Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kelowna, Osoyoos Flooding Holy DIKES!!!!

Floodplain Maps by Region - Province of British Columbia

 Areas of B.C. that are highly susceptible to flooding have been designated as floodplains by the federal and provincial governments.

 Okanagan River and Skaha Lake: Osoyoos to Penticton*

Design Brief

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If you are looking for what's in the news on flooding in British Columbia, and where, then here you go with the source of the database on creeks and rivers that require dikes, displayed in Google Earth.


Osoyoos Times
“We might like to be able to magically make the water disappear,” Symonds said. “The only way to get it out of the lake is to have the gates (at Zosel Dam) open and the elevation of the lake drive the water out.”

Zosel Dam is a dam in the U.S. state of Washington that blocks the Okanogan River to create the Osoyoos Lake. The dam was built as part of the larger Osoyoos Lake International Water Control Structure, a joint venture of the Washington State Department of Ecology and the British Columbia Ministry of the Environment. The dam was designed by the Canadian firm Acres International Limited and built by the American firm Rognlins Inc.

Similkameen River in Canada from the west to east drains into the USA below the Zozel Dam  KML  is in flood conditions too.

Dikes  KLM

USA Zozel Dam backs up Osoyoos Lake:    KML File


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e.a.f. said...

some body ought to have figured out this was going to happen at some point. It is always beyond me why cities, towns, etc. permit the building of homes in areas which can flood. it also is quite amazing why these same municipal entities don't put some money into a dyke system. Its not like its rocket science.

Wonder what Richmond will do if flooding hits there. expect most people didn't even know about the flood of 1948 and the politicians acted like it never happened. Could be very expensive.