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Canada: Craven Colony Of The USA (Part One). The Media At Work.

                                   by Robin Mathews,  January 2018

David Walmsley, Editor-in-Chief of the Globe and Mail, printed a column on December 29, 2017 entitled ‘Your trust is the pulse of our journalism’ (A13).  Vowing to clean up the Globe’s journalistic act (without ever intending to do so, we may believe), Walmsley put his finger on the real problem for the Globe.  By making the paper an Outer Office of the Imperial Globalization Project  (the U.S.A. as master of the world), what is called social media has moved in and exposed some of the fraudulence, the time-serving, the failure to deal meaningfully with almost ANY of the real issues of our time in Canada by such as the Globe and Mail.

Which is why, doubtless, the one harsh note in David Walmsley’s lullaby to Canadians is his statement that the vacuum (in the work of the G and M) has been filled by the social media: by those who shout the loudest, Walmsely writes. He makes that irritated statement because as bad as some of us on social media may at times be, he knows we aren’t half as bad as the paid Stephen Harper Permanent Secretariat, called The Globe and Mail, Canada’s National Newspaper.  Remember despite Harper’s proved attempts to wreck the democratic election process in Canada, and much more the government of Stephen Harper was backed and campaigned for by the Globe and Mail up to and including the voting day of the last federal election: October 19, 2015.

And now, along with most of Canada’s Mainstream Press and Media, the Globe and Mail has joined the colonial-cover-up of Canada’s cowardice at the United Nations vote on the U.S. recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and intending to move the U.S. Embassy to that location.  Almost the whole World has said hands off until the matter of Israel and Palestine is settled.  The U.S. has wrecked that quasi-status quo.

Canada does what its Imperial Master tells it to do.  And so the Globe and Mail and its media clones around the country made a very big thing, saying Canadian government people worked hard for ten days to hammer out a position on the Jerusalem question. (That was the story cooked up with-and-for the press.) There was nothing to hammer out. 128 nations made that clear, openly resisting the violent stupidity of the U.S.A.

There was nothing to hammer out, moreover, because Canada always betrays Canadians and buckles to any position the U.S.A. wants Canada to take. Earlier Canada voted against UN motions calling upon Israel to end the building of Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem. And Canada voted against calling upon Israel to respect the special status of Jerusalem etcetera.  How many Canadians know of those cowardly betrayals made by Canada in their names?

The Canadian decision to abstain in the most recent vote which was 128 to 9 (with 35 abstentions) was a U.S. job, we may be sure.  If anyone needs proof here it is. The U.S. decided (idiotically) to throw an exclusive reception with Donald Trump (set for January 3) for all the countries that backed its position on Jerusalem.  That must mean, you say, for the nine countries who voted with the U.S.A. - against the resolution to condemn the U.S. action about Jerusalem?  No. 

Having gotten U.S. permission to wimp out of that vote which was focussed on a fundamental humanitarian principle, Canada abstained. Then it was reported that Canada was invited to the exclusive reception on January 3 for all those who supported the U.S.A. in the Jerusalem vote!  How could that be? Canada’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Marc Andre Blanchard, moreover, was reported as accepting the U.S. invitation with great pleasure.  The real position of Canada [not Canadians] was there for all to see! [That news report seems, somehow, to have been erased from the record but it was up and readable a few days ago.]

On January 6, 2018  CBC’s  The House did its usual consenting adults act with the Ambassador, flattering and not challenging him on the sell-out by Canada at the United Nations.  (The CBC upholds - doggedly, proudly, and stupidly - our craven Colonial Condition.).   The Canadian UN failures may explain, too, (in the same rancid air) the wild antics engaged in by the president of the University of Lethbridge, Michael Mahon, to assist friends of Israel in their attempt to destroy the career of scholar and writer Anthony Hall for writing or speaking reasonable words Israel wants forbidden all over the world. (While the Globe and Mail looks anywhere, anywhere else!)

I guess if things had gone right, the real Canada abstains story at the UN would never have hit the wires. Doubtless, Editor-in-Chief of the Globe and Mail, David Walmsley, will want a lot of answers if the person who told the real story is employed by his newspaper.  In his piece on December 29, David Walmsley wrote: We know we have to do a better job of explaining there are stories that never see the light of day.

No, no David, you don’t have to explain. Since (many of us believe) you never told the real story of the Mike Duffy entrapment, and never pushed properly for charges against Nigel Wright, and have accepted the HUGE  RCMP fraudulent (False Flag) Islamic terrorist event in Victoria, B.C., (July 1, 2013) without tirelessly focusing Canadian public attention on the absolute need for a Public Inquiry into the workings of the RCMP.

And since (many of us believe) you ignore stories like the Alberta Courts/Oil Patch/Alberta Energy Regulator corrupt and vile savaging of the internationally praised Anti-Fracking worker Jessica Ernst, because how could you hold your head up among the destroyers of the Canadian environment at warm and friendly lunches?  And for the same reason [Private Corporations rule the world, and should] you do almost nothing solid to expose the truth about B.C.’s scandalously destructive Site C dam decisions.

And because you say almost nothing about Canada’s rapacious work in the global mining world and Canada’s slavish support of the U.S. desire to destroy the legitimate Venezuelan government.

Because of all those things (and much, much, much more) you don't have to explain why there are stories the Globe and Mail makes sure never see the light of day. We understand, David. Perfectly.

Some of us believe your main role is to make sure the most important information (what you choose, childishly, to call stories) never gets to Canadians, never sees (as you put it) the light of day.  Isn't that why you are paid (well) by (what many believe are) supporters of Stephen Harper-style corruption and why social media workers spend time making claims that the most important work of the Globe and Mail and its fellows in political Yellow Journalism (˜the Mainstream Press and Media) is to create disinformation “the defacing of fact and the suppression of stories that should see the light of day? And (truly?) isn't the main job of the Globe and Mail and its fellows to do devotedly the work of Craven Colonials in the Craven Colony of the U.S.A. called Canada?  

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Robert McMaster said...

Canadian craveness to the U.S. penetrates society. The CBC in particular is virtually a mouthpiece for Washington. Today, I watched as one-time Trotskyist Wendy Mesley breathlessly warns her CBC viewers of the evils of watching Russia Today. Any person who has been moved to watch RT already knows the CBC is full of crap, so what's the point? I'm sure Wendy and her co-burnouts know this but - orders is orders. What is the point of the Mop & Pail or the Toronto Whatever? We get the party line so now just go out of business.

e.a.f. said...

The U.S.A. as the master of the world, OMG, I howled with laughter when I read that line. They have to be delusional to believe that. A super power who runs out of money on a Friday night. That`s a kid with their first pay cheque who blew it at the first bar. A super power not so much. Can`t think of another major country in the world who runs out of money and has to lay off all its staff and have the rest work for free. Perhaps some small country with no resources, etc. but a super power, lets get real. The U.S.A. has deteriorated to a third world country with a lot of cell phones, power boats, guns and sick people living in poverty.

If the MSM is still under the delusion the U.S.A. is some major power, they need to stop smoking B.C.`s best product and watch a few other news outlets around the world. The U.S.A. is toast. At this rate Canada is best to drop kick the U.S.A. past the outer goal posts of NAFTA and just forget it. Tying ourselves to a country like the U.S.A. is going to get us no where.

We might want to have a chat with those non aligned countries.

If things keep up the way they are in the U.S.A. Mexico will be building the wall to keep out Americans looking for health care, jobs and less violence.