Wednesday, April 5, 2017

North Shore Dogs / Owners are damned by DNV By-Law Enforcement Officers and ... a Payless Towing violator .....

a North Shore News - Letter to the Editor on Dogs
I secured my dog at the spot I normally do, near the area designated for dogs. A gentleman from animal control, who was exiting the library as I entered, stopped me and said I could no longer tie my dog and leave him alone, no matter it was a two-minute errand into the library to retrieve my book.  ..... Snip
North Shore News Editor’s note: In an email response to our query, the district’s chief bylaw officer, Carol Walker, explains: “Not everyone is comfortable around dogs, particularly when they are unattended. This is an issue we receive complaints about. While we support and encourage owners taking their dogs for walks and outings, they should not leave them unattended. It is the law.”

 District of North Vancouver Bylaw 7534 (embedded in DNV Bylaw 5891)
"Under Control" means, in respect of any dog, leashed or unleashed, that the dog:
    a) immediately returns when called by the person who owns or has care and control of the dog; and
    b) is not annoying, harassing or attacking any person, wildlife or other animal

Same Capilano Library - two days after North Shore News Letter to the Editor

A docile dog, leashed, tied to the same library exterior wall (fire hydrant is real)
Capilano Library  - Edgemont Village

Across the street another docile dog in the Village, leashed, not tied to the bench
Edgemont Village - near the Clock

Back to the Capilano Library
Signage for Dogs - Bottom Left 'No Parking outside'  + Top Right 'Special Dogs Permitted inside'

Definitely No Parking

And then there's Payless Towing with all its lights, bells and whistles which allows it to park anywhere when picking up a disabled vehicle in the City and District of North Vancouver.

In this instance last week the Payless driver chose to block pedestrians access to the library ....

 The reason?

The driver had to go into Fine Foods to place his order ....

then waited outside to make phone calls ....

and then went back in to pick-up his order ....

 When all he had to do was park on a residential street a quarter of a block away, throw on his four way flashers and not block anyone from going about their business...

As to the Dog issue, its understandable about the Animal Enforcement Officer's (AEO) concerns, so too for District Hall, but to state that its the LAW, doesn't go anywhere near to solving the 'problem' of what to do with unattended dogs.


The District provides parking for motorists in Edgemont village.

Motorists have a track record of leaving their pets in the cars.... which would bring the AEO back again with a sledgehammer and a fine...

Seats are provided in public spaces ....

Why not provide the means by which unattended dogs are not permitted to interact with people by providing a covered (to protect the animals from rain or the SUN) caged area to LOCK the dogs into "separate lodgings" while the owners go about their business in the Village?

It should be noted that there are several places in the Village that allow the dog owners to secure their pets to a post or a ring .... which is on PRIVATE property not PUBLIC property such as the Library.

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