Friday, September 22, 2017

BC Hydro Study 1976. Dams on the Peace River @ Site C, E (at border) and D for Donvegan (Alberta)

Albertans have been trying to wean themselves off of coal fired generations of electricity for years and they had the chance when Site C first came on the horizon in 1976.  Albertans were offered the Dunvegan Site.  British Columbians were offered C, no D, but there was an E on the BC/Alberta border.

2015 Alaskan Highway News edition has their take on the benefits of the Dunvegan Site

Let's put Fort St. John's Site C on the back burner and shift the workforce downstream to Dawson City which has a much smaller footprint to match our current and future needs without costing 9.99999 Billion (includes modest cost over runs).

BC Legislative Library:

B.C. Hydro Sites C & E Hydroelectric Development Proposals : Lower Peace River Environmental Study / Thurber Consultants Ltd

Volume I  Page 24 of 563

Volume I Development Proposals and Resource Inventories
Volume Ia Appendices to Volume I
Volume II Impact Assessment of Basic Alternatives
Volume III Supplementary Assessments


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mica dam pumped storage report -250Mw for 700m
and less transmission line loss due to it being closer to demand.
just imagine Burrard thermal esp after mexico earthquakes as backup .No T lines to worry about or need for water to generate.