Monday, November 28, 2016

ElectionBC's FRPC makes mistakes? Donations accepted for 2103 BC Liberals Mike de Jong and Bill Bennett

ElectionsBC never makes a mistake, they are detailed in every aspect of their mandate right down to counting the spaces in the HST application, therefore it should come as surprise to find inputting errors when it comes to dates of contributions.

2103?????  Click Twice on the DATE column
It would appear that ElectionsBC allows contributions to political parties 90 years in advance. Has the BC Liberal Party cashed the cheque or does it have to sit on it until the Spring of 2103?

How about the instances of misspelling last names which creates the problem that ElectionsBC then has 'two people's' totals when in fact there is only one ... person.  Do they even know?



Gardner aka Gardiner

Powell River Persuader aka Straight Goods has Pam Gardner covered because of Brian Bonney's involvement in the Ethicgate Scandal  or Ethnic Outreach which has another Pamela ... Martin mentioned in dispatches too.

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North Van's Grumps said...

6 different IP Addresses in 2 hours from BC Gov Victoria??? Have the BC Liberals suddenly found an ElectionsBC burr under their election saddles?