Friday, April 17, 2015

Full disclosure on 'surplus lands' sold by BC Liberals should include Contributions to their Party from the buyers, and Predator (Nestle too) water use paid in pennies

Finance Minister Mike de Jong has promised to have his ministry staff cobble together a full list of 'surplus' land sales to prove that taxpayers weren't hosed on the deals made by the BC Liberals.

A $43,000,000 shortfall being balanced off against an accumulation of totals of smaller winners doesn't  bode well for any forthcoming British Columbia Budgets. 

Mike de Jong says that we should feel good about the fact that 'We broke even'.

In the construction of the spreadsheet by staff may we make a suggestion, add another column, one free from rose coloured glasses:     crystal clear clarity?

With companies owning so many other companies its difficult to know where to draw the line on exactly where contributions originated from and then shifted into the coffers of the governing Party.  

For example:   Wesbild contributions to the BC Liberals

Financial Reports and Political Contributions System

Wesbild Holdings Inc.             

Burke Mountain LLP                

Deep End Holdings                  

Hassan Khosrowshahi            
Predator Ridge Golf Club         

Sweet Apple Holdings             

Westwood Pateau Partnership   

Norman Farrell at Northern Insights/Perceptivity  compilation of 'Hassan Khosrowshahi'  $716,376

If full disclosure is Finance Minister Mike de Jong and his staff's game, then other contributing factors have to be included as well.  A subsidiary of Khosowshahi business empire is possibly in the same league as Nestle Waters Canada and Teck Highland Valley Copper.

From an earlier Post here, Predator Ridge Golf Club water consumption green fees appears as a reflection of other pooled resources eg. Burke Mountain low cost to the buyer, equally low returns for Surplus land to the Province's treasury.
Water, Water almost everywhere in British Columbia, but there is that overwhelming sense of entitlement

Golf Course Greens are in the Black. But is there any Groundwater left for Fracking in the Peace Area?    Is there a business sense of entitlement for Golf Courses?

218  Golf Course owners, combined, of course:

Cubic Metres per Day generates Annual Rent:

87,358 cubic metres per day for $23,183 per year

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