Sunday, November 8, 2015

GMR: GreenWash II: Eye of the Sky Swing: perpetual motion pendulum just keeps on giving to BC Hydro Grid

Storms are coming to British Columbia on Thursday and Friday and the hot spots to have wind turbines generating electricity for BC Hydro is highlighted above, anywhere but Metro Vancouver's 2010 Olympic 'beacon' ..... dismal results of Grouse Mountain Resort's Eye of the Wind.

Eye of the Wind has been such a lucrative revenue generator for Grouse Mountain Resort that the Corporation could soon be applying for a new building permit from the District of North Vancouver, a Baker's dozen, 13 perpetual motion pendulums Eyes of the Sky. 

Imagine 13 of these on Grouse Mountain

Or this:

SkyCoaster ride over the Royal Gorge, Colorado

New Zealand Sky Swing

Or, if you can wait a couple of years, there's the Revelstoke Adventure Park right on the edge of the Trans Canada Highway with another captive market.  Mountain Bike Trails, Zip lines Peek to Peek

......... With a little help from Bill Bennett: ALR paradise lost

Ladies First

More cable would be appreciated

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