring the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, before the International Criminal Court, he also is alleged to have (in September) misreported (at the UN) conditions in Venezuela.

The charge by the Vancouver publication The Fire This Time (Oct. 2018) of the CBC lying to Canadians involves Anna Maria Tremonti, the Current, and so-called responsible reporting about Venezuela.  The Fire This Time allegations may be timely because public impatience with false, twisted, convenient, padded news/ information delivery is growing.

The situation regarding Venezuela is complex  but, at base, very simple. The U.S., major creator of The Organization of American States (which Canada kept free from for years, but which now acts, inside, as a U.S. lackey), is often accused of wanting to control all of Central and South America.

That began with the so-called Monroe Doctrine set out in 1823  providing one of the bedrock policies for the fundamental imperialist basis of U.S. global policy.  The Doctrine, in effect, told European powers to stay out of Central and South America (the USA back yard).  The area was to belong to the USA (to exploit, to ravish, to oppress).

The attempt to have the International Criminal Court move against Nicolas Maduro followed an Organization of American States complaint against Venezuela based upon a Report by three experts of which Canada Irwin Cotler was one.  The USA does not belong to the very questionable International Criminal Court, largely because it fears actions may be taken against itself.  But it uses the ICC through proxies (like Canada) when convenient.  Donald Trump calls Venezuela a socialist regime acting with its Cuban supporters.  No condemnation (for him) could be greater.

The Anna Maria Tremonti (in Toronto) and Adrienne Arsenault (in Colombia) reporting about Venezuela apparently parroted what the USA and Justin Trudeau would say  without regard for an absolutely key fact about Venezuela.  So important was the absence of the key fact that some reasonable people believe it is fair to call the broadcast a lie.

As a part of the attempt to wreck, it seems, any Venezuelan continuation of a people-centred, independent, democratic government (in this case in the hands of socialist actors), the USA, Canada, the European Union, Switzerland, and Panama have imposed vicious, crippling sanctions upon Venezuela.  The aim is to prevent Venezuela from importing food, medicines, and other basic goods.  It is to prevent Venezuela from, in effect, using the U.S. financial system  and even from receiving the profit from the Venezuela-owned fuel industry company CITCO in the USA.

Present Venezuelan conditions have to be seen in the light of those facts.

A United Nations spokesperson has condemned the sanctions as violating Human Rights obligations. Canadians should care deeply.  And they might care deeply if they knew the facts  if the CBC, for instance, looked to some like something other than a tool of U.S. policy, however vicious.

Ms. Tremonti (CBC) is reported as allowing the elected leader of Venezuela to be called “on the broadcast“ by the extremist U.S. Ambassador to the UN, a dictator who is sacrificing the people of Venezuela.  The U.S. Ambassador apparently also declared that Nicolas Maduro is going to have to be dealt with.

According to The Fire This Time (Alison Bodine), the Anna Maria Tremonti broadcast also avoided reporting the support given by the ultra-rich to violence and terrorism, hoarding, price-gouging even smuggling and sabotage that others have reported.  Even casual observers of Venezuelan affairs cannot be unaware that repeated, violent demonstrations against the Maduro government have been organized and carried out from the wealthy sections of Caracas,Venezuela capital.

Since the attempted (and failed) coup against the leadership of Hugo Chavez in 2002 (a coup loudly celebrated at the US Embassy while believed successful), the US and its minions (Canada included) appear to have been trying to destroy the democratically elected government of Venezuela.

If The Fire Next Time report of the Anna Maria Tremonti propaganda exercise on Venezuela is accurate  then Canadians must be very concerned, very angry, and they must demand significant change.  How do we end the CBC as a continuing broadcast called As It Happens in the USA?

Within every on-going large organization there is what might be called a way of being, a way, that is, of working and acting without offending anyone (inside) or ever opening up the possibility of real difference in attitude, action, or basic belief.  In a monodrome like the Colonial Broadcasting Corporation, it appears a giant fiction is acted out that all engage in a genuine search for meaningful information, for revealing fact. 

In truth, the CBC information programs  that won't touch 9/11, the pair of 21st century False Flags involving deaths and damage to the innocent in Canada, the role of the Bank of Canada in the creation of Canadian debt; the lackey role of Canada in U.S. expansionism; the gigantic failure of Canadian government on climate change action  (the list could go on  and on)  are welded together by the unstated pledge to serve dominant power, never risking the equilibrium of the monodrome by introducing a real question or by insisting upon (as with Venezuela) an examination of the full, bare, painful truth of the situation.  To serve dominant power in Canadian broadcasting means, quite simply, running, without let-up, a continuous broadcast we may call As It Happens in the USA.

Part I   As it Happens  posted with Richard Hughes



e.a.f. said...

The CBC misrepresenting the facts or reporting facts as they see them. don't tell me they actually did that! Perhaps they ought to have a look around the world and understand Venezula is an independent country and it ought to be able to sort out their own problems. Imposing sanctions on them, is just stupid because sanctions usually hurt the average citizens more than any financial and political elite. Of course the U.S.A. doesn't like Venezula. They've never liked any country which has people of colour who might not be in their cheering section.

The U.S.A. carries on like a banchie when it comes to countries like Cuba, Venezula, etc. but countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, just get a pass. The last time I check things were a lot more tolerable in Venezula when it comes to H.R. than in Saudi Arabia or China or Russia. The U.S.A. seems to think Iran is the great satan, but supported Iraq for years.

If the CBC is to report the new with our tax dollars they need to be neutral and keep to the facts and forget their own version of the truth.

Unknown said...

The thing about the CBC or CTV or the NYT et all is that they have devolved into propagandists posing as journalists. Der Stumer or Der Angriff, what's the difference? And the treatment should be as deserved. The story lines are written in Washington. Proverbially. But it's the lack of good faith, the deliberate deceipt that means 'cast them out'. Not journalists. Not to be treated as such. Called out as propagandists in the service of lying.

Now, the rest of the world can move along now that lot have been sorted out.