Saturday, April 21, 2018

North Vancouver Low Cost open Housing right off the shelf at Ross' Treasure House

With the housing crunch the way it is now in Metro Vancouver, there's always a back up plan for you at Ross' Miniature Treasure House

This Post is not an endorsement of the shopkeeper but here is the ability to while away your time and getting in at the ground floor and build your own, including flooring, of your choice and all of the amenities.

Land is not an issue here, a table top will do nicely.


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e.a.f. said...

if the price of housing continues to rise, people may find that all the space they can afford is about the size of a table top. In poor sections of Hong Kong, that is about what some people are able to rent, the space, the size of a bed. The people of B.C. will have no one to blame but themselves. They kept the B.C. Lieberals in office for 16 years. No one thought about the rising prices, while they were making money. Now we know it was mostly money laundering and casinos and they can thank Rich Colman and Christy Clark for not ensuring the RCMP were doing their job. The Gazetteer has a lovely article up about the money laundering and a link in the comments section to the maps and diagrams about how it has all worked here in B.C. Australians knew about it, so why didn't B.C.???? Perhaps no one wanted to know.

We need to ban foreign ownership of B.C. land and homes. If some one comes into a casino with a hockey bag of money, seize it and make them prove how they got it. Enough is enough. Its time the police did their job or many in this province will be buying a little kit to build a house to remember the time in B.C. working families could own a home of their own.